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11: Martel – ‘All For You’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Sacha Martel(Young Adult), Aidan Martel (Toddler)

Things were going well for the Martel family. Aidan was growing like a weed. He was walking and talking with the best of them. It was startling how quickly the first few years flew by.

Luis was doing well in his career. He’d finally moved into lab work and was now a qualified forensics professional. He still had his uniform, but he spent less time on the beat and more time behind a microscope. Sacha’s career was fairing well, too. She was still modeling, but acting was beginning to take center stage in her life. She’d scored a role on a soap opera as the estranged sister of one of the lead characters.

When she wasn’t busy being a mother and wife, Sacha was entertaining. She loved throwing parties and meeting new people. Their house was small, but she made it work. The parties were tamed down from her younger days as a single girl looking for a man, now they consisted of other like-minded individuals getting together and having fun.

Before Luis and Sacha knew it, Aidan was moving out of diapers and into big boy pants. He wasn’t quite ready for school yet, but he was certainly beginning to come into his personality more. Happy and excitable, it was hard not to laugh at Aidan’s antics. He was a goodhearted goofball that would do anything for a laugh. He loved making people smile and had clearly inherited his mother’s outgoing streak.

Luis was a devoted father, spending as much time as he could with Aidan. They built snowmen in the winter and put silly hats on them. Luis wasn’t quite as active and talkative as Aidan, but he appreciated his son’s warm energy. Aidan loved hearing about his dad’s days as a cop and ‘busting crooks’, as he called it.

Luis and Sacha’s relationship flourished. They had beaten the odds. Theirs had been a whirlwind romance followed by an unexpected pregnancy. It would have been easy for things to fall apart in the chaos, but they held steadfast. They’d grown to truly love and respect one another. They were even planning on moving to a bigger house, as they’d begun trying for Martel baby number two.

Sacha awoke one night with a strange feeling. She incredibly dizzy as she rose from the bed and tried to make her way out of the bedroom. She wasn’t sure where she was going. At first, she’d thought to head to the bathroom, but in her stupor, she’d stepped into the living room.

A huge wave of nausea hit her and she was forced out into the cold winter morning. She threw up next to the trash can, unable to open it, her body heaving and convulsing with her efforts. It was abrupt and over as quickly as it had began. It left her feeling stunned and confused.

Was she pregnant already?

Luis, meanwhile, was battling with their neighbors. Philip’s younger sisters, Juliet and Catherine, had moved in across the street. At first, it had been fine. Then, the loud and raucous parties had started. It was all Juliet’s doing, her coworkers at the lab being a bit more rowdy than one would think any normal lab geeks were capable of.

Poor Catherine bore the brunt of it. She was frustrated, too. How did he think she felt? She had to be up early for drills and her sister had friends moving through the house at all hours of the night!

Aidan, meanwhile, had found a friend in Stella Mosley. She was younger than him, but she didn’t act like it. She was quick as a whip and was always happy to slaughter him at chess. This frustrated poor Aidan, who was so used to being good at things that being beaten wasn’t something he had a chance to get used to.

Their friendship continued, however. Gwendolyn would bring Stella over and babysit for Sacha and Luis while they went out. It was a good way for Gwendolyn to get out of the apartment and she really didn’t mind helping out.

Sacha eventually got confirmation that she was pregnant. They were both quite excited, but a little worried. They still hadn’t finalized their move and things were going to get cramped very quickly with another child in the picture. Aidan was going to have to share his room with an infant.

Luis was shocked when his cell phone rang and Lola’s voice greeted him. He hadn’t heard from her since their meeting before Stefan had gotten busted.

‘Stefan’s somehow slipped out. I expect you had nothing to do with this?’

“Why would I be involved?” Luis shot back. “I didn’t even know about it until you told me!”

‘The local police department isn’t being very helpful. I suppose I’ll just have to find him myself.’

“That’s because you didn’t go through us! I should report you right now for keeping someone unlawfully and obstructing justice. I don’t even know why I’m not… just don’t call me again, Lola. I don’t want my name anywhere near your scheming.”

Luis tried not to let the phone call bother him. He focused on unwinding with his best friend, Philip McMaster, while they played a friendly game of pool.

“Another baby already man?” Philip said with a small chuckle. “You sure do work quick.”

“Ha, right. You’ll be next. I can see it in Bianca’s eyes!”

