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12: Klein – ‘Connection’

Alex Klein (Adult), Rhys Klein (Teen), Gavin Klein (Child)

Gavin Klein was a little apprehensive about his father’s plan to throw him a birthday party. It wasn’t that Gavin didn’t like people, he did… he just wasn’t really sure he wanted a party celebrating his ascent into the awkwardness of the teenage years.

Unfortunately for him, Alex was hell-bent on doing the best he possibly could for his boys; even if that meant going against their wishes. He was governor now and didn’t get to spend as much time with them as he once had. So he tried to make up for it whenever he could.

Rhys didn’t care about the party one way or the other. As per usual, his entire world was wrapped up in Bettina Redford. It was getting so ridiculous that even their faithful dog, Link, was put off by it.

Gavin blew out the candles on his birthday cake and wished that he’d never become a huge tool like his older brother. Only time would tell if it would come true or not.

Emma Steel was one of the first to congratulate him. She’d been Rhys’ best friend since Gavin could remember. He’d always liked Emma–she was different, like him.

“Try not to become a huge d-bag like your big brother,” Emma said with a half-smirk. “The world can’t handle two. It’ll explode.”

“You could always stop hanging out with him.”

“Then she wouldn’t have anyone to hang out with,” Rhys countered quickly, joining the conversation.

Emma rolled her eyes, “whatever, Rhys. Remember who kept you from getting your ass kicked all through elementary school…”

“That all changed in high school,” Rhys laughed lightly, “everything changes in high school.”

Gavin couldn’t deny that. He’d been somewhat looking forward to finally walking the halls of high school. He was glad that he wouldn’t have to share them with Rhys very long, though. They were brothers, but that didn’t meant that they necessarily got along.

Alex surprised Gavin with a gift the morning before his first day of high school. It was a laptop. Gavin had always been a little… out there. Alex was hoping that the laptop would give him a place to channel his eccentricities.

Unlike his father and brother, Gavin wasn’t really concerned with what people thought about him or his family. He was who he was. As a result, he spent a lot of his time alone with their dog, Link. It wasn’t that Gavin wasn’t social or that he was awkward, he wasn’t. He had inherited the natural charisma of his parents. He just simply chose to be real about himself. He didn’t want to be fake and he didn’t want people to like him because he was fake.

Gavin’s other protest was school. He hated it. He didn’t mind going, but the actual work was something he could do without. Alex just couldn’t wrap his mind around it. Gavin wasn’t stupid and he didn’t really have issues in his classes, he just refused to put forth any actual effort. It was mind-boggling. How was he supposed to inspire him to learn when Gavin’s response to everything was simply:

“Nah, I’m good.”

Even Rhys couldn’t sit by quietly while Gavin did absolutely nothing. Rhys had always prided himself on his scholastic achievements. He was extremely gifted with music, but he could also wrangle an A+ out of an advanced math test.

One night, as he was settling in to get started on his senior project homework, Gavin sat down in front of him. His nonchalance was driving Rhys insane. How could he not care?

“There’s this thing called homework, Gavin. Maybe you should attempt some of it.”

Gavin simply shrugged, “nah, I’m good.”

Rhys blinked at him. How does one even begin to respond to that?

It happened again as Rhys was preparing his college applications. Gavin sat nearby, on his laptop, completely ignoring the pile of late homework he had been tasked to finish during their break.

“You’re not even going to bother with any of that?”

Gavin was completely ignoring him, too wrapped up in making the right move to defend his title as chess master in the game. Suddenly, he jumped in his seat and declared: “Checkmate!”

Rhys shook his head, “you’re hopeless…”

When Rhys wasn’t chastising his brother, he was ‘listening’ to Emma complain about her family. She seemed to be under the impression that something was going on. With her family, it didn’t seem all that odd to Rhys.

“How can you be sure? I mean, it’s a good day for you guys when the cops don’t break down your door.”

Emma sighed heavily, “very funny, Rhys.”

“I’m serious! Of course something is going on, you’re living with criminals.”

Talking to Rhys lately was like talking to a wall. Gone were the days when Emma felt like they had a shared understanding of the world. Now the only thing Rhys understood was whatever Bettina told him to. It was getting increasingly annoying.

“No, it’s worse than any of that,” Emma declared, unable to hide her anxiety, “my mom is acting way off. She’s not like herself at all. I heard her talking to a lawyer on the phone. I think she’s… transferring custody to my dad!”

“That’s ridiculous, Em. You need to calm down and stop looking for conspiracies everywhere.”

Emma was beyond fed up. She made a disgruntled noise and left without saying another word.

Rhys was just too caught up in his own world. He didn’t really have time to worry about outside issues. The end of high school and the beginning of his life as a student was looming ahead. There was just too much to prepare for.

Of course, Gavin had no such issues and was quick to comfort Emma. His brother had certainly inherited their mother’s selfishness, but Gavin had taken after Alex. He was a bit more in tune with the feelings of others.

It was right before graduation when Gavin caught Emma at the gym working off her stress. He’d spent the last few months talking to her quite a bit. He’d always liked Emma, she was an interesting person, but now as a teenager… he was finding her more than just slightly intriguing.

