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12: Martel – ‘Take You There’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Sacha Martel(Young Adult), Aidan Martel (Toddler), Sandra Martel (Baby)

Sacha Martel enjoyed being a mother. She loved it more than her career as an actress and model. However, even she couldn’t deny that little Sandra was a difficult baby. Putting her down for even a moment was simply not an option. It was exhausting. Sacha found herself counting the days until Sandra’s toddler birthday.

At least they were finally settled into the new house next to the beach. Too bad summer hadn’t gotten the memo. They were in the middle of a very strange blizzard.

As Aiden grew and developed, he was becoming more and more interested in what his father did for a living. Luis was more than happy to explain. Sure, his job wasn’t as ‘thrilling’ now that he was off the streets and in the safety of the lab, but it was still neat.

Unfortunately, this meant no more rides in patrol cars. Aiden wasn’t too happy about that part.

Their new home was perfect for parties. Sacha took advantage of that, despite the inhospitable weather. She loved entertaining! Luis didn’t mind the constant in and out of people. At least there was room to escape if he needed a break. That hadn’t been an option in their old house.

Usually Philip turned up and they’d sit in their corner of the room. Philip was pretty impressed by their new house.

“It’s cool, too cool, actually. It really screams Sacha… not so much you, dude.”

“I let her do whatever she wanted. What do I care what color the walls are?”

“Good move. Never get between a girl and her paint swatches. They get insane. How are we supposed to know that ‘cream’ and ‘bone’ are different colors?”

Luis cringed inwardly as he remembered Sacha rambling on about the differences between those two specific colors. “Let’s talk about something else. I’m getting phantom pains from the memories.”

Little Sandra was growing faster than either one of her parents could keep up with. At least Sacha’s wish had been answered–she’d dropped her fussiness and instead adopted a curiosity that wouldn’t be denied. Giving her a walker was probably not the smartest idea on their part. She was everywhere in that thing. She moved so fast!

Sacha made sure to teach her everything she needed to know. She shouldn’t have worried. Sandra was quick as a whip. If Luis was smart, perhaps he would have stepped in and stopped Sacha from teaching Sandra about the merits of ‘diamonds’ and ‘shiny things.’

The summer was being incredibly uncooperative in regards to Sacha’s party planning. It rained constantly. They had a covered deck, but Sacha dreamed of throwing amazing beach parties. Perhaps next year…

Aidan had taken to teaching his younger sister the finer points of being a child, like a peek-a-boo. He even let her win at their games sometimes! It was certainly nice to see the two getting along.

Sacha wasn’t opposed to having another child, but Luis was a bit more practical about things. They simply didn’t have the space and honestly, things were great the way that they were. If it happened, it happened… otherwise, they wouldn’t be actively trying. Sacha pouted a bit at first, but she eventually came around to see things Luis’ way.

He was right, after all. They had a wonderful little family as it was.

They’d even bought a dog for Aidan whom he dubbed ‘Spot.’ He was quite thrilled at being a pet owner, despite all the responsibilities. Luis was hoping it would teach the boy some responsibility and make him a little more aware of the people around him. Aidan was so energetic sometimes that he had trouble really focusing on things.

Stella Mosley still came around. Sacha still babysat her, but mostly, she came around to play with Aidan. They teased one another, but it was all in good fun.

“You throw like a girl!”

Stella made a face. “I am a girl, dummy!”

“Oh, yeah…”

Sometimes, Stella even slept over. They’d camp out on the deck in their sleeping bags on clear nights or on the floor of the playroom. Aidan liked to tell scary ghost stories, hoping to scare Stella.

It always backfired on him. She’d wait until he was asleep and then scare him awake. Aidan’s trickery was no match for Stella’s. It was in her blood.

Spot was a friendly dog. He even dealt with Sandra pulling on his ears. He would sniff her and she would pull him into an awkward, toddler hug. It was all rather cute.

Sacha was always nearby, keeping an eye out. She made sure that Sandra was never too rough with Spot.

It seemed so surreal to her that this was her life. She was a mother of two now and married. It seemed like only yesterday that she’d been a single model making ends meet with magazine spreads for jeans.

Now she was getting spots on television ad campaigns and cameos in prime-time shows. Her fan base had grown considerably. She was always happy to run into fans and sign things for them, but her cell phone rang constantly. It was really beginning to cut into her time spent at home. It seemed her agent always had something lined up for her.

Sometimes, Sacha wished she could just say goodbye to it all and become a full-time mother. She knew better, though. She’d be bored silly without her fancy parties. No, she’d suffer through until it became absolutely necessary to scale back a little.


Sorry about the weather mix-up. I played this house out of order before my break. I actually played Novak 2 and this one before Steel-Klein, jacking my weather all up! Ugh. I didn’t even realize it until it was much too late. Oh well.

Sacha loves to throw parties. The ladies at those parties LOVE to hit on Luis:

I see Sacha as one of those ‘cool’ moms. Unfortunately, this is a bit too cool, even for her!

I caught these two slow dancing. Awwww! I just had to share. :P

The Martels rolled the BBQ ROS, but because of the crappy weather, they couldn’t really do it completely. Instead, they threw many, many parties!

6 comments to 12: Martel – ‘Take You There’

  • We’ll just pretend Aperture Valley is in Canada. ;) A Canadian friend recently was joking about blizzards in August…at least, I think she was joking!

    This was just the cutest update! Aidan is gorgeous, Sandra is a sweetheart (well, she is now!) and Spot is just so adorable. I need to play around more with the pets.

    Good move for Sacha keeping her career going. She’s definitely the type to get bored at home. Working will give her a chance to miss her kids a little. ;)

    I LOLed at Luis and Philip’s guy talk!

    • Mao

      Haha, it does happen in the North. I think we had a weird snowstorm in very early fall once (this was in Pennsylvania.) I was so mad when I realized what I’d done! Sigh.

      Sacha would go nuts staying at home. I’m glad the ‘quit job’ wish went away. I really didn’t want her to!

      Oh, Luis and Philip. I love them. They have such a good bromance. ;)

  • Josh

    I love this unexpected family so much. I hate that we can’t tell who the kids look like more until they’re like, teens in S3. Sacha remains flaw free!

  • Ok, really boys? Bone and Cream! They don’t even sound the same color! Sheesh. Unless they have themselves some yellow tinted bones. :p

    This is a pretty adorable family, and I am happy that Luis settled down with a nice girl, in a nice home, with a cute dog, and two opposite sex children. It really is pretty darn picture perfect, and he’s a good dude, so I’m happy for him.

    A blizzard in summer would suck! I would not approve of that at all. And they have the cutest little kids! It’s almost a shame to not have a third one to keep it going, but it’d almost ruin their peppy perfection.

    • Mao

      LOL! I love men and colors. My husband thinks it’s some kind of wizardry.

      Luis and Sacha make the cutest little family. I’m so happy he ended up with someone that wasn’t messed up. Although, I did always hope he would bring Paula around.

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