“Have you guys heard anything more about that house?” Philip asked, quickly changing the subject.

“Not yet, but we’re hoping to have everything nailed down at least by the time the baby’s born. If not, then hopefully sometime afterward. I don’t know what all the hold-up is, but it’s really annoying.”

“Buying a house is a pain, man! That’s the beauty of inheritance.”

Luis laughed. “Yeah. But I don’t think even the homestead can handle as many babies as Bianca’s going to want…”

Meanwhile, Aidan was dealing fairly well with the news of another baby entering the family. They still didn’t know the gender, but Aidan was hoping for a baby brother. Sacha was just happy with having another baby, while Luis was quietly hoping for a little girl. Whatever the baby ended up being, it was going to be entering a loving family.


Sorry for the long absence, guys! I was sick pretty much the entirety of March. :( I caught a really nasty flu which then compounded into acute bronchitis, followed by a very severe sinus infection that I am STILL battling with. I haven’t tasted or smelled anything in WEEKS! I’ve lost around 10 lbs, too… not that I’m complaining about that part, haha!

I still haven’t installed University. These pictures are actually from over a month ago. I took them the same time I took the last update’s pictures! Before I caught the flu from hell, I had planned on having this update buffer my ‘away time’ for Simcity… which I’ve barely been able to play since getting it, sigh!

Anyway, since then, I’ve upgraded my graphic card in a 2gig beast of a thing. I’m curious to see how that affects my huge world and the whole ‘high detail lots’ situation. :D I’m not sure when I’ll get back to playing, though, as with work and a bunch of other RL things, I’ve got a lot going on. But I’m still here, I promise!

In regards to the update, Sacha and Luis wanted another baby and tried for one on their own, which resulted in this pregnancy! I’m quite happy and excited. The baby should arrive around summertime. They are also in the process of getting ready to move into a bigger house.

Lola called Luis randomly, so I tried to work it into the story, but I had forgotten what I had originally planned. Sigh! Apologies if this update is very off-kilter. It’s been over a month since I took the pictures. Sacha got the make 3 new friends ROS, thus the parties!

6 comments to 11: Martel – ‘All For You’

  • Aidan is adorable! That picture of him on the chair, with Stella just calmly playing chess in front of him? What a classic! Sacha and Luis will have to see about getting him that little brother if this one turns out to be a girl. ;)

    Speaking of which, I’m happy things worked out for Sacha and Luis. I can easily see how it might not have and I think it’s a credit to them that they’re so happy together. Let’s hope Lola doesn’t mess it up for them!

    I’m so with you on the “where was I again?” thing with getting back to your sims. It’s been much harder than I thought it would be to pick up where I left off. I’m forgetting a lot of things that I had planned and I have literally no clue who my remaining ROS were supposed to be assigned to, so I’m just leaving them all! I definitely feel a bit off-kilter with my hood at the moment!

    • Mao

      Haha, he’s such an energetic kid. It will definitely be fun to see how he develops in the future. :D

      I am also quite happy with how things have gone. I must admit, though, that a little part of me will be sad that Paula and Luis never worked out! I can’t begrudge it. It adds a bit of flavor when the sims buck against my whims.

      It’s awful! I’m only just now getting a chance to sit down and reply to comments. I’m waiting for University Life to download as I do it. I feel a bit overwhelmed by this expansion, to be honest!

  • Josh

    I love the Martels. I always hav to stop myself from adding the extra l! I didn’t think Luis and Sacha would stay together but they’re adorable. Who does Aidan look more like? here’s praying for a baby girl to slay the hood!

    • Mao

      I run into that issue, too! ;) I’m also pretty curious to know who Aidan resembles more… so far, Luis… simply because their coloring and eyes. We shall see!

  • Oh man, Aidan is super adorable!! That hair is SO cute! Luis is such a good Dad, I always knew he would be, and I suppose Sacha is okay… though if she hadn’t been pregnant, and instead had a plague, I wouldn’t have cried too much. ;) I am glad that they are making themselves a happy little family, Luis does deserve that, so I suppose I am sort of glad that she is not dying. :p

    • Mao

      I just HAD to use that hair on him. I had to. It was just too fitting!

      Hahahahaha! Had the plague! Too funny. I am also a bit saddened that there is no chance of a Paula and Luis reunion… but the sims want what the sims want!

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