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11: Novak 2/Mosley – ‘Little Things’

Paula Novak (Young Adult), Gwendolyn Mosley (Young Adult), Stella Mosley (Toddler)

Gwendolyn Mosley was in a strange place. Her friend, Paula Novak, had forcibly removed her from her prior residence and insisted she take up her brother’s unused space. She wanted to keep an eye on Gwendolyn and for good reason, as Gwendolyn wasn’t exactly doing her full bit as a mother.

Over the months, things had improved. Gwendolyn still wasn’t going to win Mother of the Year, but she tried. Paula helped, but she made sure that Gwendolyn bore most of the weight. Stefan was still locked up and neither one had heard from him in nearly two years. Even Paula was beginning to doubt Lola’s assurance that he’d be fine, so long as Paula did as she was told.

Of course, Paula wasn’t exactly falling in line. She was plotting. She’d saved Clark Klein’s family from Morrigan’s plot and now, he owed her. She was using that to get rid of Lola. It wasn’t going to be easy. Lola was high-ranking agent, she wasn’t just a local cop. It didn’t matter. Paula wasn’t going to let anyone threaten her family.

After the crippling loss of their father, Paula threw herself headlong into the task. She’d been reckless, but it had worked out just fine so far. She wouldn’t stop until Stefan was free and Lola was dead.

Gwendolyn wasn’t privy to the inner-workings of the crime world, so most of her days consisted of mundane things like caring for Stella and cleaning up the apartment. It was boring. Something inside her screamed against the thought of becoming fully domesticated. Worse yet, she was angry. Stefan had knocked her unexpectedly and then had gotten himself locked up before Gwendolyn could even tell him.

It was likely he still didn’t even know, as he wasn’t allowed any contact with the outside world. Boy, was he in for a surprise if he ever got out…

When Paula was away, Gwendolyn broke the rules a little bit. Strange men she’d only just met visiting while her daughter was in the other room wasn’t exactly safe, but Gwendolyn’s mind was somewhere else entirely. She’d spent the last two years alone, angry, and bitter. She was going to become one of those women who chain-smoked cigarettes and wore inappropriately-sized denim jackets in dirty bars if she didn’t do something fast.

Garret Ackerman was an athlete she’d met one of the few times she’d managed to slip out of the apartment and have some good old-fashioned fun. He wasn’t really her type–though Gwendolyn’s type had turned out to be trouble–but he’d do in a pinch.

The fact that he was married only made it easier. There was no commitment, no danger of him lingering too long. Gwendolyn wanted human contact, she wanted a reminder that she was more than just a robot nanny for her daughter. She wanted to feel free.

Paula, meanwhile, was being the responsible one. She was getting Stefan out, come hell or high water. It was beginning to look likely, too. With Clark Klein’s connections and his people, the whole thing would be effortless… sort of.

Rosalind didn’t have any beef with Paula, so things went swimmingly as they discussed the finer points of knocking someone off. Rosalind didn’t get her hands dirty–she was a numbers girl, more about intelligence than actual action–but her input was invaluable. Clark had been right to bring her into the fold.

While things seemed to be going well with the criminal side of life, her family life seemed to be suffering. Paula wasn’t at all pleased to find Garrick sneaking out of the apartment in the wee hours of the night. She gave him a piece of her mind.

“Geeze, chill,” Garrick murmured, putting his hands up defensively between them. “I didn’t know she was a lesbian.”

Paula huffed, her glare freezing him in the spot, “idiot! Just get out of here before I break my parole and throw you out a window!”

It dawned on Garrick suddenly that he was facing down Paula Novak. His mouth clamped shut instantly and he did as he was told and never looked back. You’d have to be a complete fool to mess around with the Novak family. They were nuts.

After that little incident, Paula kept a closer eye on Gwendolyn. She didn’t want her to feel like a prisoner, but what choice did she have? Stella was her niece and Paula was going to ensure that she had as good a life as Paula could give her. It was the least she could do. Somehow, she just kept feeling like all of this was her fault.

At least the little fling seemed to affect Gwendolyn for the better, even if temporarily. She engaged Stella on her own and was actually being an attentive mother.

Little Stella even got to see her friend Aidan Martel.  As way of getting out of the apartment, Gwendolyn offered to babysit for Luis and Sacha. It all worked out. Stella got to play with someone close to her age and Gwendolyn got to escape out into the world for a bit. Sure, it was only to the Valley, but at least it was something.

Plus, she got to see Sacha. They’d developed a friendship and Gwendolyn had missed her. It was a little annoying how ‘perfect’ her life seemed at time, but Gwendolyn knew she couldn’t fault her for it. Sacha was just too bubbly and friendly to hate. Plus, it was nice to have a friend who wasn’t a criminal. It made her feel normal.

