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11: Ryder – ‘Feel Good Inc.’

Cherie Ashton (Elder), Khalid Ryder (Elder), Jessica Ryder (Young Adult), Jack Ryder (Teen)

Jessica’s leap into adulthood coupled with her seeing Natalia caused a considerable dip in her relationship with her younger brother Jack.  It was just too hard to tip-toe around the topic of Natalia.  Jessica wanted desperately to come clean, but Natalia had warned her against it.

Her reward for her dishonesty was arguments and tense silence.  Jessica and Jack had always been close.  This sort of friction wasn’t something she was used to past a few hours.  Jessica wouldn’t be able to continue like this for much longer.

It was all but forgotten any time Jessica was with Natalia, though.  Jessica planned to follow in her father, Khalid’s, footsteps–she was going to become a firefighter.  She’d even chopped off her hair in preparation.  Her longer locks would have only singed and caused her worry.

She met up with Natalia at the gym and went through the motions of getting her body ready to break down doors and haul people out.  It was certainly an invigorating prospect, one that fueled her dedication.  It was handy that Natalia just happened to be athletic herself–it was nice to have a pleasant workout partner.

Even better were the times after their strenuous workouts.  They would head off to the beach, ditch their sweaty workout clothes, and don their bathing suits.  Natalia and Jessica had always enjoyed the beach.  When they were teens, they’d hung out here often.  Those times had been group gatherings with Jack and Catherine.

These particular meetings were considerably more intimate.

The more time that they spent together, the more certain Jessica was of her feelings.  She had never really doubted them, not since Natalia had made her move that night at the house party.  Still, she’d been too worried about Jack’s feelings to really allow herself to fall headfirst into love.  That was no longer a factor.

She knew her brother would be upset, but he would just have to understand.

Cherie, meanwhile, busied herself with getting to know her latest ‘grandchild.’  While Luis wasn’t her biological son, she had raised him and still considered him her child.  She was beyond excited at the prospect of him getting married and didn’t mind at all that they’d had a child beforehand.

It wasn’t as if Cherie had any room to judge, after all.

Sacha was a pleasant enough girl, if a bit naive.  She had her heads up in the clouds, but her heart was always in the right place.  Cherie hoped that it would be enough to make it work.  Things were sunny and rosy for the young couple now, but hardships lurked around every corner.

Marriage was hard work.  Cherie knew that better than anyone.  She loved Khalid more now than she ever had.  She hoped that one day, Luis would be able to say the same about Sacha and not feel any regrets.  Cherie wasn’t blind to the fact he had been deeply enamored with the now known felon Paula Novak.

Jessica had been upfront about her sexuality with her parents.  They even knew about Natalia, though they didn’t dare say anything around Jack.  Cherie tried to warn Jessica to watch herself, but Jessica ignored her.  She was too far gone already.

Natalia still hadn’t told her mother.  She continually claimed that she couldn’t, that it was too much to put on her so soon after her father’s death.  Jessica tried not to let it bother her.  Natalia was secretive and mysterious, she never revealed more than she had to.  She’d been this way even when they were just kids and only best friends.  How could Jessica expect her to change now?

Their relationship continued on in secret.  They’d even christened the hot tub while Kelly was working late on a new sitcom pilot.  Natalia never seemed to worry that her mother might catch them.

She acted almost as if she would know if Kelly was anywhere near the house.  Jessica didn’t bother questioning it.

Jack had a lot of free time on his hands.  Senior year without his usual group of friends left him plenty of time to work on his hobbies.  Painting was still his first love, but recently sculpting had caught his attention.

He’d spend hours in the backyard, whittling away at big blocks of wood while his mother painted in the foreground.  It was their quiet bonding time.

Khalid found a squirrel outside the fire station and adopted it as his pet. He carried the silly thing everywhere, even going so far as to give it a little home in the living room. Cherie wanted to say something, but she knew better. Khalid was getting ready to retire and the thought of being too old to be useful was just something he couldn’t deal with.

The squirrel was his distraction.

Cherie herself was beginning to feel the weight of her own years. She hoped she had enough time to see her kids grow and prosper further.  This whole Jessica, Jack, and Natalia love triangle was bound to explode and she wanted to be there to at least try and help pick up the pieces.

