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10: McMaster – ‘Undone’

Patrick McMaster (Elder), Noreen McMaster (Elder),  Philip McMaster (Young Adult), Mark McMaster (Young Adult), Juliet McMaster (Teen), Catherine McMaster (Teen)

Things did not start off well for the McMaster family.  Their beloved horse, Old Roy, was on his last legs.  Death came to collect him during the night while everyone was asleep.  Only Dolly and Drifter were there to see him off.

He had lived a good, long life.  Now he could join his former master, Sheila, in the afterlife.

The twins, Juliet and Catherine, were saddened by the loss, but they had never really had much interaction with the horses.  There was also the cumbersome weight of their last year of high school sitting heavily on their shoulders.  Catherine was taking it harder than Juliet.  She was battling with uncertainty about the future and what she wanted, while Juliet just seemed content to face whatever came.  They both knew one thing for certain–they wouldn’t be sticking around long before they left!  The house was getting crowded.

Mark had returned to questions and worry, but he pushed them all aside and just said he took a road trip.  His family wasn’t pleased with the lack of explanation, but they were happy to see him safe.  He was still living at home simply because he didn’t have the motivation to really go anywhere else.  The road trip had expanded his mind a bit, but he still wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life.

One thing Mark did know was that he didn’t want to spend the rest of it doing chores and living with his aging parents.

Patrick was am ambitious sort and watching his son sit around all day and do nothing with his life wasn’t something he could do quietly.

“You can’t just loaf around on the computer all day, Mark!  You’re an adult.  You’ve got to get out there and do something with yourself.”

Mark took the nagging in stride.  He was used to it.  Even worse, he was kind of immune to it.

“Sure, dad.  We can’t all be rent-a-cops.”

“I’m an investigator!  There’s a difference.”

Philip did not take Old Roy’s death well.  He was the one with the horses all day and he felt responsible.  Unfortunately, it was just Old Roy’s time to go.  There was one silver lining, however.

Bianca was finally officially moving in.  All of her things were packed up and just waiting to be moved over.

Catherine was beginning to act out.  She had become the house prankster and no one was safe from her constant stream of gags.  Her favorite trick was the overflowing sink.  Every night someone went to wash the dishes, they ended up getting a shower compliments of Catherine.

With Bianca around twenty-four-seven now, Philip finally had someone to help him with the garden.  It had expanded since he’d started it.  The horses were adamant about trying to get to the carrots, but the fencing kept them back.

Mark wasn’t as savvy with the animals as his older brother, but he did still enjoy them.  When he finally did leave, he would miss them.  Dolly was his favorite.  He liked to sneak her carrots from the garden when Philip wasn’t paying attention.

Drifter had inherited the best of both his parents.  He was an amazing jumper and racer.  He was sure to win the International Circuit.  Philip just needed to work more on his discipline.  Despite all his natural talents, Drifter refused to be trained.  He was very independent.

Catherine was almost failing when Noreen got a call from the school.  Senior year wasn’t that important, but you still had to graduate.  Noreen forced Catherine to work on her homework and would lurk around to ensure that it was getting done.  No one was really sure what to do about Catherine’s sudden lack of enthusiasm for the future.

Mark spent most of his time out of the house and in Aperture City.  His favorite hangout was the sports bar.  They had the best food.  He knew that he should look around at apartments, but it just seemed like too much of a task.  If he did that, then he’d have to get a job and still wasn’t sure what he wanted to do yet, if anything at all.

Juliet tried to talk some sense into her twin, but she really didn’t understand what Catherine was going through.  On the weekends, they would spend time at the beach.

Catherine had even stopped hanging out with her friends, saying she just wanted to be left alone.  The only person who could get through to her was Juliet.

“It’s really not that big of a deal, Cat,” Juliet assured her as they watched the sun set over the ocean.  “You have plenty of time to decide!”

“But what if I end up like Mark?”

Juliet laughed.  “You won’t.  You can’t.  You’re too… you, Cat.  You just need to figure out what makes you happy.  Maybe you should try dating or having some fun.”

“There’s no one I want to date and fun just seems so senseless with all this responsibility looming over us…”

No one could get over the fact that Juliet was more boy crazy than her sister.  Juliet may have been a bit of a nerd, but she always knew how to have fun, too.  She may not have fallen in with Catherine’s friends, but she did understand how big of a deal it was that she was no longer hanging out with them.

“They’re worried about you, you know.”

Catherine sighed.  “They don’t get it.  They’re a year behind.  Even so, when the time comes, they’ll have it all figured out.  Natalia will do something artsy and Jessica, well, she’s great at everything.”

“You’re good at things, Cat.  You just need to take your time and figure out what makes you happy.  Just relax.”

Catherine tried to relax, but it was hard.  There was this looming panic anytime someone mentioned college or the future.  Would she go to college?  She could.  Her grades were good, before this year.  But for what?

When she wasn’t with Juliet or avoiding her friends, she would sneak out to the graveyard after curfew to think.  It just seemed to calm her.

Noreen was concerned, but she didn’t know what to do.

