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11: Novak – ‘Them Bones’

Oskar Novak (Elder), Kelly McMaster (Adult), Natalia Novak (Teen)

Oskar Novak was really beginning to feel his age.  It didn’t help that he’d caught the flu and then had a bad round of food poisoning from a local restaurant.  There had been an incident with lettuce that left him bed-ridden for several days.

Between being just plain old, getting sick, and finding out his son was in jail, Oskar was not having a good time.

Kelly and Natalia didn’t discuss Stefan’s incarceration.  They barely even talked about Oskar’s failing health.  It was easier just to pretend it didn’t exist and let life continue on like normal.

There was nothing Oskar could do this time.  Stefan was stuck in jail until his sentence was served or until whatever charges he was being held on were dropped.  The whole thing was quite shady, but since Oskar’s retirement, it was difficult for him to access the same channels he was used to.

Paula explained what she could to him, though Oskar knew she was leaving things out.  What he did know sounded bad, for all of them.  He desperately wished that Paula would just get out, but the look on her face said that if he couldn’t save Stefan, she would.

Oskar worried that his children were getting in over their heads and he was just too old and too tired to really stop them.

All the attention spent on Stefan and Paula’s situation left Natalia more than enough time to do her own thing.  She’d taken to going to the motel just outside of the central district of the city.  It was a seedy place where questionable things went down.

Seeing Natalia Novak going in and leaving with mysterious paper bags would give any normal passer-by pause.

Oskar’s continuing decline kept Paula around quite a bit.  When she wasn’t at work or helping Gwendolyn with Stella, she was staying over.  She bunked down in Andrew’s old room, which still had the same furnishings and posters as when he’d still lived there.  Kelly and Oskar just hadn’t found any reason to redecorate  it.

When Natalia wasn’t being mysterious, she was hanging out with Jessica.  Nothing was completely ‘official’ between them, but the line of friendship had clearly been crossed.  Jessica had already confided in her family about her sexual orientation.  Natalia wasn’t about to tell her parents.

She wasn’t even entirely sure what she was yet.  Natalia just knew that she liked Jessica, despite her gender.  She just wasn’t necessarily ready to throw that load on her parents, who were already pretty stressed out.

Kelly was having a hard time dealing with her older husband’s failing health.  Oskar had been her rock–he kept her centered, forced her immaturity aside.  Imagining life without him just wasn’t something she could handle.

“You worry too much,” Oskar assured her softly.  “It’s going to be fine.  Whatever happens, happens.”

“How can you be so calm about this?”

“It comes with age,” he laughed.  “You’ll see.”

“It’ll all be okay,” Oskar said, giving her a kiss on the forehead.  “I promise.  Just trust me, okay?”

“Fine,” Kelly replied tersely, but she couldn’t bring herself to frown.  “But no more eating at restaurants.  They don’t serve organic!  That’s why you got sick.”

“I’m sure you’re right, dear.”

As much as Oskar wanted to assure Kelly, he knew that any promises he made he wouldn’t be able to kill.  Death was something you couldn’t avoid, no matter how hard you tried.  It came to everyone, eventually.

He’d lived a long, arduous life.  It hadn’t all been bad, but it had all been a struggle.  Everything he’d accomplished seemed so far away now.  All he could think about was his children–one dead on the cusp of youth, two others entangled in a life of crime, and the final two seeking out their own paths.

It saddened him to think he wouldn’t be there to catch them when they inevitably fell.

Jessica and Natalia hadn’t told Jack about ‘them’ yet.  It just wasn’t the right time.  They were getting ready to graduate without him and Jack was beside himself with agony.  He made sure that they knew it, too.  He was a year behind and wouldn’t be free of his high school chains until next year.

“This is horrible!”  Jack grumbled loudly as Jessica and Natalia discussed career possibilities.  “Can’t you guys get held back or something?”

“It’s not that bad,” Jessica assured him, rolling her eyes.

“It is, though.  Now I’m going to have the popularity to myself.  It’s just too much of a burden for one man to handle!”

