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11: Summer Wedding (Martel/Harcourt)

Sacha had been waiting for her wedding day for what seemed like an eternity.  As a little girl, she’d always dreamed of the day she’d meet the man of her dreams and walk down the aisle.  Despite all her success as a model and an actress, it never quite filled the void that being alone left her with.  Fame was nice, but it would eventually fade.  Sacha was more interested in a family of her own.

Even a little rain couldn’t put a damper on Sacha’s mood.  It was still early, the rain could stop at any time.  Sacha wasn’t the type to lose hope easily.

The rain did stop, just before they arrived at the beach.  Despite her notoriety, Sacha didn’t want an overblown ceremony.  She preferred a more intimate gathering at the beach just a short distance from their house.

Luis’ adoptive parents, Cherie and Khalid, were the first to arrive.  They helped with little Aidan while the couple finished setting up.

It turned into a very hot day, but Sacha and Luis were undaunted.  They exchanged their vows before the eyes of their friends and family, trying not to melt in their heavy formal clothing.

It was hard to notice the heat when you were completely engrossed in the person standing in front of you.  It was a very touching ceremony.

The only ‘fancy’ touch that Sacha had requested was a horse, which Luis’ best friend Philip, had provided.  It was used to usher Sacha to her place at the altar, though plans had to be changed to compensate for her dress.  All-in-all, everything turned out beautifully.

“Congrats, man,” Philip said as Luis approached him, loosening his collar amidst the sweltering heat. “We’re both married men now!”

“And fathers,” Luis added with a chuckle. “We seem to do everything together, don’t we?”

Philip clapped him affectionately on the shoulder, “as it should be, dude. Bros forever and all that. Come on. Let’s get a drink. It’s freaking hot out here…”

Most of the women took advantage of the heat to work on their tans. The beach was a beautiful location for the wedding, despite the weather. The calm and soothing sound of the waves broken now and again by the errant calls of seagulls. It was like stepping out of Aperture Valley entirely and going on vacation.

Some guests even brought their swimsuits and jumped in the ocean to cool off.

Of course, what was a wedding without some goofy dancing? As the sun moved across the sky and a gentle breeze filtered over them, the guests–now considerably inebriated and maybe a twinge dehydrated–broke into fits of dance.

It wasn’t the type of dancing you wanted pictures taken of, but it was the sort that would be shown years later to children and grandchildren.

Remarks would be made about how no one remembered it being that silly looking when they did it. Maybe even a chuckle here and there as the memory of just how much you had to drink that night slowly crept up on you.

Most of the discussion would likely revolve around the horse and why it had chosen to partake in that particular brand of silly dancing.

At the end of the day, scorching heat and silly dancing aside, Luis and Sacha were happy. Aidan was too young to really know what was going on and it was likely he wouldn’t remember any of it, but he seemed to enjoy himself just fine.

Unfortunately, it would take Luis and Sacha ages to get the sand out of all his clothing and shoes…


What’s a wedding without goofy dancing? Sometimes, I regret not having a “proper” reception (but never regret not having a “proper” wedding), but then again… who wants the hassle when I can do it in The Sims?? 

Anyway, Luis and Sacha are finally married. I actually had a LOT of fun making Sacha’s wedding outfit, though I forgot to recolor Luis’ little sash thing to match her. D’oh.

I hate how TS3 smustle isn’t timed together and how sims don’t try to get in a proper line for it. Sigh!

8 comments to 11: Summer Wedding (Martel/Harcourt)

  • What a bummer about the TS3 smustle! I don’t have that in my game, because I think it was a Supernatural thing. Sounds like I’m not missing that much!

    But it was a beautiful wedding, haphazard smustling aside! Sacha’s dress was super-glamorous, exactly what I’d expect from her, actually. I’m glad she and Luis are finally married – that guy was made to be married with kids!

    • Mao

      I know! I used to love it when they would all synchronize and smustle. It was hilarious! Yep, Supernatural added it.

      I really loved her outfit. I usually hate doing wedding prep, but dressing Sacha was fun! :D He really was. Hopefully they remain drama-free.

  • Congrats to the happy couple! I LOVE Sacha’s wedding ensemble. Is that dress CC? I don’t remember seeing it in the game. I though that Supernatural hair would make a nice wedding ‘do, and you proved me right! I also love that Philip and Luis are still bros after all this time.

    I can tell you from experience “proper” weddings and “proper” receptions aren’t all they are cracked up to be. I loved my ceremony, but I felt the reception was more hassle than what it was worth. Hubby tells me he would marry me all over again. I tell him I wouldn’t. I’d elope. ;)

    • Mao

      It’s store CC, I believe. An “older” one, too. Maybe from year 2? I can’t entirely remember! I hate that the hair ALWAYS has the clip. I wish they had made a version without it. With the clip, it’s a pretty good wedding hair! Philip and Luis’ bromance is awesome. They still autonomously call one another and hang out.

      LOL! I hear that from a lot of people. My biggest regret is not having a proper photographer, but instead having like twelve people each with their own cameras, lol.

  • Gorgeous wedding, it really looked super hot in the pictures. The horse dancing was cracking me up, beautiful addition to the beach wedding though. The dancing pictures were hilarious, love Luis’ expression in them. I’m excited for this little family, hopefully it works out well for them. I’m not really a Sacha fan, but she looked nice in her wedding dress, and she seemed to enjoy herself. Maybe she will grow on me in time… she certainly seems more stable for Luis.

    I wish I’d done a few things differently too, and a photographer is one of them for me as well. We were gifted a photographer from the family, but she wasn’t good, and so I don’t have any wedding photos that are great. We had an outdoors wedding, and there is literally a bus in some of the photos… it’s like really?! You missed THAT in the background! *shakes head*

    • Mao

      Sacha is a bit of an odd one to nail down. She seems like she’d be the stereotypical vain type, but she’s not. She’s surprisingly family-oriented! I had nothing to do with that. She does it on her own. I am still sad about the missed connection between Paula and Luis. :(

      LOL! A bus?! We had a party boat full of drunk people in the background of ours. Very funny.

  • Lovely wedding! Sims dancing rocks, they really go for it! So funny!

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