Jack couldn’t wait to graduate.  He was already tired of school. He wanted to move on to bigger and better things.

Unfortunately for Jack, graduating requires semi-decent grades. His had slipped the past two years.  He was practically getting straight D’s. Any attempt to talk to him about it only erupted into an argument. His school councilors had made it clear he would have to attend summer school to have even the faintest hope of avoiding being held back.

Jack was less-than-pleased about this, but he succumbed, having no other choice but to drop out. Cherie had made it clear that dropping out was not an option.


Sorry for the long wait between updates. Just as I get used to my new work schedule, real life stuff explodes. It’s bad. I’m probably going to have to make an unfortunate, impromptu visit home. :( Enough of that. On to the update.

Things have heated up between Jessica and Natalia. They are officially each other’s first thanks to this wish:

Also, I loaded up the lot and found this mess. The husband heard me comment and had to come over and see it. WTF?!

Natalia clearly hasn’t made up her mind–girls or boys. I’m a little worried about when Jack finally becomes a Young Adult…

I forgot to take a picture of Jessica as a YA, so I’ll update her profile with that when I can.

After this update will be the ‘short’ interim update with Sacha and Luis’ wedding. :D

Title is Gorillaz – ‘Feel Good Inc.’

10 comments to 11: Ryder – ‘Feel Good Inc.’

  • Mao, sorry to hear you are going through a rough time. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you.

    I am glad Cherie and Khalid made it through this update though I know their time is close. There will definitely be fireworks when Jack finds out about Jessica and Natalia.

  • Oh, yeah, I’ve seen a lot of those messes! I’m going around upgrading all the washers to Unbreakable, which seems to help.

    Oh lord, Natalia! I have to wonder if she’s not telling her mother about her relationship with Jessica because she’s not positive she’s The One. I mean, if she’s calling Jack up for a date? That’s not a fantastic sign. Then again, TS3 sims are so dumb with the date thing. Typical EA – they finally add an attraction system and it is incredibly lame and exaggerrated.

    Cherie is looking pretty great for an elder. Or even for an adult, honestly! Khalid’s a lucky man. I hope these two stick around for at least a little longer.

    I’m so sorry real life is throwing crap at you right now. I hope everything’s all right.

    • Mao

      Their washer wasn’t broke, I think they were all just too lazy to be bothered, lol! What a mess. There’s a way to control lot “cleanliness” of non-active households with either SP or Awesome, I just can’t remember what it is currently.

      Natalia is a bit of a fickle lady. That’s a very good guess. Also, I agree. I was so excited for the attraction system… but it is so overblown! Geeze. Also, the auto-online profiles thing is annoying.

      She really does look good for an elder. I hope so, too!

      It’s touch and go, but it’s looking better. Hoping for the best!

  • Josh

    I hope everything is okay for you, Mao. You’re in my thoughts!

    Every update moves me in different directions! I kind of want Jessica and Natalia to be happy but then Jack will be so sad… After THIS update I see that Jessica slays and she’ll come out on top no matter what happens. Her haircut is stunning.

    • Mao

      Thanks, Josh! I haven’t heard anything more today, but hopefully we will be hearing good news.

      Haha, I am glad you’re having the same issues that I am. I’m not entirely sure what I want to happen or even what’s going to actually happen. I just know it’s going to get messy!

  • Late to the story, but I hope that things are going better for you.

    Cherie makes a beautiful elder, and I’m glad that these two have one another, and ditto that I hope they are around a long while longer.

    Poor Jack, I really hate that Natalia is even asking Jessica to keep it a secret, that’s inconsiderate and selfish. And I hate that Jessica is going along with it. That will just add to the betrayal, when Jack finally finds out about it all.

    Love Jessica’s hair! She’s adorable!

    • Mao

      A lot better, thank you!

      She really did age up well. I am pleasantly surprised.

      Natalia is definitely a bit selfish, but with her upbringing, it makes sense. I am not looking forward to how this pans out!

  • I get the feeling things aren’t going to end well for poor Jack…

    Aww, the squirrel! How cute!

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