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11: Cosaro – ‘One Headlight’

Dominic Cosaro (Adult)

Dominic was a pretty happy bachelor.  The only woman he really had to worry about was his aging dog, Lola.  It seemed like forever since he’d brought her home as a puppy.  They’d had a good, long run together in Aperture City.

It was hard not to notice her greying fur and the slight limp she walked with now.  Dominic did his best to console himself with the fact that she still had time left in her yet.

Dominic was a little curious when he got a note to go to the Dark Night Lounge.  He was used to ‘secret admirers’, but this was different.  He remembered the penmanship, the slight curve of the letters and the way the I’s were dotted.  It was an ominous sort of note, though, and that worried him.

He had a drink while he waited.  It wasn’t long before he was ushered by a nameless patron towards the back room.

It was Asha, but she was unlike anything Dominic had ever seen.  He rubbed his eyes several times before her laughter broke his stupor.  She was a vampire and the look suited her.  She oozed allure, the very sound of her voice a song of seduction and mystery.

“I can’t believe you actually did it,” Dominic remarked once he was able.  “It looks good on you, Asha.”

“I don’t know,” Asha responded with a slight sigh.  “I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to my skin being so… strange.  It certainly has it perks, though.”

“You’re not worried?”

“About what?”  She asked with a slight quirk of her lips, revealing pointed fangs.

Dominic pressed onward, undaunted.  “That it will change you?  I thought you were afraid of falling back into all of that.”

“Oh, right,” Asha frowned.  “I was already pretty deep in it, Dominic.  At least now I have a fighting chance.  I have the ability to keep our children from suffering the same fate.  Either way, the bridge has been crossed.  I can’t really go back now.”

“As long as you’re happy.  I just didn’t see you as the type.  Maybe I’m just jealous.”

“Trust me when I say there’s little to be jealous of.  It isn’t everything you think it is…”

Dominic didn’t have much time to mull over Asha’s change of opinion.  He was much too busy trying to hold up his end of the parenting agreement they had.  If it wasn’t Emma getting the mayor’s son busted for egging, it was Julian causing his own brand of mischief.  Recently, he’d begun acting out in an attempt to prove his physical mettle.  It had landed him several detentions and pretty impressive fat lip.

“I just don’t want anyone messing with me,” Julian grumbled.  “It’d be easier if I was like you and Emma.  Why’d she have to get all the strength?  It’s not fair.”


The disgruntled teenager cut him off.  “You don’t know what it’s like!  Mom stuck me in AP classes.  I’m a freshman.  Everyone treats me like I’m some little nerd.  I had to prove them wrong!”

“There’s nothing wrong with being smart,” Dominic assured him.  “Trust me, I wish I was.  Brawn isn’t a whole lot of good without a little brain to go with it and trust me son, your dad is a bit lacking in that department.  You’re lucky, you’re gifted in ways that you don’t even know yet.  You’ll figure it out.  Besides, they’re just jealous.”

Julian rolled his eyes.  “That’s easy for you to say.  You’re crazy famous and ripped.  Try being your scrawny son.  You cast a heavy shadow, dad.”

“Not my intention, you know that.  You don’t have to be me, Julian.  Just be you.  That’s better than anything–especially better than me.  I’m a little bit worthless, if you haven’t noticed.  Besides, do you want Emma bailing you out every time you bite off more than you can chew?”

“No!  Man, you should have seen it, though.  She throat punched the guy who clocked me.  It was pretty awesome.”

Emma’s strength had always been a bit of a marvel.  Dominic had taken to honing it as soon as she was able.  They sparred weekly and she never failed to impress him with her abilities.  He was actually glad she was around to protect Julian–he was going to need it.  It wasn’t easy having famous parents and it was even worse when your IQ was off the charts.  Julian had always tested high, but his attitude held him back.

Asha did not agree with Dominic’s methods of finding Emma an outlet for her rage, but at least they wouldn’t have to worry about her getting strong-armed into anything.  Emma would snap the arm of the offender clean off.

When Dominic wasn’t trying to help Asha corral their children, he was spending his free time with Tricia.  He enjoyed their easy relationship.  It was one that was mutually beneficial without all the complications of an actual relationship.  It was certainly nice to have someone who understood him as well as Tricia did.

She really didn’t expect anything from Dominic and that was perfect.

Unfortunately, Dominic’s bliss wasn’t meant to last.  His beloved dog, Lola, died suddenly.  It was just simply her time.  He was beside himself with grief.  She’d been the only true constant in his life since he’d moved to Aperture.  It was going to be hard to continue on without her.