Paula had been working double-time and it had finally caught up with her. It was a rainy fall day when she’d heard the tell-tale sound of sirens. She’d gotten good at evading the cops at this point, but this guy was persistent.

Ducking in between houses and trying to lose him did nothing. He was adamant. He caught her suddenly, dropping down like a ninja. This was no normal police officer, despite his uniform. He’d led her to the car and said only:

“You have an appointment to keep.”

It was one of Lola’s cronies.

Paula sat in the back of the cruiser, soaked through and shivering, but unwilling to break. It was only a matter of time. She couldn’t avoid Lola forever.

The drive felt like an eternity, but it was only an hour. Paula was a little surprised when they pulled up in front of the city hall in downtown Aperture City. Lola waited for them there, seated on a bench. She rose only when Paula exited the car and they walked in silence for some time before Lola finally turned on her.

“I hope all this radio silence means that you’ve made some progress,” Lola snapped, unable to restrain her anger.

“I have.”

“I should say so. The mysterious disappearance of a certain vampire known as Morrigan hasn’t gone unnoticed, Paula.”

“I’m gaining Clark’s trust. I saved his entire family, now he owes me.”

Lola’s eyes narrowed for a moment as she took in the information. For a moment, Paula thought she wouldn’t buy it and everything would come crumbling down around her. Stefan had always been better at subterfuge. After a moment, Lola’s gaze softened and a small smile played on her lips.

“Hm, good. Very good. I didn’t think you had it in you, Paula.”

Paula felt a great weight lift off of her shoulders. For now, the ruse would continue.

Meanwhile, Gwendolyn was caring for Stella. She was worried about Paula not coming home from work, but she’d learned not to question it. If more than a day passed with no word, she’d call the number Paula had given her. She was staring at her cellphone when it rang. The number on the screen wasn’t one that she recognized.


‘Gwen? Where’s Paula?’

“St-Stefan? You’re supposed to be–”

‘Look, I tried calling Paula but her cell’s off. Tell her not to worry. I’m out. I’ll give more details when I can.’

The line went dead. Gwendolyn gripped the phone, unable to stop staring at the now-blank screen. He was out–he’d escaped.


Gwen isn’t going to win any awards for motherhood. Anytime Sacha would visit, she ran right to the crib or played with Stella. Even Paula was more attentive than Gwen. Sheesh! At least she’s a lot better than when we she was living with Sacha and Luis.

Paula got busted at work, so I wrote it in as Lola wanting to have a chat. As for Gwendolyn hooking up with Garret, he gets around, it seems. :P

As for Stefan “getting out”… the new SP broke a LOT of my settings, so Stefan was running around town. I wrote it in. Why not? Should cause some chaos.

The new settings annoy me. Now we have to set up groups to define some of the things I was working with before. I don’t have the time nor brain power to futz with that, so I just throw everyone on stasis and hope for the best when I’m not playing them, sigh.

Hopefully there will be another update before simcity frenzy hits me!

Title is Bush – ‘Little Things.’

4 comments to 11: Novak 2/Mosley – ‘Little Things’

  • So Gwen – not really a baby person, lol? I wonder if she’ll be better when Stella is older and a better communicator. But is Stella going to want to communicate with her mum when she’s older? They’re not developing that bond at the moment, which may be a mistake later on.

    Stefan out of prison? That could be very interesting indeed. SP flubs sometimes work out for the best. :)

    I have not played with the new SP (still going through all my CC) but the idea of it is kind of scaring me! I hope I can figure something out to make my town play the same as before.

    • Mao

      Gwen really doesn’t seem to be inherently maternal at all. I have to force most interactions! I’m hoping it gets better, but as you said, Stella may already be affected by it…

      I know! At first, I was really mad, but then I thought about it; seemed like it could be fun.

      The new SP allows you to create groups (that it calls ‘castes’). Since you’ve very organized and orderly, you’ll probably enjoy the tool once you know how it works. For me, it’s a pain. I had things set up perfectly before this mess!

  • I have to say that Gwen is not the person I thought she was, back when she was in high school, and miss pure… she’s really fallen down the rabbit hole. I can’t believe how lousy of a mother she is to Stella, I really just want to smack her and tell her to grow up.

    I’m super geeked that Stephan is out! I really wonder what he will think of Stella, I can’t wait! And man do I dislike Lola. Looking forward to Paula getting rid of her.

    • Mao

      I know! She has really come unhinged, lol! It’s pretty bad when Paula is the one keeping her in check.

      I am really interested in Stefan’s reaction to Stella, as well…

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