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11: McMaster 2 – ‘That’s What You Get’

Catherine McMaster (Young Adult), Juliet McMaster (Young Adult)

Looking at Juliet McMaster, one would assume she was the ‘bookish’ type who liked to play chess alone and read long, pondering novels. They’d be wrong. Juliet was quite smart and she’d graduated valedictorian of her class in high school, but she was anything but ‘bookish.’ Opting not to attend university, Juliet instead celebrated her freedom by throwing truly impressive parties.

Juliet had always been that way. She had a way about her that just made social situations easy.

Even when the cops came in and busted up her parties, Juliet was nonplussed. She laughed and joked with the cop as her guests quickly ushered themselves off of her lawn. Her at ease nature eventually even brought the irate cop around.

It drove Catherine absolutely insane. She loved her twin sister, but she hated how easy things were for Juliet. Juliet had always had friends and she didn’t need anyone to help her make them. People gravitated towards her.

It was so ridiculous that even the cop who had busted up her party left his number behind. Catherine was fuming.

Juliet  knew her twin was jealous of her ways, but what could she do about it? She wasn’t going to stop being herself. Her life wasn’t always one big party. She was working hard on her chosen career–journalism. Juliet was adamant about disproving all the myth and mystique surrounding the supernatural elements of their fair city. She’d heard quite enough about all of this ‘vampire’ business!

Catherine, meanwhile, had survived boot camp and was now officially part of the army. She worked hard on building her stamina and physique and was at the gym almost every day after work. She was still pretty low on the military totem pole, but she was sure that with enough hard work and dedication, she would rise through the ranks.

Catherine was nothing if not fearless and determined.

Juliet did manage to drag her out sometimes, though. They’d have a drink downtown and enjoy a live band. It was nice to bond, to forget that they were so different.

Of course, it didn’t last forever.

It wasn’t long before Juliet was wandering off and striking up a conversation with the bouncer or some cute bartender. She was fearless, too, but in a much different way than Catherine was.

While Juliet was out partying, Catherine was at home protecting their belongings. Catherine had never been the type to balk at a dangerous situation. She didn’t even bother calling the cops until after she’d kicked the burglar’s butt and tied him up with some rope.

The cops were suitably surprised when they arrived to see Catherine, still in her nightshirt, standing over a very apprehended would-be burglar.

Catherine may not have had her sister’s social graces, but she did have what it took to raise through the ranks of the military. She was their newest rising star. She was happy with her career progression, but something was missing.

She’d never really told anyone, but Catherine had always kind of wanted to fall in love and have a family. As a child, she’d thought of girly things like getting married and raising babies. In an effort to hide her desires, she tried to fool others with a rough exterior and tomboyish antics.

Poor Catherine had never had any romance in her life. There had been that awkward confrontation with Jessica Ryder, but Catherine was straight. They were closer friends now, but still, Catherine wished she had the magnetic ways of her sister when it came to men.

Juliet, meanwhile, had had several romances in high school–with older boys no less–and had recently decided she liked the look of their pizza delivery guy. Catherine didn’t quite understand it–she’d seen Juliet flirting with a few guys since they’d left high school, but she actually seemed pretty intent on this one.

Catherine was forced to watch their romance blossom before her eyes while she was left with nothing. She was happy for her sister, but she secretly wished that it was her instead of Julia.

Thankfully, Jessica was always around to hear Catherine’s woes. She’d even confided in her and found that Jessica felt the same way. They were both the type to settle down with one person and live out the rest of their life happy. It was a shame Catherine was straight, as they’d probably make a great couple. Instead, they’d become best friends.

“It’ll happen, Cat, you just have to be patient,” Jessica assured her, “besides, romance isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Look at my situation.”

Catherine sighed. “At least you have romance! I’ve never even kissed anyone before. What’s going to happen if I do meet someone?”

“It will be fine, trust me. No one thinks about that stuff. It just kind of happens.”

