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12: McMaster – ‘Cycle’

Patrick McMaster (Elder),  Philip McMaster (Young Adult), Bianca McMaster (Young Adult), Mark McMaster (Young Adult), Dylan McMaster (Baby)

Bianca McMaster was quite pleased with her life at late. Little Dylan’s birth had brought back a bit of life into the house. Everything had been rather mournful since Noreen’s passing. With Dylan in the picture, everyone perked up a bit. It was a shame that Noreen never got to see her grandson.

Mornings were the most chaotic, with everyone usually waking at the same time and gathering around the table. It was the only ‘family time’ they had, as Philip spent most of the day busy between the garden and the horses. Patrick liked to use this time to complain about the ridiculous rise in crime as of late. It was like all the strings had been cut and criminals were just running rampant in the streets.

Mark always made comments about how it didn’t affect them out here in the country. They were ignored. Philip was just generally disinterested. It would sort itself out in time. They all had no way of knowing that Patrick had a bit of an inkling as to what was causing all the issues.

Mark knew he should have moved out by now. His older brother had a family and he was just taking up valuable space, but he just couldn’t will himself to go out into the world quite yet. He’d had his adventure and now all the confusion with Lily… Mark just wanted to get lost and write. He spent most of his time babysitting Dylan and typing away at the old computer his mother had used for her books.

The baby monitor alerted him whenever Dylan was awake. Mark was a surprisingly good caregiver, it turned out.

Of course, not all of Dylan’s care was left to the rest of the family. Philip and Bianca did the majority of it. Despite feeling like he never got any real sleep at all, Philip found that he quite enjoyed fatherhood. Having a small little person rely on you was a bit overwhelming at first, but he’d adjusted wonderfully. It helped that Dylan looked so much like him. Bianca joked that they might as well have cloned Philip!

Bianca was doing her best to learn the ropes when it came to caring for the horses. She would never be the adept rider that Philip was, but she could at least help him some with their daily care. Dolly loved carrots and Bianca would sneak some from Philip’s garden to feed her with while she was out hanging clothes.

As Dylan’s birthday approached, the two realized that one wasn’t enough. They hadn’t really bothered with any preventative measures since Dylan’s birth, but now they were actively trying again. It just seemed as good a time as any.

Mark continued to text Lily, but he didn’t see her. He rarely even left the house. It wasn’t because he couldn’t, but simply because he chose not to. He’d even stopped hanging out with Rosalind. Mark’s mind was completely focused on writing and avoiding the world. Things were just easier that way.

Of course, he knew that he couldn’t hide forever. Lily would eventually get fed up and drag him somewhere, but until then, Mark enjoyed his solitude.

Patrick loved having a grandson and he was quite excited to have another. His old bones and fading mind just seemed to matter less and less each day he got to play with Dylan. He still missed Noreen, but it was a dull ache now, one that he knew would end sooner than he’d like.

Death comes for everyone, after all.

While they had had no issues conceiving Dylan, the second time around proved troublesome. Perhaps it was just ‘the luck of the draw’ type of situation. Bianca tried not to focus on it too much. Philip, as was his nature, was very calm about it all. It would happen when it happened. Bianca wasn’t nearly as sedate about the whole thing. She was getting worried.

Having Dylan was perfect and if he was all that Bianca was able to provide, she would be happy enough with that. Still, she didn’t want to give up quite yet. She’d told herself that if nothing came through at the end of the season, they would both consult a doctor.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck before they could find out anything. Patrick died while dozing quietly on the rocking chair he’d grown to love. He was a retired private investigator with a lifetime of stories to tell, but they would go quietly with him. His family wouldn’t know of the years he spent ‘working’ for Clark Klein.

It was better that way.

The family got together for an informal funeral. Philip arranged everything, despite his grief. With each passing, he was getting more and more used to the thought of death. When you dealt with animals on a daily basis, something just clicked in your mind and you learned to accept it.

Thankfully, it was a peaceful passing and that somehow made it all the easier to be okay with. He was reunited with Noreen.

At least some good news followed in the form of Bianca once again being pregnant. This pregnancy was a little different, however. Bianca was outright cranky. It wasn’t unusual to hear her harping on some poor telemarketer who had made the mistake of calling as she was preparing to eat. You didn’t get between pregnant Bianca and food. It was a death wish.

Despite her fluctuating hormones, Bianca was quite happy. They had little Dylan and now they’d have another. Both were hoping for another boy, which surprised those around them. Everyone assumed Bianca would want a little girl to pamper, but she was quite fond of the one boy she had already.


Patrick actually was the unlucky one who got the ‘meteor strike’ death ROS, but I couldn’t find a way to reasonably work that kind of death in. So, he dies peacefully. I should have just debug bought the weather machine and went bananas with meteors. :P

Bianca and Philip had a really difficult time getting their second pregnancy. They were autonomously trying and I had them trying, too, because they both had wishes for another baby. I didn’t think it was going to happen this round… but then it did, hooray! Their next child is due at the end of Winter.

The funeral they threw was a bust because half the sims didn’t show up and when they did, they arrived at the barn because I forgot to set the front door (I always have to do this when I change SPs, don’t know why.) Anyway, this happened:

Luis and Sacha decided to get busy autonomously in the recently deceased’s bed and Bianca waltzes in and starts potty training Dylan, lol! Awkward.

4 comments to 12: McMaster – ‘Cycle’

  • LOL Luis and Sacha!! I’m surprised in Luis! I suppose after it is all said and done, he’s still a sim. I am a-okay with him dying, whew. One death down, one to go. I was afraid that it would be another young adult, like Catherine, who never got to love… and was feeling a bit anxious over it. What if you rolled a death for someone like Clark? Would you just roll again?

    Dylan is absolutely adorable! And I always thought Phillip would make a good dad, but am surprised to see that Mark can be tender with someone small, that’s a good sign!

    Sad that Patrick is gone though, he worked hard for everyone’s safety, and man, did he have a TON of stories to tell!

    • Mao

      I KNOW! I was like, “OMG you guys, seriously?!” I really hope they didn’t try for baby… sigh, lol!

      Haha, yes, I was SO RELIEVED WHEN IT WAS PATRICK. Is that bad? Because I was thinking it was going to be Philip and then I was going to be angry. Funny you should mention Clark…

      It’s so funny how Dylan looks exactly like Philip at that age! Mark is pretty good with kids, most of his ‘downfalls’ are more mental than actuality. Silly Loser sims!

      He really did! It’s so weird that he’s gone…

  • Awww, Dylan is like a little mini Philip!

    Strange that Philip and Bianca both want another little boy, whatever makes them happy I suppose!

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