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11: Novak/Canales – ‘Shine’

Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Regan Canales (Young Adult)

Andrew Novak and Regan Canales had been dating for years now. It only made sense that once they finished college, they’d move in together. Andrew was more than happy to get out of his mournful house while Regan was just happy to be rid of the distance between them. It had been a hard last few years trying to balance their long distance relationship, but it had all worked out in the end.

They both felt significantly less guilty now, too. Lucy was married and she seemed pretty happy. They could enjoy their relationship completely now.

Unfortunately for the lovers, their schedules were completely opposite. Andrew was working his way through the kitchen of a local restaurant, which meant he worked long, horrible hours and was exhausted when he finally got home. Regan had landed a cushy job at the local police department thanks to her degree. She was one of their electronic technicians and got to be the one pulling the digital strings when it came to wire taps and anything computer or internet related.

They made the most of the scant time they got to spend together.

Despite having to start from the bottom, despite his degree, Andrew’s passion was still cooking. Thinking of new recipes and tweaking old standards were some of his favorite ways to pass the time.

Regan got to reap the benefits–full course gourmet meals and a chef at her beck and call. If it weren’t for their shared love of fitness, they’d probably have tipped the scales at some point what with all the eating they did.

Regan loved chess. She’d always had a knack for it. Unfortunately for her opponents, Regan was fiercely competitive. Andrew refused to play with her anymore because she got downright ruthless. She was forced to play online with others, where she hurled insults like a preteen playing an online first-person shooter in their living room.

The dinners they had together were always late into the evening. Andrew rarely bothered changing out of his work uniform. It was their time to talk about their days and discuss things. Andrew was particularly happy that he’d finally moved up into an actual position cooking. No more washing dishes or getting ingredients for him!

“Look at you,” Regan said with a smirk, “soon you’ll be one of those celebrity chefs!”

Andrew laughed. “No thanks. I’d settle for just a restaurant.”


“Someone in this relationship has to keep some perspective.”

Regan snorted, “I can’t help it I’m exceptionally skilled! I’m so excited. I’ll be doing real field work soon. I mean, it’s just sitting in a van and relaying things over a mic, but still! It’s closer to the action than being stuck at the department…”

When Andrew was at work and Regan had free time, she often visited her twin sister, Lucy. Their relationship had repaired itself once Lucy had finally moved on. It was still something they didn’t openly discuss–it was better not to get stuck on the details of who betrayed who. They did their best to move forward with their lives.

Lucy seemed quite happy with how things had worked out. She didn’t even seem to mind living with her in-laws!

It was a weekly tradition that Andrew and Regan went to his mother’s house to have dinner on Sundays. They’d started doing it after Oscar’s passing. It had hit the family all pretty hard and instilled the need to be closer. Paula was noticeably absent this week. The family still wasn’t aware of Stefan’s escape.

Everything else, however, went on as it normally did.

Natalia, despite being gracefully lovely, was a complete pig when it came to food. Andrew always scolded her for wolfing down her food instead of slowly enjoying it, but she ignored him. It had been this way since they were children. It amused Kelly more than it bothered her. It wasn’t a family dinner if those two weren’t disagreeing over table manners!

After dinner, Kelly would usually grill Regan about her job. As a sitcom actress, Kelly liked to get as much factual information as she could. She’d landed a recurring guest spot on a crime drama and wanted to make sure her facts were straight. She’d even had the script changed a few times thanks to Regan’s insight. It had caused the show’s ratings to jump up considerably.

Andrew was always stuck cleaning up, but he didn’t mind. He’d always been a bit of a neat-freak and they had a dishwasher, so it wasn’t like it required any actual effort.

Sunday evenings were always laid-back affairs. Andrew enjoyed getting to spend time with his mother and sister. Natalia was a little odd, but she was still family. She was a talented artist, but her focus was on other things. She still didn’t have a job and seemed to have no drive to attend university, either. Such was the life of privilege–you could do as you pleased.

Everything seemed to be falling in place for Andrew and Regan. Their relationship was great, their careers were taking off, and they were happy. It was a normal day when Regan awoke and began to get ready for work. She’d felt a little off lately, but marked it down to being allergies or a spring cold.

It wasn’t until she threw up that she began to get worried. Regan had always been relatively healthy. She couldn’t remember a time in her life when she’d thrown up. Still, work awaited and she’d have to make a doctor’s appointment after she got home. It was probably nothing. Maybe it was just a virus or some bad food.

Regan would never get the chance to find out. She’d gone out on an assignment–her first time in the field. She was posted in a van with another tech while their special ops team did a sting operation on a warehouse they had determined to be used for smuggling. The criminals had been prepared. They took out the van and only a few of the team made it out alive.

Andrew’s entire body went cold when he got the phone call. Regan was in the hospital. He rushed to her side, but she was pronounced dead before he could get there. She’d suffered massive injuries from the explosion and was comatose. They hadn’t even been able to distinguish whether or not she was a vegetable before she slipped away.

Andrew was inconsolable. Even long after the funeral, he returned to the graveyard. He’d taken a leave of absence from work and spent his days mourning. Anger welled up inside of him. Paula was a criminal, wasn’t she? And Stefan, too. Were they involved? The questions only spawned more, which in turn only fueled his hatred further. Even his mother wasn’t able to get through to him. He closed himself off entirely, lost in his sadness.


