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12: McMaster 2 – ‘Absolutely’

Catherine McMaster (Young Adult), Juliet McMaster (Young Adult)

Juliet has been spending a lot of time with Sam Monte lately. Well, actually, he’s been spending a lot of time with her, at their house. Catherine really doesn’t understand it. She can’t really stand Sam. There’s just something off about him, but with no proof, Juliet simply thinks she’s jealous. She is, but only a little. It just seems unfair that everything comes to Juliet so easily while Catherine feels like she’s always struggling.

It’s not all roses for Juliet, though. Sam is quite the odd guy and while she really enjoys his company, they do have their sour points. Juliet’s career is a huge deal to her and so she loves sharing tidbits she catches from writing articles. Sam seems to have zero interest in such things. Juliet tries to tell him about the fire that raged through the Novak home and he just shakes his head and says that he doesn’t understand what the point is of focusing on such morbid things.

Juliet isn’t being morbid, she’s just curious. She’s determined to disprove the existence of the supernatural and with the rumors of a ‘curse’ on the Novak name, she wants a scientific explanation.

Catherine sits on the couch, looking out morosely on the party moving around her. Jack flops down next to her, nearly causing her to jump.

“Shouldn’t you be away at college?”

“Visiting home for a bit, week break and all. Shouldn’t you be acting like a normal person and partying?”

Catherine sighed. “No. And I wish that she’d at least ask me before throwing parties all the time. It’s my house, too.”

“Oh, Cat, you’re a bitter pill, aren’t you?” Jack threw his arm around her and gave her a half hug, to which she reacted with a groan. “Cheer up. You should have come to college with me. It’s a blast.”

Shaking him off, Cat recoiled, “a blast? Jumping from bed to bed isn’t a blast, Jack. It’s mean.”

“Hey, hey! Don’t be judgmental. I only woo the accepting, Cat. I don’t break hearts. There’s always that understanding between us that it’s just a thing, but not that thing.”

“Uh huh, because college girls are great at being rational. Get real! They’re all hoping against hope that they can change you. And what about Natalia, anyway?’

“She’s your friend, too, Cat. I think you already know the answer to that.”

“I know that she’s capricious and Jess is still trying to get over it. Poor Jess.” Catherine looked across the room and then back to Jack. “She’s your sister. Are you really ready to hurt her so badly? I mean, when she finds out, and she will, Jack. She will… she’s going to feel so betrayed.”

“We’ll cross that bridge when it comes. Besides, we’re not official. We’re just… friends. Good friends.”

“Ugh. You guys are so gross.”

“Geeze, Cat. Temper down the boiling jealousy, okay? Get out there and date people. Meet someone. Be happy.”

“I’m terrible with people, Jack. This conversation is only proving that point even more. You haven’t stormed off because you’re my friend and you know me well enough to know that I just suck at words. And life, I think.”

He laughed and shook his head. “C’mon, Cat. Let’s go get Jess away from Rosalind. There’s no way I’m letting that happen. That girl is trash.”

Catherine knew Jack was right. She knew she was being horribly bitter, but it was hard not to be. Especially when others seemed to be throwing their relationship in her face. Deep down, Catherine knew that wasn’t Juliet’s intention, but it was a bit much to have Sam over every freaking day. Catherine couldn’t even work out in peace without those two  being all over one another just a few feet away.

She threw herself deeper into her career to the point where it became her life. It was just easier to have something to focus on.

Juliet threw one final party at the local pool. It was an end of summer bash. Catherine was there, but she wasn’t present. Not until Jack shoved her without warning into pool. After that, she loosened up and enjoyed herself a bit more. It wasn’t all bad, right? At least she had great friends who tolerated her sometimes difficult personality.

Juliet, meanwhile, was using her leisure time to also get some extra points at work. She was asking her older brother, Mark, to do some writing for the paper. Juliet was a journalist, but Mark was more of a author. He’d had a few books that were picked up and being debated over at the moment. Juliet thought doing a column or something would help out both of them.

“You know I don’t do that stuff,” Mark said with a shake of his head. “It’s just not my thing.”

