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12: Ashton – ‘Save Tonight’

Lily Ashton (Young Adult)

Lily Ashton was beginning to get frustrated. She’d tried to distract herself and break away from Mark McMaster, but that had only led her down the path of dating a married man. It had also made her realize that she didn’t want to date anyone else. She wanted Mark.

Unfortunately, Mark was being his usual self–evasive and capricious.

The only thing that drug him away from his computer was Lily’s birthday. He’d agreed to meet her downtown. Lily couldn’t even begin to guess how long it had been since he’d left the house. Mark had holed himself up with his writing. At least he valued their friendship enough to extricate himself from it for just a few hours.

They saw a movie and then Lily convinced him to come over for awhile before returning back to the valley.

Lily hadn’t really expected much. She was just happy he’d agreed to see her. She missed him. Sending texts and the scant phone conversations they had weren’t really enough. She still held out hope that he’d come around, though she was trying to be patient. Patience had never really been Lily’s forte.

Their relationship had always been a complicated one. For the longest time, they’d been best friends and then, as they grew up… things changed. They always seemed to be walking that fine line between friendship and romance. Lily didn’t really bat an eye when Mark gave her flowers, though she did tease him about not managing to come up with a shiny car.

“Really, though, thank you,” Lily said with a smile. “It’s sweet. You’re not completely hopeless after all.”

“I wouldn’t go quite that far,” Mark began with a low chuckle, “never underestimate my ability to disappoint.”

Silence passed between them for a moment. They were completely comfortable with one another, yet there was always that bit of tension. It came with skirting the line, but never fully crossing it. Lily had tried, multiple times, but Mark had always found excuses or ways to slip away. Not this time, Lily promised herself. She wasn’t about to spend the rest of her life waiting for him to come around.

“You know… my offer still stands. I figured you have to be getting tired of being your brother’s personal babysitter by now…”


“No, Mark, don’t do that. Seriously. I’m like the only person you talk to anymore. You need to get out of that house, that room, and live. You can do that here. I’ll keep you from becoming a total hermit.” Lily was determined. She wasn’t backing down.

When he didn’t respond, she grabbed his hand. “It can just be whatever, okay? No labels. I just… I mean, I’m here all by myself and it’d be nice to have someone else. It’s not like I can ask Lucy to leave her husband and come live with me.”

“This is a really bad idea.”

“You don’t know that.”

“I’ll let you write. There’s an extra room. You can sleep there, write there, but you can’t hide there. I’ll drag you out. We’ll have fun. I’ll make sure you don’t turn into an albino ginger from lack of sunlight.”

He chuckled, “fine. But only until you realize the error of your ways and find someone much more deserving of your time.”

“That’s not going to happen,” Lily said, all but jumping on him in her joy.

It was the first time their kiss hadn’t been one-sided and Lily couldn’t have been happier.

Mark moved his things in the spare bedroom, using it as his fortress of solitude. He would spend hours in there, writing and doing whatever it was he did. Lily couldn’t even begin to understand how he could hole himself up in a room. She was social and outgoing, she liked going to parties and seeing people. Still, she gave him his quiet time. The only time she interrupted him was when she got home from work–which was rather late at night–and then drug him to bed. He didn’t fight her. No hot-blooded male in their right mind would turn down a lovely lady’s meaningful suggestion of come to bed.

Lily did, of course, drag him out of the house on her days off. They visited the sports bar and goofed off, saw movies, and went to the parks. She was determined to try and make him see life the way she did–full of new things and excitement. It didn’t quite work, but he did smile more often, and at least he tolerated her attempts at bringing him out of his shell.

Mark was always the first one awake. Lily worked late and was used to sleeping in, whereas Mark had woke up at sunrise his entire life. Even if he’d gone to bed late, he always woke at the same time.

He was better at cooking than Lily, so at least she got to wake up to some decent food. Her own cooking left a lot to be desired. It was nice to come down the stairs to something that actually resembled breakfast. Much better than her microwaved oatmeal!

