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10: Novak – ‘Secret’

Oskar Novak (Elder), Kelly McMaster (Adult), Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Natalia Novak (Teen)

Kelly was coming to the startling realization that with every passing day, she was becoming more and more like her dearly departed mother, Sheila.  Having a college student living in the house was downright painful.  Andrew was neat and tidy, but his studies took all of his attention.  Kelly was a little more than tired of having to follow him around and pick up after him.  He was grown, after all!

There was a time when Kelly had sworn she’d never be like her mother.  Now, however, she found herself nagging her children the same way Sheila had nagged her.  She wondered if it was the byproduct of Camilla’s untimely death.  Oskar had distanced himself considerably since then and the family was still trying to find a way to recover.

Andrew’s mind was much too preoccupied to be bothered with his mother’s nagging.  Regan was back in town.  She was finishing her last year online.  They’d only seen one another sparsely since graduation, so it was definitely nice to be together again.  Most of his free time was spent catching up with her.  He didn’t bother telling her about the awkwardness with Lucy while she was away, she probably already knew.

Of course, living with your parents doesn’t afford much privacy.  Even Regan was still living with her family.  They wanted to finish college before making any big plans to move.  For Andrew, it was a lot simpler.  His family had the money to help him out, but Regan needed to finance her own situation.

Even with Regan and school on his mind, Andrew couldn’t ignore Kelly’s nagging forever.  He had always been the type to wake up and make his own bed.  He always put dishes in the dishwasher when he was finished.  He didn’t leave things around much when he was a child.  The only reason these things slipped his attention was that his focus was elsewhere.

“Seriously, mom,” Andrew began.  “We have a maid.  It’s not like you’re scrubbing floors or anything.”

Kelly huffed.  “That’s not the point!  There’s no reason to expect someone else to do something for you.”

He quirked an eyebrow.  “Really?  Then why do we have a maid?”

“That’s different.”

While Andrew was downing in their mother’s nagging, Natalia was off enjoying her junior year of high school.  She spent most of her time hanging out with her best friend, Jessica Ryder.  They normally hung out with Catherine McMaster, Natalia’s cousin, but she’d isolated herself since becoming a senior.

Jessica and her younger brother, Jack, had always gotten along in the past.  Now, however, Jack’s antics were really begin to wear on Jessica’s nerves.

Jack didn’t seem to care about his sister’s moodiness.  He still hung around when Natalia was over.  Jessica did her best to ignore him.  Natalia rehashed the story about how the fire that consumed her older sister.  It freaked Jessica out a little how strangely intrigued by death Natalia was.  She didn’t say it, but it showed on her face.

Jack was the more understanding of the two when it came to weird things like that.  He had his own way of seeing the world and it normally fell along the same lines as Natalia’s quirky views.  When Jessica wasn’t responsive to Natalia’s need to talk it out, Jack was.  They were friends, despite the fact that everyone knew Jack had a thing for her.  She chose to ignore it and he never pursued it.

There was something different about Natalia.  Something that no one but Jack seemed to notice.  She’d changed somehow.  Whatever had happened with Camilla had awoken something within her.  She was moodier and darker than usual.  As the year went on, she even began to spend less and less time with Jessica.

Then there was the time she had asked Jack how to sneak into the school.  That’s when he knew something was really wrong.

Natalia got busted trying to pull a prank on the principal’s office.  She’d gotten in only to be spotted by a maintenance worker who was there late working on the boiler.  He called the cops, who picked up Natalia and took her home.  They called her mother on the set of her newest television gig.  She was a side-character on the hit new hospital drama, Doctor Sexy*.  Kelly was not pleased.  She went off and Natalia was grounded.

Oskar finally stepped in.  It was obvious that Kelly was unable to handle all of this on her own.

“Natalia isn’t like the other kids, Kelly.  You’ve got to be gentle with her.  Camilla’s… passing affected us all, just differently.”

Kelly sighed.  “I know.  I realize that.  But it isn’t an excuse for her to act like this.  She’s never done anything like this before.”

“We’ll figure something out.  Maybe she needs counseling.  We can set something up.”

“I just feel like we’re too busy.  That maybe she’s just acting out because we’re not paying enough attention to her.  I work all day and so do you… and then with trying to help Alex out and everything, it just feels like it’s too much.”  Kelly admitted finally, a weight lifting off her shoulders.

Oskar shook his head.  “We don’t have a choice.  Natalia’s always been independent.  It’s hard not to just let someone like that manage themselves.  She’ll be fine.  We’ll figure it out.”

Andrew tried talking to his sibling.  He hated to see his family struggle in the wake of Camilla’s death and was concerned.  He was getting ready to move out and he didn’t want to leave his family in turmoil.

“I’m not being weird, Andrew.  I’m just being myself.”

“You’ve never made trouble before, Natalia!”

“Well, maybe I wanted a change…”

Being grounded didn’t bother Natalia.  She missed her friends, but all of the isolation gave her time to read up on something she’d discovered on the internet.  When the books arrived in the mail, she could barely contain her excitement.  Her family wouldn’t understand, so she was quick to hide them in room.

