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11: Klein – ‘Supervixen’

Alex Klein (Adult), Rhys Klein (Teen), Gavin Klein (Child)

Things at the Klein household had found a routine. It was one colored with bachelorhood and no care for social norms. Alex did his best, but he was a busy man, so it was inevitable that the boys ended up living off of pizza and only doing their homework when they felt the need. Luckily, both boys were pretty good at school and the teachers never had to call home.

Alex kept swearing to Lana he would get a butler, but he never got around to it. The recent loss of Oskar was still stinging in the boy’s hearts and it just felt wrong to introduce someone new into their lives so soon after the death of their grandfather.

Link continued to be the glue that held everyone together. He woke the boys up in the morning, despite their grumbling and threats of heaving pillows at the poor dog. They were idle threats. Rhys would never hurt Link, but being woken up by both an alarm and a barking dog was enough to send anyone into a momentary fit of violent rage.

With Alex busy most days, Rhys was stuck taking care of Gavin. It wasn’t a burden. Rhys has always been a bit more mature than most. His battles with his inner-demons always took the backseat when it came to his responsibilities. The summer was thankfully uneventful and he even managed to get ungrounded by the time the new school year rolled around…

Alex tried to teach Link tricks on his downtime when the boys were at school. Link was a studious dog and he didn’t have any trouble learning even the most complicated tricks, but Alex was always interrupted by work phone calls.

He was beginning to wonder why he’d wanted in politics at all. It was an endless cycle of work, work, work…

Rhys had always kept primarily to himself. He had plenty of ‘acquaintances’, but his only true friend was Emma Steel. One of those acquaintances was Bettina Redford. She was part of the Aperture ‘elite’, her deceased father had been a wealthy businessman and her mother a renown surgeon. Better yet, Bettina was strikingly attractive and only a twinge sassy.

Much like Emma, Bettina managed to pull Rhys out of his rigid shell. She was quirky and fun-loving. She could even keep up with his wit. It wasn’t long before Rhys began to feel like Bettina might be more than a friend…

Rhys had never really thought to act on it. They were friends. He enjoyed her company. Still, a shared project that forced them to spend more time together than usual made him reconsider his laid-back stance. Maybe this was his chance.

“You’re acting so strange, even for you,” Bettina joked, giving Rhys a once over. “What’s wrong? Did that stick get stuck up your butt again?”

Rhys shook his head at her, trying to stifle the laugh that built in his throat, “no, ‘Betti. Do you have to be so crude?”

“You’re making me feel weird, staring at me like that.”

Rhys wasn’t listening to her. Her words carried off on the harmony of the voice, which moved around through his head like a fog as he looked at her. She was incredibly pretty–classically so and with exotic hints that kept her from being ‘standard.’ She’d she her bouncy pigtails and awkward teeth and become a striking young lady. She was too ‘hip’ to notice, of course. Much too busy listening to obscure bands and trying on ridiculously large glasses that her perfect eyes didn’t need.

She laughed, pulling him back into the present. “You know, Rhys… if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you wanted to kiss me.”


Bettina leaned forward, eyes narrowed mischievously, “do you want me to write you an invitation or what?”

It wasn’t exactly the most romantic line, but it worked. It was an awkward first kiss for both of them, made perfect only because of who they shared it with. It wasn’t long after that they were officially a couple, striding the halls of high school hand-in-hand. Two of the elites had paired off.

Thankfully for the rest of the student body, they weren’t exactly interested in anyone but themselves.

Meanwhile, poor Gavin managed to get food poisoning. Lana swore it was because of all the reheated pizza he ate for his meals. Alex pleaded the fifth, but he couldn’t discredit her theory.

Gavin was put on bed rest. He insisted on dressing up like a king and reading books about monarchies of the past. Gavin had always been a bit strange.

Alex eventually unbanned Emma from the house, which was a relief. Emma was tired of doing her homework on her own. She managed to drag Rhys away from Bettina long enough to help her with a particularly horrible science paper. Emma hadn’t exactly been ‘thrilled’ to learn about Rhys’ new lady.

“Why do you have to be so grumpy? It’s just science.”

“Can’t you just be nice to ‘Betti, Emma? I don’t get why you have to snark at her.”

Emma snorted. “Oh, sorry, did I offend the art princess? Sorry. I guess I just have poor tolerance for self-righteous hipster kids who think the world revolves around them.”

“She’s not like that.”


As much as Emma wanted help with her assignment, she hadn’t expected it to take ten times longer because Rhys wouldn’t stop talking about freaking Bettina. He droned on and on about the most mundane of things–all of it revolving around his ‘lady love.’

“…and this guy threw his coffee cup at the trash and missed. He just kept walking. Bettina yelled at him and made him throw it out.”

“Of course she did,” Emma grumbled, rolling her eyes dramatically. “Because one stupid coffee container will mean the end of the world as we know it. Why doesn’t anyone ever ask where she got those feathers she wears in her hair from? What poor little animal donated those to the cause of making her look even more pretentious?”

Emma,” Rhys scolded. “They’re fake, obviously.”

“Oh, of course,” Emma replied. She mimed stabbing herself in the eyes with her pencil as Rhys began to go on about Bettina. It eventually became too much. She slammed her book shut and stood up. “Forget it, I’m going home. Owing Julian a favor is ten times better than listening to this crap.”