“She’s always been a bit odd, but this scares me.  What if she starts talking about ridiculous things like sea monsters?”

“Geeze, mom,” Juliet sighed.  “It’s not that bad.  She’s just scared and nervous, that’s all.  Leave her alone.  She’ll figure it out.  She’s not going to end up like Mark!”

While Philip’s siblings were uncertain about their futures, he was not.  It came as no surprise to anyone when he proposed to Bianca.

Bianca was thrilled.  She had been happy moving in, but this was even better.  This was evidence that Gwendolyn was a thing in the past and something she no longer needed to worry about.

It was a great relief, to both of them.


Sorry for the recap writing of this.  In case you didn’t notice, THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE IN THIS HOUSE!  I can’t possibly write this any better with this many people.  I could barely play it.  I had to play them a sim freaking week to get everyone covered.  Thank goodness for ts2 aging.  Geeze!

When I first started the round, I was greeted with this:

HOW do these two know each other?  They are super close friends.  I do NOT like how she’s looking at him.  No, Lola.  NO.  As much as I liked you in the other hood, if you hurt Lily, I will break you.  I will make Clark do it for me.  Forget random rolls!  Thankfully, Mark did NOT roll any wishes to see her/etc.

Annnd I was so happy when this popped up.  Philip was really upset about Old Roy.  It only makes sense he’d want Bianca closer!  Her moving in with him actually fulfilled the wish, too, so they must have fixed it!

I’d never seen a horse die before.  This was so epic.  Death mounted him and rode him into the other side!  Too funny.

Oh, Mark.  What am I going to do with you?  He’s spinning up wishes, but they are so freaking random.  He is definitely moving out, though.  I just don’t know where.

Catherine is failing school and she doesn’t want to hang out with anyone.  She had a mood swing almost every single day I played this house.  Next round, they are YAs.  I forgot they were older than the other teens!

Patrick and Noreen are also on borrowed time.  They survived this round, we’ll see about the next…

I’m also uber underwhelmed/bored with my ROS already.  I’m going through and changing some things as well as adding some others.  I’ll re-instate it the next round.

Title is Weezer – Undone (The Sweater Song)

10 comments to 10: McMaster – ‘Undone’

  • Janet

    I just had an elder live to 108!!! I wanted to kill him, he lived so long.

  • That is a lot of people–it’s hard to enjoy playing or remember to do ROS and other things when there are so many people to balance.

    Poor Philip–but at least he has Bianca to comfort him after the loss of the horse. A wedding is coming! How exciting!

    Mark and Lola?! I don’t like the way she’s looking at him, either.

    Poor Catherine. I hate it when Sims just don’t really know what they’re doing.

    • Mao

      This house makes my head spin. I feel like I’m not getting to fully know Juliet and Catherine because I’m busy trying to clean up Mark’s mess!

      I was so surprised Lola was hanging around. I don’t like it!

      I am wondering what Catherine wants and hoping she doesn’t end up like Paula.

  • Josh

    I thought Mark would have wanted to be free from his family a while ago! YAS to Bianca moving in, she’s flaw free and their engagement is super cute.

  • Ha, Mark is obviously a smart guy! Lola is bad news! Except I guess wishing to get into a bar brawl and to stop being friends with his mother are not so rational wants, so maybe not! Who knows what that guy is thinking, huh? Hopefully Lily!

    Poor Catherine. I can’t imagine failing at school would fill you with confidence for the future. :( Still, I’ll be interested to see what she ends up doing anyway. Are you going to have her and Juliet live together?

    But aw, an engagement! I’m really happy Philip has found someone, after the whole Gwen mess. He doesn’t roll wants for her any more, does he? And that’s awesome if they’ve fixed that “Move In With” wish glitch.

    • Mao

      Lola is really bad news. I don’t know what’s up with Mark. He’s just everywhere lately! I wish he’d focus more on Lily. :P

      Poor Catherine. She did so well in school up until now. I don’t know what’s going on with her. I hope she figures it out! Yeah, they will stay together.

      I’m so happy Philip is finally on track to get married. It’s about time! He doesn’t roll any Gwen wants at all, he hasn’t since they broke up!

  • What in the world is up with Mark! At least he’s not rolling hate things toward Lily, but not wanting to be friends with Noreen, and the bar fight? Trouble, trouble! He does need some direction, and I hope that Cat figures out what she wants to do too. I’d hate to see her end up wasting life like Mark does.

    I’m super excited that Philip proposed to Bianca! Cannot wait for little baby from them, and watching them run the house.

    I think it might be odd to have his siblings all living at home after their parents die one day. And I do not want Patrick to die, he seems too young, and still too involved with all the crime to die. I really like his part in the story. Here’s hoping their time is not as borrowed as you think!

    • Mao

      Mark is a mess. I don’t know what to do with him anyone! I wish he’d focus on Lily, damn it.

      I can’t wait for those two to finally have some kids, lol! Of course, the house needs to empty out, first…

      Juliet and Catherine will definitely be moving out and Mark is on his way out, too. I was hoping he’d spin up some Lily wishes, but he hasn’t yet. Sigh.

      I will miss Patrick when he passes on!

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