“I just don’t understand how it’s so easy for her!”

“You can’t keep comparing yourself to your sister,” Jessica reasoned softly, “you’re two completely different people. Juliet is extroverted and you’re not, that doesn’t make either one of you better than the other… just different.”

“I know, I know… I’m sorry.” Catherine said finally, trying not to look put out. “I always trouble you with this when you’ve got real issues. I feel horrible.”

“Don’t. We’re friends. I’m always here for you, Cat. Besides, you listen to me, too. How many times have I called you to rant about Natalia still insisting we keep things quiet?”

It was true. There was an equal share of complaining going on. At least Catherine had someone to complain to. She certainly couldn’t tell Juliet about this.

Juliet, meanwhile, was spending most of her free time with Sam Monte. They weren’t ‘officially’ dating yet, it was still pretty casual, but it probably wouldn’t be much longer until they were putting labels on things.


This house was a lot of fun. Juliet’s parties kept getting busted by Trent Scarborough, an NPC cop who has crazy high chemistry with both of the girls. I tried to get Catherine to chat him up, but she’d always get preoccupied and do something else. Sigh!

Poor Catherine has NEVER had a romance. I realized that while I was playing. That needs to be remedied! Juliet, of course, has no problems approaching guys. She hit it off with the police officer when they first met, but after that, he didn’t seem to be very interested in her. Enter Sam Monte, the pizza guy. They have 10 of 10 chemistry!

Juliet is my first Supernatural Skeptic. I’m having fun with that trait. I can really see Juliet as one of those people who is all, “vampires? bah!” She’s definitely going to cause some issues for our resident supernaturals…

Catherine and Jessica have become really close friends since becoming Young Adults. It really is a shame that Catherine is 100% straight, otherwise these two would make an amazing couple. They get along so well!

This is the last ‘full’ entry for round 11. The next one is the Summer Birth and then we move on to round 12… whew!

8 comments to 11: McMaster 2 – ‘That’s What You Get’

  • Juliet is definitely playing against type! I would not expect her to be a party animal if I passed her in the street!

    I didn’t know Supernatural Skeptic was a trait. I don’t have Supernatural, so I am quite ignorant about that expansion! Anyway, that’s going to be an interesting trait to see in action, I think.

    But aw, I’m developing a massive soft spot for Catherine. I always do, with these unlucky-in-love sims. It really makes me want to see them happy!

    • Mao

      Juliet was a bit surprise. I’m still trying to get a grasp on her ‘personality’. She doesn’t really stick out to me as much as some of the other sims do!

      Haha, yep, it’s the counter to Supernatural Fan (Julian has this trait.) It’s interesting in that it makes sims inherently better at certain careers and the social options are a riot!

      Catherine really needs some love in her life!

  • Josh

    I love the twins! It makes me sad to see Catherine struggling, but Juliet really is gorgeous. Loving her as a reporter and a maneater!

    • Mao

      I am really amazed at how well the twins turned out! They are both quite lovely in their own, unique ways which is a lot of fun. Juliet is really different from the rest of her family, lol!

  • Poor Catherine! I’m sure she’ll find her soul mate soon!

  • Jessica is just so pretty! But aside from that! I hope that Catherine finds some love, I’m sure it will happen for her, and the timing of it all will work out. It’s funny to me, because I think Catherine is really pretty too, and Juliet isn’t really gorgeous, and she gets all the guys. She’s sort of klunky looking, and definitely doesn’t look like a party animal, so she’s got layers! All that to say that it always surprised me that Catherine had such a difficult time with friends and boys.

    • Mao

      Haha! That’s true, you know. If you had to say which one was, in a standard perception, prettier… it would definitely be Cat. Unfortunately, her personality and mannerisms aren’t the same as Juliet! Juliet is a LOT more outgoing and poor Cat is just so awkward. I feel for her, I really do. :(

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