Juliet sighed. “It doesn’t have to be. But you’re more susceptible to that supernatural bull than I am. We need someone who sounds believable so we can disprove it.”

“No thanks. Lily would kill me. You know she loves horoscopes and stuff.”

Mark escaped Juliet and went to sit next to the oldest McMaster sibling. Philip was relaxing by the pool, enjoying the feeling of sitting down. He didn’t do much of it these days.

“Nice to be out of the garden, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but I think Bianca is enjoying it more than I am,” Philip said, nodding his head towards Bianca, who was engaged in a splash fight with Lily. “Good thing we found a babysitter.”

“Oh geeze. Don’t leave those two alone. The last time we did they tried to make me wear skinny jeans, Philip.”

Philip snickered. “But you had such swagger!”

“Because I couldn’t walk, asshole.”

Juliet was elated when she finally got to interview Natalia Novak. Catherine had refused to allow it, so Juliet contacted Natalia on her own. They’d never been terribly close, despite being cousins. Still, Natalia was her in when it came to figuring out the mystery of the fire. Juliet was definitely getting a raise after this.


Poor Catherine. She spun up this wish:

It’s my own fault. I need to randomly generate some menfolk for the town. Since I switched over, I had to stop people from aging. So there’s not a whole lot of fish in the sea, so to speak!

She did surprise me and spin up a wish to kiss someone specific, but I won’t disclose that one quite yet. I’ve always suspected as much, but it was funny to see it solidified in a wish.

Mark and Lily defiled Catherine’s bed during the party. Seriously, you two are becoming as bad as Luis and Sacha!

I’m surprised the pool didn’t spontaneously combust with these two in the same place. Two hot ladies! I wonder if Paula swings that way? ;)

And again, Catherine spins up another wish that I’ve never seen before. Poor girl! She needs some romance!

She wanted to go to the fortune teller, so I let her get ripped off enough times and she got this. Soo funny! Lovin’ the moodboost, though.

That’s it for this round, guys! Time to roll some new ROS for round 13. Cross your fingers with me and hope for no more death.

8 comments to 12: McMaster 2 – ‘Absolutely’

  • Josh

    I wonder what Catherine’s deal is! Does she have a crush on Jack too? that’d be messy. I know they’re not related!
    Juliet continues to slay. never change her hair or glasses, she’s iconic.

    • Mao

      Poor Cat. I hope she can find someone soon. Crushing on Jack wouldn’t be odd, but I doubt she’d do anything about it even if she was.

      Haha, I love Juliet’s look! She’s such a counterpoint to Cat. It’s nice. ;)

  • Poor Catherine. I hope she finds someone soon.

    I get the feeling Juliet poking around for a story isn’t going to have the outcome she’s hoping for!

  • Aw, Catherine! The “fall in love” wish always breaks my black little heart! I am dying to know who she wants to kiss. Hmmm…Jack? I don’t know how good he’d be for her but after all their interactions in this update, he was the first one to pop into my mind. Can’t wait to find out.

    Juliet is awesome. Love her. Not sure how long it will last with Sam. He seems a bit…uncurious.

    • Mao

      I KNOW! I feel just awful. Poor Cat.

      Sam is a bit of a wet blanket and he’s Insane, so I’m not even sure how that’s going to play out. So far, he just seems to like arguing or being rude a lot!

  • Poor Catherine, she just hasn’t gotten any breaks and she is the cuter sister. :-x I always wondered if she had a thing for Jack, I don’t think that they would be that horrible of a couple ether, but in time. Not right away, Jack still has a lot of living left to do, and Catherine should try to do that herself.

    It was nice to see Natalia, I’m sure she has tons to share about supernatural and voodoo stuff! And how funny on Mark not wanting anything to do with it, he does love Lily, what a cutie. LOL’d on the swagger and skinny jeans… I do wonder how some guys can handle that style…

    • Mao

      I’m still waiting for Catherine to get a break. Poor girl. She definitely needs to get out there and live. I wish she’d listen to her friends (especially Jack) on this aspect!

      Natalia is such a recluse lately! She won’t leave the townhouse for anything, it seems. Skinny jeans and men who wear them are like a mystery to me. I just wonder how??

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