It was a reminder of his own mortality.  Dominic didn’t enjoy dwelling on death and its finality.  Thinking about it made his head hurt.

As if losing his dog wasn’t bad enough, Dominic got falsely accused of juicing.  It was a ludicrous claim made by a desperate paparazzo who got flayed in court.  Dominic had enough money to hire the best lawyers and doctors, who proved his innocence and completely lambasted the paparazzo.  It was an annoying battle, though, one that had very nearly cost him his entire career.

Dominic was beginning to realize he was getting too old for this nonsense.  Retirement was looking more and more appealing by the second.  Coaching had always been something he’d wanted to try…

Seeing the younger people scurrying around on the scene only made him feel older.  Lily Ashton was incredibly attractive, but Dominic had zero desire to get involved with anymore younger girls.  They wanted too much and their hopes were way too high.  It was easier just to do as his teammate asked, and hook her up with some of his contacts.

As he spoke to Lily, though, he couldn’t help but wonder how well she really knew Garrett.  She didn’t seem to understand her own role in his life and she certainly seemed to be ignorant of a very important person in Garret’s life–his wife.

Still, it wasn’t Dominic’s place.  Who was he to judge?  He’d probably do the same thing.  She was incredibly hot.


Playing Dominic is always a nice break from the crazy full houses.  He’s just a lone bachelor, chilling with his dog, playing sports, and datin’ all the ladies.  Well, not so much dating anymore and now Lola is dead.  Sadface!  I can’t believe it.  :(  Poor Dominic.

As for the comment made about Lily, it’s true.  I know this because Dominic and Garrett are friends.  Lily called Dominic and so this popped up.  So, yeah.  Should be fun once she finds out.

Poor Julian.  He’s crazy smart, but he didn’t get a lot of the physical prowess like the rest of his family.  I’m sure it’ll only serve to make him stand out all the more.  He’s still adorable.

Dominic got falsely accused.  He won the case.  Woo!

Title is The Wallflowers – ‘One Headlight.’

Sorry this one was late!  I forgot to schedule updates while I was home for Christmas–woops.

8 comments to 11: Cosaro – ‘One Headlight’

  • claire :)

    I loved Lola! I can’t believe that she died. It’s so sad.

    I think that it’s messed up that Garrett has a wife and he didn’t tell Lily. That won’t be good when she finds out!

    Love your hood! You write everyone/everything so well. Happy New Year!

    • Mao

      Thank you, Claire! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. :D

      Oh yes. When and if (oh come on, we know she’s going to find out) Lily finds out, she’s not going to be happy at all!

  • Josh

    Happy holidays Mao! I caught up on all the posts I missed and am GAGGING at the DRAMA! I can’t believe Asha did it. She looks stunning, but I feel bad for her kids.

    Dominic is reconsidering his decision eh? Good for him. These kids need a normal parent! I’m loving Lily as well, too bad about Garrett. Almost as if FATE placed his wife there so she can be with a certain moody redhead. ;)

    • Mao

      Hope you had a wonderful holiday, Josh! I knew you’d love the drama–I sure have, LOL! I love your comment about Fate. I was thinking the same thing!!

  • Garrett is MARRIED?! Well…I guess that relationship is going nowhere good then. There are better people for her to be with and I think we all know who that is!

    Aw, Julian. The brains will come in way more handy than the brawn one of these days! I can see why it would be hard now, at his age. Especially being defended by his sister. It would be a bit emasculating for a boy!

    • Mao

      Hahahaha, I love how everyone came to the same conclusion that I did! It’s so true. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope she doesn’t get a random ROS that makes things complicated.

      Poor Julian. It isn’t easy to be the smart kid amidst physical marvels! Let’s hope he finds a creative means for exercising his feelings of inadequacy…

  • I can’t believe that Lola died, how sad for Dominic! I wish that he would get transformed into a vampire, maybe if he wanted to retire sports and join the business… I really feel sad about him dying, and aging! It bums me out, I can’t imagine how hard he takes it!

    I think it’s super adorable that Julian is just this smart, wimpy sort of guy, but has a tough guy attitude. It would be embarrassing to have your sister bail you out, but man, Emma is a tough girl!

    I can’t believe that Garrett is married! That’s no good, poor Lily. I think this will be a hard lesson for her to learn, and hurt her. I hope that she falls back on someone… and that he is more willing to be a romantic partner…

    • Mao

      I was so sad about Lola dying. :( As for Dominic being a vampire… I don’t see it happening with what’s in store for our resident crime family. ;)

      I really like that Julian wants to be tougher than he actually is!

      Oh yes. I was hoping they wouldn’t hook up, but they did…

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