Poor Andrew. Regan had the misfortune of getting the ‘Death by Electrocution’ ROS. I was so sad! Of course, to make it even worse… so got knocked up via risky woohoo right before I killed her off. Ugh. That was NOT planned, you guys. They did that on their own. Goodness.

I’d make a comment about my pregnant sims dying, but this death was planned and Katy/Lauren’s from Boreal Springs was not! Either way, what a downer. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do about this, as I was NOT happy about it when I rolled the ROS. There’s a chance Natalia’s dabbling in the unknown might come to fruition here…

This entry also marks my switch from Twallan’s SP to Awesomemod SP. Why the switch? Because in Update 15 of his SP, Twallan changed the mod and added a ‘Caste’ system to replace the individual settings that some simmers, like myself, utilized to keep sims from aging, marrying, and following along with the progression. I’ve struggled with getting a handle on this new system for over a month now and I’ve finally just given up. As far as I can tell, it’s a group with filtering, but that’s useless to me. I’d like it better if I could filter by PLAYABLE VS NON-PLAYABLE… which I suppose you could do, if you had a million hours to devote to such a daunting task. I do not.

One good thing about this–my game runs ten times faster now. Wow. I have a ridiculous gaming machine and I was hitting some gameplay snags here and there. I thought maybe it was the size of the world (the save file is MASSIVE). Nope. It was the SP. My game runs like a dream now. I’m still tweaking things, but I’m hoping this works out! I’ve used Awesomemod in the past, so it isn’t that big of a change.

16 comments to 11: Novak/Canales – ‘Shine’

  • Snarkysims

    Poor Regan and Andrew! I saw your tweet about two death ROS’s, so I am very nervous for your Sims. I know you can’t say who, but please not Mark or Lily!

    • Mao

      Let me just say–next round is going to be a huge downer. I actually rolled three death ROS, but I decided that I wouldn’t allow that. That’s just two much. So I rerolled for the last one!

  • Poor Regan. And poor Andrew! It’ll be interesting to see how he deals with this as time goes on.

  • V

    Hmm, this is making me think that I need to switch back to AM too. I don’t have a killer system like you do, but mine’s more than decent and I’m also experiencing some snags. Time to test it out again!

    • Mao

      You know, I had always suspected it was the SP (because it tries to always instantiate ‘high detail mode’ for sims to keep them looking realistic), but I never knew just how MUCH of it was. My world even loads faster. But I also just upgraded to a ridiculous video card, but TS3 doesn’t even support it yet… I dunno.

      I’d try it just to see.

      • V

        I did try it! I put in AM after I think… was it your twitter update? It couldn’t have been facebook, you don’t update Sims stuff there… TOO MANY MAO PLACES I DON’T KNOW. But I tried it yesterday and it worked much better. No loading jerks during playing and I didn’t get five thousand error logs after. There are definitely some things I miss from NRaas, like being able to change friendship levels, add opportunities whenever, etc etc, but it was basically a form of lazy playing. My sims don’t need to be friends with everyone, haha. I’ll get used to actually playing again!

        • Mao


          If you like those options, make sure you have it set to always start with testingcheatsenabled (I do this) and utilize Nraas Mastercontroller. None of his mods conflict with AM. Even the SP doesn’t, because AM defaults to off when it’s on. So you’re still safe to use the other mods!

          • V

            You and me both, lady. :P I am ALL THE PLACES!

            Huh you are a wise one. I didn’t even think about that! I guess I can go back to my cheatery ways after all. XD Thanks Mao!

  • Josh

    OMG WTF? I was rooting for them so hard and now this? You legit have the worst luck. I didn’t want them to have kids so young but this is like, awful, Mao! :(

  • What…the…heck?!?! I am just shocked, my jaw literally dropped! Wow… I’m just flabbergasted over this, I can’t believe she died, and was pregnant to boot! How horrible, and awful, and tragic, and .. lots of other synonyms, just fill in the blank! Natalia’s magic could come in handy here, if you are going to dive into that. But man, it’s not like I was so in love with her, I actually really wanted him with Lucy, but I didn’t want her dead. I guess if Lucy falls out of her impromptu marriage, she can be with him, but no one wanted that under these circumstances!

    • Mao

      I really don’t know what I’m going to do with Andrew now. Of course I’m going to dabble a bit in Natalia’s alternative interests, but I’m not a big fan of everything turning up roses. So there’s a chance that anything she tries to do might just end up not that great… causing more issues!

      If Lucy wasn’t married, that’d be a possibility. The two bonding over their shared grief. ;) We’ll just have to wait and see what happens! My ROS is definitely doing it’s own form of population control.

  • WOW! I was not expecting that at all. I thought for sure she was just pregnant. And she was but then she died. :( I am so sad for poor Andrew. I wonder where he’ll go from here.

    You are making me feel a little bit better about switching to AwesomeMod but I still haven’t decided! I’ll have to take a closer look at this caste system and then decide. A smoother running game is appealing though.

    • Mao

      I had no idea she was pregnant until she threw up just before I force killed her! Gah! I felt awful. It’s like when I had to ‘kill’ Jack’s twin baby sister because she was bugged.

      I always liked Awesomemod, but before trying a prosperity, I liked the personalities and the notifications. I found that with my current game, I don’t need or utilize either one of those at all… which sort of renders the SP irrelevant. Make Sacred on AM is a life saver…

      • Yeah, I’m finding I don’t usually use the notifications much either anyway. I’m almost back to playing my hood again, so I think I might give AM another shot.

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