Of course, Mark still kept in close contact with his family. Bianca was usually the one who called to check in on him, Philip being doubly busy now without the extra help. They were both happy to see him actually doing something other than hiding in their attic, though.

“Tell Bianca I say hi!” Lily said, waving her hand enthusiastically, as if Bianca could see it.

“Lily says–”

“HI BIANCA!” Lily yelled, jumping in place. “DID THEY SEND YOU THE PICTURE PROOFS YET?”

Mark didn’t know why he bothered. Lily always ended up shouting over him anyway. He sighed, shaking his head, handing the phone over to Lily. She ran off with it, talking to Bianca about Dylan and Molly.

Lily still hosted parties, though nowhere near as often as she had been. She respected Mark’s need for privacy, just as he respected her need for parties. Lily couldn’t help but feel excited at the thought of all her friends gathering in one place. Parties were the best time to catch up.

Parties were also the only time she got to see Lucy anymore. She was always busy with her residency or doing something at home. Lily hated the thought of them growing apart, but their lives were just so separate right now. It was always great to see her, though something seemed off about her lately. It almost seemed like she was… hiding something. Which was just ridiculous. They were best friends. What would she possibly hide from her?

Mark usually hid in the corner and talked to familiar faces, like his sisters. He always had a drink in hand, an aid to calm his nerves. Lily drank, but she couldn’t keep up with Mark. She was beginning to wonder if his little sojourn after high school hadn’t been a bit more than what he let on. He sure did seem to have a good handle on his liquor.

The beach was one of Lily’s favorite places near the city. In the summertime, it was the best way to cool off. She’d drug Mark along, who bemoaned beaches, sand, and all things sunny the entire time. He was going to burn. Salt in your pants was annoying. Lily ignored his bickering. She would throw him in the ocean if she had to–which would be a feat in and of itself, as he was quite a bit bigger than her–but she would have found a way.

He’d eventually given in after she splashed him. Lily found herself unprepared for his counter attack, which involved splashing her back and then grabbing her. He threatened to throw her to the sharks if he went home with a burn.

Despite his concerns, things were going well. Lily said as much one night as they were enjoying a quiet evening at home. She’d drug him out of his office to watch a movie with her. The only reason he had agreed is because they never finished movies.

“Sure, now. But just wait. You’ll see. Some weirdo in tight leather pants will come into your studio, demanding that his M&M’s be separated by colors, and bam, you’re in love. You run off and join him on his tour bus, eventually becoming addicted to whatever substance he happens to be abusing and developing a bad habit of flashing your boobs at the paparazzi.”

Lily stared at him. “You’re ridiculous.”

“Hmmm,” he said, leaning in and making a show of peering carefully at her face, “maybe not leather pants. Maybe you’re more of a mullet kind of girl.”

She gave him a playful smack. “I am not! Ugh!”

“Business in the front,” his eyebrows wiggled while Lily tried to stifle her guffaw of horror, “party in the back. You’re into it”

She cringed visibly. “You’re horrible. Shut up.”

“See? The cracks are already beginning to form. Guess I can toss out those pants…”

She gave him a quick kiss and shook her head. “Idiot.”


Say it with me now, everyone… FINALLY. YES. LET THE ANGELS SING! Of course, I had no control over this. The game decided it for me. There’s a weird bug with them. They were already set as in a relationship, even though the game recognizes it really oddly. I don’t know how it even happened. Look at this mess!

He’s got the Romantic Interest heart, but he’s listed as her boyfriend and he acts like it. Their pie menu gives the ‘Propose Marriage’ option, even. These guys have never been designated as anything but RIs by me. IT WAS DIVINE INTERVENTION! Thank you, game. We’d all have died waiting for Mark to get his head out of his ass.

Speaking of which…

There’s just something hilarious about a tanned ginger. Seriously. He got a tan and he looks orange!