“Did you seriously just ask me what my sign is?” Emma laughed, shaking her head. It wasn’t unusual for Gavin to say off-the-wall random things by way of greeting.

Gavin simply gave a small shrug coupled with a grin. He then went on to ask how things were. They spoke for awhile before it came time to part ways.

What happened next was a complete shock to Emma. As someone who prided herself on always being prepared and ready, she completely froze when Gavin kissed her. She could have snapped him in half if she wanted to, but her reflexes were completely dead. All she could do was seize up and try not to fall over in both shock and confusion.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” Gavin said softly upon seeing Emma’s bewildered expression, “I just couldn’t figure out any other way to say that you’re important. No matter what happens to your family… you’re more than just a name or a kid to two famous people or criminals.”

Emma’s response was sputtering, “I-I… thanks, Gavin… but you’re like way younger than me.”

He simply shrugged again, “a four year gap that becomes kind of irrelevant in another four years.”

“You’re sweet, but I’ll be ‘old’ by then.” Emma stifled a small laugh. “You’d better not tell anyone about this. It’d ruin my reputation as a bad ass.”

“I’m pretty sure that was ruined the moment you opted to follow my brother around everywhere.”

Emma tried to look angry, but found it an empty motion. Instead, it was her turn to shrug. “He wasn’t always a jerk. Besides, someone has to keep an eye on him.”

“What about you? Who keeps an eye on you?”

“I take care of myself. See you around, Gavin.”

And with that, Emma left. Gavin knew she’d be fine, even with Rhys as a useless best friend. He was more intrigued by her not directly turning down his four year offer.


What the hell, you guys. Gavin becomes a teen and everything goes bananas. He had a total, ridiculous crush on Emma. He followed her around and constantly chatted with her. They have crazy high chemistry. He’s fourteen, she’s eighteen. That’s just messed up. Also, Rhys is being a total Camilla right now. He ignores Emma and everyone but Bettina. It’s even starting to get on my nerves a bit.

Alex threw a few campaign fundraisers and during one, Garret and his elderly wife got busy in the master bedroom. Seriously, guys?

And then I got this strange moodlet! First I’ve ever seen it:

Also, Paula Novak gets around. She slow dances with EVERYONE and flirts everywhere. With everyone. It’s so shameless. It’s even worse if you remember that she’s Camilla’s FULL sister, so yeah. WTF.

Rhys will be headed to Uni at the end of this round with Emma, and Bettina.

For those curious, I’m pretty sure Rhys and Gavin are clones of each other. It’s kind of freaky.

6 comments to 12: Klein – ‘Connection’

  • Josh

    Gavin and Rhys are super handsome, so at least they’re not ugly clones. I’m worried about Rhys and Emma omg is Asha moving away? Is that what you’re hinting at?

    I always thought Alex would marry again but he’s been absent this round. Hopefully these men can find some happiness!

    • Mao

      This is very true! As for Asha, you’ll have to wait and see.

      Poor Alex. I wasn’t really expecting him to find anyone… but I’m kind of disappointed it didn’t happen!

  • What is that interaction in that last pic?! I’ve never seen it!

    Anyway, wow, Gavin! He is certainly making himself known! I think you’re going to have your hands full with him, lol. I love how he’s just totally in his own world and doesn’t care if anyone wants to join him. And kissing Emma? This kid is bold! He’s right about that four year age gap though – it will seem smaller and smaller as they get older, so who knows what will happen?

    • Mao

      That’s one of the sub-animations in the Slow Dance interaction. :) It’s SO random. Always seems to be gender swapped, lol.

      Oh yes. Gavin is going to give me lots of trouble, it seems. I’m hoping it’s the good, interesting kind!

  • I absolutely LOVED Gavin as a child, and am totally loving his voice as a teen now. He is just so authentic, take it or leave it, and I love that about him. And kissing Emma is so crazy, and wild, that I can totally see him doing that too. I really agree with the comparison of the two brothers, they really do take after each spouse, it’s just unfortunate that Rhys had to get his Mom’s selfishness, because that was a really annoying trait! I can see how his infatuation with Bettina gets on Emma’s nerves, and lol at Link being over it too.

    I really wish that Alex would find someone to settle down with though, I think he deserves some happiness in that regard, and he’s such a nice guy, that it’s surprising that he doesn’t have more prospects after him.

    As for Paula, oh boy! She is a funny girl, and also a favorite of mine. Enough time has gone by with Camilla’s death, I mean I’m sort of hoping for the same thing to happen with Andrew and Lucy… :x But I cannot see Paula with Alex at all!

    • Mao

      Gavin is proving to be very interesting indeed. The Emma thing threw me for a loop. I probably forgot to mention it, but he wanted to kiss her shortly after reintroducing himself to her as a teen. I was like “WHAT?!” I’m hoping Rhys shapes up… but I doubt it.

      Poor Alex. I never thought he’d date again, but I’m kind of sad at the realization that he didn’t even try. All his wishes revolve around his job or kids.

      Paula is always good for some intrigue!

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