Natalia laughed.  “I’m sure Rhys won’t mind helping you with some of that weight, Jack…”

“Oh ha ha, Nat!  He’s your nephew.  Can’t you teach him how to not be an ass or something?”

“Nah, figured you could do it while we’re away being an awesome young adults…”

Graduation came and went with little fanfare.  Natalia had never been very keen on academics, though she did well enough to get all A’s.  All of it was overshadowed when she walked into the downstairs den and found Oskar lying on the ground, motionless.  Her scream cut through the house.

“Mom… MOOOOOMM!!!”

Kelly rushed down to see what all the commotion was about.  “Natalia, what–”

Her breath caught in her throat as she saw Oskar lying there.  Her entire chest constricted as the reality of the situation hit her.  Kelly didn’t remember calling the emergency line, she barely even remembered them arriving.

All she could do was stand there in complete and total shock while Natalia looked at her questioningly, desperate for answers, for anything but the truth.

Oskar was dead.  Kelly broke when they told her, tears running unchecked down her cheeks while horrible, gasping sobs wracked her entire body.  Natalia felt her own grief just as intensely, but wasn’t one for shows of emotion in front of strangers.

She couldn’t help but look at her mother during it all.  Watching her fall to pieces wasn’t something she relished.  She felt powerless.

Paula was on a job in Egypt when Kelly called her and wasn’t able to make the funeral.  Andrew was there, thankfully.  He did his best to console their grieving mother while Natalia just found herself completely shell-shocked.  They’d known he was getting worse, that this was the inevitable end, but it didn’t make it any better.

Natalia realized, quite suddenly, that she did not like feeling powerless and out of control.

Kelly was too bereaved to take notice that Natalia had taken over Andrew’s old room.  She filled it with dusty tomes she’d been buying from shady sources and began her studies seriously.  At first, it had been a passing interest, but now, it was a passion that kept her locked up in the room for countless hours.  She rarely emerged.

The only other person who knew of her questionable dabbling in the arts of alchemy was Jack.  He’d always been the type she could trust.  He didn’t call her names or think she was weird.  He simply helped her to the best of his ability.  Sometimes, he’d hang out while she’d try potions.

“You need to talk to Jess,” Jack told her, lounging on Andrew’s old bed as if he owned the place.  “She’s going nuts.”

“I know.”

“You’ve got to tell her, Nat.”

“She’ll hate me.”

“No she won’t,” he said, rising from the bed.  “She’s just… it’ll take her a little bit to understand, that’s all.”

Natalia frowned and grabbed a vial, preparing to dump it into the mixture.  “I know it’s weird.  I know it’s crazy.  But…”

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me, Nat,” Jack said with a laugh.  “I think it’s hot–it adds to your whole ‘mysterious chick’ vibe.”

She rolled her eyes.  “Don’t you have homework to do or something?”

“Yeah, yeah, rub it in,” he grumbled, heading for the door.  “Talk to her, Nat… she’s driving me nuts.  I can’t lie to her forever.”

Natalia watched him leave and felt instantly guilty.  She wasn’t just lying to Jessica, she was lying to Jack, too.  It was all a big mess.  No matter what happened next, it wasn’t going to be pretty.

At least Jessica and Jack weren’t Natalia’s only friends.  There was always Catherine.  Good old Catherine–she was always so reliable.  She’d joined the army and survived boot camp, now she was a regular soldier.  It had really changed her for the better.  It gave her direction and discipline.  Natalia could admire that.

“What’s this for?”  Catherine asked, giving the wrapped box a curious look.

“Just for being my friend,” Natalia replied with a small laugh.  “You’re probably the only one I’m going to have left…”

Catherine shook her head, not completely understanding.  She knew a little, but not the whole of it.  “You’re so dramatic, Nat!  I’m sure that’s not true.”

“We’ll see…”

Kelly, meanwhile, was just beginning to deal with her grief.  It wasn’t easy.  The house felt so empty now.  Natalia kept to herself, doing goodness-only-knows-what and Kelly spent as much time as she could working.  She was even up for an award thanks to her portrayal of a doctor suffering from manic-depressive fits.  She’d even accepted a few movie offers.

