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12: Cosaro – ‘Dirty Little Secret’

Dominic Cosaro (Adult)

Dominic Cosaro had a pretty easy life. He was a self-proclaimed bachelor for life, but that hadn’t kept him from bringing two children into the world. Luckily enough for him, their mother was the understanding sort and they had a good relationship.

Unfortunately, Dominic hadn’t really prepared himself for the eventuality of the teen years with his children. Emma was especially moody as a teen. She was quick to anger and completely intolerant of her father’s childish antics lately. One little splash and she was glaring daggers at him as she got out of the pool.

Julian was a bit more easy-going. He was still battling with the realization that he’d never be like his father, but perhaps there was some merit to being awkward and smart. He certainly wasn’t going to win any diving competitions any time soon.

The two kids spent a lot of time at their father’s house lately. Dominic didn’t question it, he loved spending time with them, but something in the back of his mind nagged at him. Something was definitely going on…

Julian was tight-lipped about the whole affair. He’d never really been one to discuss his other home life with his father. Julian had a keen awareness that not everyone was accustomed to living with vampire criminals. It just wasn’t something you talked about in ‘polite company’ and especially not your biological father. Julian really didn’t want him to worry.

Dominic’s career was going extremely well. He’d had a good run as a superstar player for his team, but he hung up in number in favor of coaching. His long term in sports had left him with some lingering injuries that only got progressively worse as his body aged. Despite his best attempts, Dominic was getting old.

It wasn’t something he was particularly thrilled about, but at least he was a good coach.

Of course, neither of these things kept him from his first passion in life–women. The hot new neighbor wasn’t exactly young, but she was quite pretty. Dominic was finding that women of all ages had different things to bring to the table and he was more than happy to discover the specifics of what those were.

“No wonder you never got married,” Emma remarked with a smirk, “dancing like that should be criminal!”

Dominic shrugged off his daughter’s disapproval of his victory dance, “no one likes a sore loser, Emma!”

Bowling was one of their weekly traditions. Dominic had found he was quite skilled at it while Emma simply liked to take her aggression out on the pins by throwing the ball as hard as she could.

Her overenthusiastic throws led to some truly comical situations. When she landed on her face, it was hard for Dominic not to comment.

“So graceful! I’d give it an eight out of ten.”

“Shut up,” Emma grumbled, pulling herself off of the floor.

Having a famous father wasn’t always easy. Their bowling was often interrupted by a fan wanting a picture or an autograph. Dominic may have stepped down, but his notoriety only seemed to grow with each passing day. It was something he wouldn’t begrudge. As long as the fans loved him, they packed the seats, and he got paid.

Dominic tried to ask Emma about what was going on at the house, but she was as quiet as Julian. Usually Emma couldn’t wait to complain about her mother or all the criminals she’d had to deal with, but as soon as Dominic brought it up, she shut down. Her eyes were focused on the game entirely, her lips pursed tightly.

Whatever was going on, he wasn’t going to get anything from the kids. It’s as if they’d taken a vow of secrecy.

It was just as well. Dominic wasn’t really the type to enjoy worrying. He’d much rather be spending his time on better things… like getting busy with the maid. She was a cute, young girl–not too smart, which was just perfect. She wasn’t smart enough to expect anything else from him but their fleeting moments.

Dominic really wasn’t the type to commit.

Dominic was a bit startled when Asha called him and asked to to meet somewhere… discrete. The laundromat seemed as good a place as any. It was unusual for Asha to come out in the daylight. Even stranger, Dominic hadn’t heard from her in quite some time. When she arrived, she was acting oddly, even for her.

“You okay, Asha?”

“Yes–Dominic, look,” she took a deep breath, her long fingers interlaced nervously in front of her. She glanced around cautiously before leaning in closer, “I might need a favor from you.”

“Sure, Asha… you kno–”

“No, Dominic, you don’t–” she cut him off only to stop mid-sentence. She glanced around again.

“I just need you to promise me that when the time comes, you’ll do what you know you have to,” Asha said finally, her voice tinged with desperation. She took his hands into her own, frail and thin fingers pressing into his palms. “Things are about to get…  serious.”

“A-Asha, what’s going on…”

She released him suddenly and took a sharp breath. It was almost as if she were donning a suit of mental armor. She looked at him over her shoulder, her eyes distant and cold, “just be there for them, okay? They’ll need you.”

She left before he could utter a single word. It was the single most confusing conversation Dominic had ever had with anyone and it left him with a very uneasy feeling. What the hell was going on?


This whole round is insane. Can I just say that now? Okay. Just keep that in mind.

Dominic’s Superstar outfit was RIDICULOUS. I don’t remember it involving a pimp suit and ridiculous sunglasses… but it’s been a long time since I’ve had someone at the top of the Sports career…

Dominic really enjoys his one night stands. Have I mentioned that this moodlet amuses me? Because it really does.

Dominic got his LTW! I was so happy. :D I think he’s the first one to get his in Aperture. Hooray, Dominic!

Emma and Dominic were bowling at a new community lot I built. Can I just say… those bowling alleys are HUGE? I also love watching sims bowl. It’s amusing. :D TS3 actually keeps score, too! So you can see who won at the end.

Dominic will be an elder soon. I can hardly believe it!

6 comments to 12: Cosaro – ‘Dirty Little Secret’

  • Oh, fun, I haven’t really played much with the bowling! I’ll have to do that soon, now that I’m ready to play again.

    But anyway…I’m pretty worried about Asha. I don’t blame Dominic for feeling uneasy. When someone is being so vague like that, it’s hard not to worry about what they’re not telling you. :\

  • Josh

    Dominic is still so handsome. I guess the only challenge is keeping him alive long enough that Julian can inherit the house!

    Emma continues to be everything, but I’m worried. I thought the point of becoming a vampire was that you would be invulnerable, Asha?

    • Mao

      I’m not really worried about keeping houses in the family this time around. There will probably be a lot of moving for most families. ;)

      Yeah, it’s a mix of things that have kind of become a solution and a sadness…

  • I am sad that Dominic is going to be an elder, I wish that Asha would give him some life fruit, keep him young, and looking good! Love the bathing suit shot!! :) He’s a good looking guy. And man, Asha would have been uneasy too, she was super vague, I hope that things work out okay, really makes me think that she might not be around as much as she should be, being a vampire and eternal in all. I’m still sad that she’s a vampire too.

    • Mao

      I can’t believe he’s almost an elder. It seems just unreal. Sheesh. I can’t believe I’ve been at this over a year in RL now, wow!

      To be honest with you, I’m still trying to work out how the ROS they got is going to go… x_x

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