She was allowed to go to the formal dance, because of her good behavior.  Natalia was glad to be out of her room and the house.  She was even happier to see her friends.  She didn’t tell them about the weird books she’d received, nor about the strange hobbies she’d picked up.  Instead, she had a good night as a normal teenager… probably one of the last she’d have.

Natalia had bigger plans than just being a normal teenager, or even a normal young woman…


Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  We ran through my backlog and I haven’t had the chance to play between work and stress-relief gaming.  I’ll try to get more backlog built up.  x_x  I’ll try to get caught up on blogs soon.  Family stuff has been going down and that makes me sort of… draw back into myself and just want to avoid everything, lol.

Now for some randomness:

A shot of Camilla walking by her family’s house after a full moon.  The sun was up, so she quickly burst into sparkles and returned to the cemetery.

Natalia acting up was due to her having one bad mood after another, geeze!  She wanted to prank the school and got busted.

She was obsessed with sneaking out!  Good girl gone bad.

New moodlet from Supernatural.  It was just regular chili, not ghost chili.

Looks like Andrew wants to get serious with Regan.  I took this as a hint and the next time we see them, they’ll be together in their own place.

Another new moodlet.  :)

I’m sure you can guess what I have planned for Natalia…

13 comments to 10: Novak – ‘Secret’

  • I’m pretty sure I have guessed what you have planned for Natalia but I’m still curious to see how it all plays out anyway! I wonder if Oskar will be so content to sit back and let her grieve in her own way once he finds out she’s getting into witchcraft! It was interesting to see Kelly as the more fretful parent in this case.

    Andrew and Regan in their own place! That’s exciting! Maybe not for Lucy though. I hope she’s finally okay with everything.

    • Mao

      Hahaha, you probably have. :D I’m going to have fun making this one work. I doubt Oskar will be pleased at all. Kelly is really getting more responsible, especially with the thought of Oskar not being around for very much longer lingering in her head…

      I know, I was so surprised. I was kind of hoping for more Lucy drama. ;)

  • ElectronicSim

    I’m not really interested in supernaturals for The Sims, but I have to say, you have the most interesting and exciting ways to introduce them to your stories! ;)

    • Mao

      Haha, thank you! They are not usually my thing, but I can’t help it–vampires always creep their way into my criminals. I don’t know why. It’s a compulsion! Now witches, oh boy…

  • Josh

    I’m here for whatever Natalia has planned. is she the new Lilith? :P

    I like Andrew but I wanted/hoped he’d be with Lucy. Poor Lucy. :(

    • Mao

      LOL, Josh… you may just be on to something there! Only with considerably less sass, of course.

      I know, me too. We’ll have to wait and see…

  • So.. I am finally getting back around into the community; a few computer issues, but mostly the same as you, family stuff and it makes me become mega anti-social. I have read your entire prosperity over the past few days. Love it!

    I always enjoy reading your stuff. I have always wanted to do a prosperity myself; I figure having multiple sim families may help combat my often times goldfish syndrome lol. You have me completely inspired.. now I just need to get off my lazy ass and set it up.

    • Mao

      Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to get caught up. I hope you enjoyed it. It’s a lot to read through, I know! Family issues are just such a mega-drain, aren’t they? Ugh.

      Oooh, you should try it! It definitely re-kindled my interest in the game.

      • That’s what I am hoping! It’d probably help if I didn’t play like 18 million other games lol I did finally dump wow for GW2; hopefully it sticks. WoW is always like that crazy ex you can never seem to get out of your system lol Still on a major sims kick for now at least

  • Oooh, Natalia’s foray into witchcraft should be fun! I keep waiting for my Sims to spin supernatural wants other than “Meet a supernatural” but so far not much is happening…

    It’s too bad that Andrew is still so hung up on Regan…I might like Lucy a bit better.

    • Mao

      I am excited! I haven’t really had the chance to play much with Supernatural’s features yet.

      Haha, yeah, I’m curious as to how this is going to go. I think Lucy might have found herself her own beau, though.

  • Natalia Has always been th odd one, and her appearance definitely can lend itself to witchcraft. I wonder how Oskar will take it and even her friends. I don’t really see Jessica being okay with it, and wouldn’t be surprised to have a falling out occur.

    I dislike all talk of Oskar dying and do not want to hear that mentioned again! I would be sad, sad, sad! I can’t even imagine his children without him, he’s such a guiding part and the glue to all these half siblings. Do your elders get to live much like to see grandchildren of there children wait to adulthood to have kids?

    • Mao

      You’re right, she’s always been a bit odd. I originally figured she’d just be a bit of a strange type, but with Supernatural, she’s gotten the urge to learn alchemy, amongst other things. That can only mean one thing!

      I know. Oskar dying makes me sad, too. I can’t believe how old he is! I’m not sure what they’ll do without him. With my aging, it depends on WHEN the elder had the kids. If they had them as a YA, they’ll get to see grandkids, usually. If not… the chances diminish exponentially.

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