Sacha showed up to their party pregnant. WHAT. WHEN DID THIS MADNESS HAPPEN!? It’s been awhile, you guys. I’m still boggling over this one, sigh. She’s about two days along, too…

In other news, Jack is a stone cold P-I-M-P.

Natalia all but drug him upstairs, where they proceeded to violate Mark and Lily’s bed. Not cool, you guys. NOT COOL!

He leaves the bedroom and the much older NPC Kelli starts chatting him up and flirting. Wut. Jack’s got the moves like jagger, apparently. Women fall over themselves trying to get to him. It’s crazy.

Sorry updates have been slow lately. Stuff happening. Games distracting me. My HD is acting weird. As soon as I remember, I’m going to take it into work and see if I can’t switch it out for a better/faster one. We’ll see how it goes.

12 comments to 12: Ashton – ‘Save Tonight’

  • Snarkysims

    Yes, I am joining you in screaming, “It’s about time, Mark!” I’m so glad he finally got a clue. :)

    Thanks a lot, Mao. I had finally gotten that “moves like jagger” song out of my head, and you put it right back! :-p. I was shopping last Saturday, and it seemed like every freaking store was playing that song.

  • I love Lily! Glad she finally got through to Mark!

  • FINALLY, MARK! We were all going crazy waiting for this, lol.

    I’m pretty impressed that he and Lily have managed to adapt to each other’s introversion/extroversion so well. There’s a lot of give and take going on, which has to be a good sign for the future. I hope they can keep it up, because I like them together.

    Sasha pregnant again! I wondered if she was when I saw the pics of her in the update. It looked like there might have been a little belly under her dress.

    Also, whenever anyone talks about “moves like Jagger” now, I think of the video he did with David Bowie for “Dancing In The Street” which is totally hilarious.

    • Mao

      So crazy! I was so happy playing this update. I only hope it lasts. You’re right, it’s a very delicate balance they’re walking but we all know that doesn’t usually last forever. ;)

      Oh man. I could have SWORN that when I left their lot, she wasn’t pregnant. I wonder if they autonomously got busy at a party or something I invited them to. It’s completely possible.

      LOL! I remember that video.

  • Monika

    Hi! I usually just lurk, but I had to drop in to say how much I loved this update. Lily seems like the most endearing sim ever, it’s impossible not to want a happy ending for her. Her story with Mark has been going on for so long and has so much background that it feels almost real – it both makes sense and is emotionally engaging. It’s so rewarding to finally see the climax of it.

    • Mao

      I really, really enjoy Lily. She’s such a fun counter to Mark. I also just really like extroverted sims. Which is weird, because I’m a total introvert myself!

      It really has been forever. I’m hoping things work out, but there’s still some kinks down the road. Mark is kind of a train wreck.

  • *squeals in joy*
    ABOUT FREAKING TIME MARK! You just made my day. Yes, I’m horribly late; forgive me, I’m planning a wedding.

    I just adore Lily. She’s so Sweet and fun. And I wish Mark would stop worrying so much. After all the time Lily spent to get him, he’s cuffed for life, LOL. It’s like he decided since he was never getting away from her now, he might as well go with it.

    Going to finish catching up now!

    • Mao

      OMG, Fini! I just had one of those squeal-at-desk-whilst-arms-flap-wildly moments at your wedding comment. CONGRATULATIONS! That’s awesome. :D It’s worth noting that I am also NOT the type of person to pull that reaction usually, lol!

      Mark and Lily are like the super odd couple, but I love it. They make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I have been waiting for this forever!

  • Ha, ok, so I guess Sacha decided she was getting a third baby irregardless! How funny is that!

    This is the best update, finally they are together, been waiting eons for this romance to happen! They are totally opposite, but foI don’t care! I think that makes them even sweeter. For pity sake, Mark has some horrible traits though! Did you pick any or were they all random?

    • Mao

      Sacha and I need to have a talk, LOL! I’m the one in control here.

      I was SO BEYOND THRILLED when this happened. Mark’s traits were random. I cringed visibly every time. It’s a battle with myself not to change them.

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