Gavin was dealing with his own issues. Recently, he’d begun to claim that there were monsters under his bed. Alex brushed it off until Gavin refused to sleep in his room. He’d sneak out onto the couch whenever Alex went to bed.

When Alex insisted there were no monsters, Gavin was frantic. Alex followed him into his room and told him to check while he stood by. It didn’t work. Gavin freaked out and ran out of the room. Alex hadn’t seen a thing. He was beginning to worry about Gavin…

Despite Emma’s mockery, Rhys and Bettina’s relationship continued to blossom. They spent most of fall together, doing things that young couples did. While Rhys was sad that Emma refused to get along with Bettina, he was certainly happy to finally feel like a ‘normal’ teenager.

Everything was going fine until one night, Rhys had the strangest dream. He was returning home from a date with Bettina and before he entered his house, he noticed some weird lights.

Getting a closer look only awarded him with a strange, spinning disc that hovered above him. Before he could move, a beam of light shot out and trapped him.

He was pulled upward and unable to fight it. All of his struggles were fruitless. He was sucked inside the machine and even though it was a dream, he could remember nothing but darkness.

When he emerged, he was on the sidewalk  in front of his house. A strange thing stood in front of him, green hued and alien looking. In fact, it was an alien.

It spoke a language he’d never heard before. The words floated around in his mind, their meaning unraveling slowly. Before he could respond, the alien approached him.

It leaned on its strangely human cane and gave him a thoughtful look.

‘The path is yours to choose. Choose wisely.’

Rhys could only watch, too baffled to speak, as it summoned its aircraft and disappeared as quickly as it had came.

Rhys awoke with a start, gasping for breath and covered in sweat. His entire body tingled. Everything felt off for the rest of the day and the dream haunted him. He didn’t bother telling anyone about it, not even Bettina.

It just felt better if he didn’t discuss it at all and just tried to forget.


Rhys got abducted. He’s my first actual abduction!

Rhys was coming home from a late date with Bettina when this popped up:

He was looking at the pretty lights when he got sucked up into the space craft. Strangely enough, the alien that took him was an elder. lolwut?

Also, the whole Bettina romance thing was Rhys’ own will. He wanted to write a love letter to her and it all went forward from there. Shortly after they kissed, he spun up this wish. He moves fast!

Emma doesn’t like Bettina, which makes total sense to me. Emma is a total tomboy and Bettina is definitely more girly. It’s surprisingly how well Bettina gets on with Rhys. No one ever does but Emma. They all hate the ‘Proper’ interactions he autonomously does all the time, lol.

Gavin got the ROS – Food Poisoning. Also, he’s the only sim to date that I’ve had actually see monsters under his bed. Is it because he’s Insane?

Title is Garbage – ‘Supervixen.’

6 comments to 11: Klein – ‘Supervixen’

  • It would definitely be easy to jump to the conclusion that Emma is jealous of Bettina and Rhys’s relationshop and I’m not going to completely ignore that. Definitely a possibility! But it makes sense that Emma just plain wouldn’t like Bettina, for non-Rhys related reasons, as well. So I’ll be interested to see where that goes!

    But geez Rhys! Slow down! Maybe wait until you’re out of high school before deciding whether you actually want to live with a person! ;)

    Poor Gavin! I feel like he’s in for some tough times as he grows up. It can’t be easy to be Insane!

    • Mao

      Haha, Emma’s behavior was certainly odd. I haven’t entirely figured it out myself, either. She just didn’t seem particularly thrilled about the whole situation. It’ll be fun to see where this goes. ;)

      I know! He is moving FAST. It always amusing when teenagers roll up that wish…

      The older Gavin gets… the more worried about him that I get.

  • Josh

    Bettina is stunning! I’m happy these boys are finding some happiness without Camilla. What happens with the abductions in S3? Is there a chance for impregnation later?

    • Mao

      Hey Josh! I thought Bettina was pretty, too. :D

      Abductions in TS3 work a little different than TS2 in that, they can happen no matter what. There is always like a super low, base chance that goes up if there are space rocks on the lot and other multipliers like that. You don’t have to look through the telescope.

      Once the moodlet goes away, there’s a chance of an adult male sim becoming pregnant!

      You can also befriend the aliens and even move them in or marry them.

  • Wow Bettina is gorgeous, I lol’d at Emma’s responses and Rhys going on and on about her and the coffee cup and the fake feathers… so funny. I can see why Emma is ready to stab herself with a pencil. I wonder too if her feelings of dislike are really because of Bettina’s personality, or if there is more to it underneath.

    poor Gavin, seeing monsters on his bed. Does the game actually show something? Or is it all literally in his head? How do you do traits for your sims, I can’t recall if you roll or if it’s just random or you pick. Poor guy though, it won’t be easy being insane, especially with a Dad in politics.

    • Mao

      Emma really isn’t the mushy type. She’s what you’d call ‘rough around the edges.’ As for there being more to it, I’m not entirely certain. Emma really is a mystery to me still. I’m still learning things about her.

      Yes! It shows an animation under the bed. I’m not sure if its because he’s Insane or what. So funny! I randomly assign traits. I just randomize them when the time comes. :)

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