It wasn’t great, but it was okay.  She missed Oskar.  She hadn’t realized how much she had relied on him until he was gone.

Luckily, Dominic wasn’t very far down the road and was there to keep her from becoming a completely useless mess.  Their friendship had always been in the background with party invites and phone calls.  He didn’t come around much, especially not after the whole thing with Camilla.  It just didn’t seem right.

Kelly was just glad to have someone to lean on.  Dominic wasn’t a very reliable romantic partner, but he was a great friend and that’s exactly what Kelly needed.


Poor Oskar.  His time was up.  :(  Kelly is just LOST.  She wanders around and doesn’t know what to do.  Poor thing.  Oskar also got hit with the food poisoning ROS that came with a death chance.  In the end, it was old age that got him!

The situation between Natalia/Jack/Jessica is just getting nuts.  I don’t even know what’s going to happen.  Jessica is completely gay and totally enamored with Natalia, but Natalia is a lot more ‘cool’ about the whole thing.  And she still wants to spend lots of time with Jack.  Sigh.

I love Natalia’s YA makeover.  She is fabulous.  Unfortunately, the trait I rolled for her was Dislikes Children… which brings even more conflict between her and Jessica, who is Family-Oriented!  As teens, both Jack and Jessica registered as a 10 on the attraction scale.

Also, a funny picture:

Oskar retired, prompting Kelly and Natalia to come running.  They held up these signs as if they were protesting while Oskar golf clapped.  It was strangely hilarious.

As a side note, I am starting my new job and until I adjust to working five days a week, morning to afternoon, things are going to be random here.  So, don’t panic if it’s awhile between updates.  It’s going to take me some time to figure out when I can do my sim marathons.  I rarely play for less than three hours at a time, lol.

Title is Alice in Chains – ‘Them Bones.’

8 comments to 11: Novak – ‘Them Bones’

  • Oh no, I had a feeling this would be Oskar’s time. :( It didn’t make it any less sad though. I’m thinking back to when he and Kelly got together and it somehow seems like so long ago and yet not so long ago at the same time. I’m not surprised she feels so lost without him.

    Wait, Jessica is straight but in love with Natalia? Wow. That is quite the drama you have going on! I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

    • Mao

      I know! Poor Kelly. I knew she wouldn’t take it well. :(

      That was a typo on my part. Jessica is the sim that was 100% gay (via SP), d’oh! So, it’s Natalia that is bisexual. I’m not sure what she wants at this point!

  • Josh

    OMG. Poor Oksar. I loved him so much, it’s crazy that your original adults are already dying. Natalia looks amazing, is she becoming a witch too? AND IS SHE MESSING WITH BOTH THE SIBLINGS? GIRL. I’m so here for this drama!

    • Mao

      Oskar dying does not bode well for Paula and Stefan… not that they are doing that great anyway, LOL!

      I’m glad you like Natalia’s look, too! I thought it was so fitting and yes… she’s heading towards becoming a witch. Drama is brewing, ha!

  • This broke my heart, so sad to lose Oskar. He didn’t get to see his kids grow, mature, get married and have kids, besides Camilla, and that was tragic all around. He sort of seemed to fall along with the parenting, that it fits that his kids were sort of screw ups in the adult/teen stages. Sad though, cause he worked hard to provide for them.

    Poor Kelly! I’m so glad that Dominic is there for her, and makes a good friend.

    Natalia is gorgeous, and I love her new look. What a mess with Jessica and Jack though, I hope that it can all fall into place smoothly, with few hiccups, whichever way it ends up working out.

    • Mao

      Yeah, he really did miss out. I feel so bad for him, but especially for his family! They really relied on him. He wasn’t the best parent, but he did try, in his own way.

      I really like her new look, too. :D She’s like a dark beauty… but I am worried about the siblings.

  • Poor Kelly :(

    I love Natalia! She’s a little bit like TS3 version of Lilith and Isolde with her witchy ways!

    • Mao

      I am really enjoying Natalia, too. :D She’s like a good mix of both of them, though she’s not nearly as sassy/quick-witted as Lilith. I miss Lilith!

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