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10: Ryder – ‘Super Bass’

Siblings Jessica Ryder and Jack Ryder were close, when Jack wasn’t slipping dye into Jessica’s shampoo and Jessica wasn’t giving him noogies.  It wasn’t always easy being siblings of opposing genders, especially when your sister was older, stronger, and quite happy to prove it.

Lately, Jack had been focusing his attentions on his art.  He had always enjoyed it and he loved his after-school class.  He’d even won a few awards.  His art teacher had been encouraging him to hone his talents, so Jack stopped pranking and picked up his paintbrush.  The house breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Jessica was happy she didn’t have to look over her shoulder every second, but she had to admit, it was strange.  Jack had always been her silly kid brother, pulling pranks and being generally immature.  That had changed over the past year.  It seemed as if he was finally growing up.

“So, you’re going to do the art thing for real now?”

Jack shrugged easily.  “It’s just a hobby.  It’s fun and I’m good at it.”

“I thought you wanted to be like dad.”

“I do.  Who says I can’t do both?  Maybe I’m naturally skilled at everything.”

Jessica rolled her eyes.  “Oh, shut up.  You only wish you were as good as I am at helping dad.  You know he won’t let you near the fire engine with a ten foot pole!  Remember what happened last time?”

Jack groaned.  He did.  That had been one hell of a night.  Poor Khalid had stayed up all night trying to repair the damage Jack had inflicted upon his poor, unsuspecting engine.

Jessica was just more naturally skilled when it came to engine parts and its inner-workings.  She picked it up quick and was often helping Khalid with repairs and maintenance.  She enjoyed it.  There was just something about taking something apart, figuring out how it worked, and then putting it back together again.

She liked working with her hands and she didn’t mind getting dirty.

Jack was in the middle of painting when his cell phone rang.  It was Natalia.  She was still serving out her sentence after that little prank she’d pulled on the principal’s office.  She must have finally gotten her phone privileges back if she was calling him.

“You still in the figurative pokey?”  Jack asked with a slight smirk.

‘No thanks to you.  You could have warned me.’

“I did!  I even begged you not to do it, but no.  Did you even find what you were looking for?”

He heard her sigh and the sound of a book closing.  ‘Sort of.  But I filled in the blanks.  I’m good.’

“So, why call me and not Jess?”

‘Because she’d think I’m weird.  You know how she feels about this stuff.’

He laughed.  He did.  Jessica was a total skeptic when it came to things of a ‘different nature.’  “You are weird, Nat… but it’s okay.  At least you’re pretty.”

‘Jerk.  I’m gonna go call Jess now so she doesn’t get jealous.  Talk to you later.’

Khalid and Cherie were still going strong and enjoying their twilight years together.  Khalid was trying to convince her that the kids were fine on their own.  They were both beyond the years of babysitters.  Jessica was seventeen and driving now and Jack wasn’t far behind her.  He’d won a radio contest, a weekend stay at a pretty nice bed and breakfast just outside of town.

Cherie finally relented and they left the next day.  They’d only be gone two nights, but it was enough to make Cherie worry.  She knew what teens were capable of.  After several reminders to be good and not to do anything crazy, they left.

Of course, the first order of business was to throw a raging party.  Well, as raging as Jessica and Jack were capable of.  They really only wanted a few classmates over and they even managed to drag Catherine out of her funk long enough to attend.  Even her sister, Juliet, couldn’t deny the lure of a teen party.

Emma Steel was a surprise guest.  Jack had met her a few times at his sports club meets.  She was younger than him, but her status was undeniable.  She had famous parents and she was rich.  The girl herself was shrouded in mystery.  He had been a bit surprised when she actually showed up.

“Wow, I didn’t expect you to make it.”

She gave him a look.  “I’ve never been to a party before.  I hope it’s worth breaking curfew for.”

Emma stepped in and everyone momentarily stopped what they were doing.  She was younger than all of them, but what did that matter?  She was practically a celebrity!  If Emma felt uncomfortable with their attention, she didn’t show it.  She didn’t act like a stuck-up person, so she fit in quickly.

“So, what magic did you work to get her here?”  Natalia asked Jack later.  She was rich, too, but even she’d never met Emma.

He grinned.  “I just asked her.  Why, jealous?”

“Hardly,” she sniffed, giving the girl a look.  “I’ve never seen her in person before.  She’s really pretty.”

Jack shrugged.  “She’s cool.  She reminds me of Jess a little.”

Jessica was too busy with other things to be preoccupied with someone like Emma Steel.  She spotted Catherine outside and went to talk to her.  There had been something she’d been itching to say for a year.  She wasn’t sure how her friend would take it, though.

It had taken Jessica a long time to realize it, but she had a crush on Catherine.  It was silly, but she couldn’t deny it.  Jessica liked girls.  She had zero interest in boys.

“I’m sorry, Jess,” Catherine said as gently as she could.  “I’m… straight.  Completely, hopelessly straight.  I’m sorry.”

Jessica was crushed.

Natalia came out to check on her only to see her distressed.  She knew more than she let on and maybe had her own secrets to mix in with that.  She had never intended on expressing it on this particular night, though.  It felt like a complication for a later date.  Still, she couldn’t bear to see Jessica so upset.

She gave her a comforting hug, lingering a little longer than was necessary of friendship.

“It’ll be okay.  You really weren’t a good match, anyway.”

“You act like you’ve known this entire time!”

“Because I have.  I’m your closest friend, Jess!  You can’t hide anything from me.”

Jessica surprised her then, kissing her suddenly.  It was chaste, barely more than a quick peck, but it validated what Natalia had suspected.  Jessica was not just her closest friend.  Perhaps she had her own little crush she’d been hiding all this time.

“I thought you liked Cat,” Natalia said quickly.  She wasn’t nearly as embarrassed as Jessica.

“I thought I did, too.  But I was wrong.  Confused.  It was easier.  I didn’t want to mess up our friendship… I’m sorry.  I’ll–”

Natalia took her hands into her own.  “It’s okay.  I probably would have done this after we graduated, anyway.”

Jessica stared at her, wide-eyed.  “What?”

“Let’s go back inside.”  Natalia ignored her questioning look, pulling her back into the house behind her.

The party raged on through the night and most of the guests ended up squatting on the floor.  Thankfully, there had been enough sleeping bags and random pillow/blanket combinations to house everyone comfortably.  Jack had turned in first and didn’t know he’d be waking up to a house filled with girls.

“Jess!  There’s girls in your room,” he said, glancing at the open door at Emma and Juliet chatting away inside.  He stopped suddenly, noticing Cat giving him a look.  “Uh, hey, Cat.  Awkward.”

“Go put some pants on, Jack.  You can’t run around like that in a house filled with girls.”  Jessica yawned, giving Catherine a look once he was gone.  “Are we… okay?”

“Of course, Jess.  As long as you’re not weird, I’m not weird.”

“Good… I’m glad.”

Things between the siblings were awkward after the party.  Cherie and Khalid never found out about it, thankfully, but Jessica felt horrible.  She liked Natalia, a lot more than she had realized.  Still, she knew about Jack’s crush.  She knew he’d be upset.  She didn’t tell him.  She’d put off telling him until she had to.  It was just easier that way.


So, this is only the second or third time I’ve used that ‘vacation’ opportunity.  I don’t normally like it because it wipes locked wishes/etc, but I figured it would be fun if they threw a party.  Of course, no sooner do the parents leave that Jessica rolls this up:

And then, during the party, she gets this: 

For those curious, Jessica is the sim I spoke about awhile back on twitter.  Jessica is 100% gay.  Twallan’s SP randomizes it.  I had no idea until she asked Catherine to prom when I played the McMaster household.  I hit “no’ because I panicked.  I’m glad I did, because apparently, Catherine is 100% straight.  Jessica tried flirting with her many times only to get rebuffed every turn.  I was disappointed.  I was kind of hoping they’d be my lesbian couple!

Then this happened:

And I was like, what?  You guys are best friends.  Forever.  And then I figured I’d see what happened.  Natalia accepted the first flirt and all after.  She never acted put off.  I checked her gender assignation and it was this:

Well, okay then!  Totally NOT what I had planned, but when has that not happened?  Geeze.  Poor Jack.

Title is Nicki Minaj – ‘Super Bass’.

10 comments to 10: Ryder – ‘Super Bass’

  • Even among all my teen drama, I don’t think I’ve ever had a brother and sister with a crush on the same person before! This has the potential to get so messy for everyone involved. Possibly even messier than I thought, now that you’ve said she’s bi. What if she likes Jack AND Jessica?!

    I’m glad Catherine seemed pretty cool about Jessica making a move on her though. That’s another thing that can go really badly! Some sims get so offended when they have to reject a romantic advance!

    • Mao

      You know, I don’t think I’ve had it happen, either! How insane. It does have the potential for a lot of messiness! OMG, I hadn’t even considered her liking both, LOL! Let’s hope not.

      Catherine and Jessica had been friends forever and whenever Jessica made the passes, Catherine refused them, but their relationship didn’t drop. So, I interpreted it as her being cool about it.

  • Josh

    MY SCREAMS COULD BE HEARD FROM SPACE O M G. I thought Catherine was the gay Sim you spoke of after he funk in the last update, and now I’m just breathless speechless flabbergasted etc omgggggggg.

    I’m HERE for the unexpected drama though. I feel bad for Jack but he’ll live. GET IT JESSICA AND NATALIA!!!!

    • Mao

      LOL, JOSH!! Hahahaha, OMG. I am laughing so hard. xD I figured people would assume it was Catherine, but no, it was Jessica!

      Gotta love surprise drama! I think Jack will be okay, once he gets over the initial shock of it… maybe.

  • Wow! I didn’t see that coming! I like the idea of Jessica and Natalia together, though (but I am super sorry for Jack…poor little guy).

    I wonder what is going on with Catherine?? I hope she’ll snap out of it soon!

  • Oh man! This was full of unexpected crazy! First to stereo type. Cat totally looks like she could be a lesbian, so I can see why Jessica thought she might be too. By I had such big hopes of Natalia and Jack! And now knowing that Natalia is bi, just makes it that much more hurtful. If she picks Jessica, it’s still her choice to not pick jack and that would have to hurt him.

    I’m sad for jack with this new development.

    • Mao

      I was definitely quite shocked! Cat really does have that look, but it turns out she’s 100% straight! Who knew? Haha.

      I thought the relationship with Jack and Natalia would grow on its own, but for all his flirting, Natalia has remained pretty neutral. Then, Jessica hits on her and she’s immediately receptive. It was like something clicked!

  • claire :)

    I love your story! Everything is so well thought out. What expandsion pack does the attraction things come with?

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