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10: Martel/Mosley – ‘Somebody Told Me’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Gwendolyn Mosley (Young Adult), Sacha Harcourt (Young Adult)

Luis had spent a lot of time with Philip in the months after Sacha gave him “the news.”  He hadn’t really expected to be a father before he was even in a fully-formed relationship.  It was all a bit… shocking.  Talking it over with Philip made him feel a little better.

“Do you know how much babies cost?  Lots,” Luis moaned, taking another quick drink.  “And Sacha’s career.  You know what babies do to careers!”

Philip chuckled.  “Sacha doesn’t seem near as hung up about it as you are.  I think you need to just chill out.  Be glad it’s with someone like her and not someone crazy…”

“You’re talking about Gwen, aren’t you?”  Luis shook his head.  “That’s just a messed up situation, man… and I had nothing to do with it!  But… I guess that’s what happens, isn’t it?”

“Who would have thought, you know?  That’s life.”

Ever since hearing the news, Gwendolyn had spent quite a bit of time with Paula.  Paula had been trying to comfort her to the best of her ability.  It eventually worked and Gwendolyn’s anger dissipated, replaced by forlorn sadness.

“It won’t be that bad, Gwen,” Paula assured her.  “I mean, you can move in here… there’s plenty of room now.”

“I don’t know, Paula,” Gwendolyn sighed.  “I don’t know if I really want messed up in ‘this kind of life’.”

“Bit late for that now, isn’t it?”

Paula understood Gwendolyn’s concern.  She’d told her as much as she could, that it wasn’t justice so much as creative blackmail, the Stefan was Lola’s bargaining piece in the grander scheme of things.  Paula would have to dance to her tune and endanger herself in order to keep her brother from harm.  It was a crappy situation all around.

“I’ll make this right, Gwen,” Paula said firmly, determination written all over her face.  “No matter what, I’m going to fix this.”

Gwendolyn sighed, long and labored, “it’s not yours to fix, Paula.  This is what happens when you’re a criminal.”

Gwendolyn motioned for her to sit down and continued.  “This was always going to happen eventually, Paula… you had to know that.  Anyway, even if you did get him out, I’d just put him in the hospital.”

Paula grinned.  “That’s almost worth the trouble.”

“Seriously.  It’s a lucky thing I’m not allowed to see him.  I’d probably end up in jail for throttling him!”

Gwendolyn stayed the night a few times, never once going into Stefan’s room.  Instead, she stayed with Paula.  Eventually, it would be time for her to return home and face the music.  She didn’t really want to face Luis.  She was afraid of what he’d say and even more, she didn’t want to hear that he’d had some part in it.

Paula woke up before Gwendolyn and quickly dialed a number on her cellphone.  She didn’t give the voice on the other end a chance to greet her.  She spoke quickly.

“I’ve got it.  Where do you want me to drop it off?”

She’d play this game… she’d play it until she found a way to make it work for her.

When Gwendolyn returned home, Sacha was sympathetic to her plight.  She did her best to be comforting.

“Are you sure you’re all right, Gwen?  You know you can stay here for as long as you need to…”

“That’ll be great.  This house is barely big enough for the three of us!  Add in two babies and we’ll be sardines.”

Sacha was adamant.  “It doesn’t matter.  We’re here for you, you know.  It’ll be okay.”

Luis felt bad about the whole thing.  He had sworn he would bust the Novak twins, but he’d never wanted Gwendolyn to get caught up in the middle of it.  Worse yet, this wasn’t even his bust.  Any inquiries he put out were sent back with notices of insufficient clearance.  This went way beyond him–beyond the Aperture P.D. entirely.

“I’m really sorry, Gwen,” Luis began.  “What Sacha said is true.  We would never kick you out.”

“I know,” Gwendolyn smiled–it was a small, sad one.  “I appreciate it.  I’m glad… I mean, I’m glad that all of this… it hasn’t messed up our friendship, you know?  I never really wanted this to happen.”

“I know.  It’ll be okay.”

When Sacha finally gave birth, it was to a healthy baby boy they named Aidan.  Despite the fact the fact that they weren’t yet married, the baby had Luis’ last name.  Sacha took to motherhood easily and her body bounced back as if nothing had happened at all.  It made Gwendolyn feel a twinge of jealousy.  Of course Sacha wouldn’t be saggy or bloated–she was perfect.

“You know, our babies will be close in age,” Sacha said with delight.  Gwendolyn’s ultrasound had revealed a baby girl.  “Maybe they’ll end up dating… or even getting married!  We could be related!”

Gwendolyn rolled her eyes.  “Mine isn’t even born yet and you’re already marrying her off…”

It was no surprise to anyone when Luis and Sacha announced that they were getting married.  It was the right thing to do, in Luis’ eyes, and Sacha was just beyond happy.  She’d always wanted a family.  Her career was great, but eventually, she’d lose the spotlight.  She’d dreamed of having a nice little family and that was finally coming true.

It didn’t matter that she had gone about it backwards.  The tabloids tried to spin it badly, but Sacha still came out roses.  Her endlessly positive attitude won over even the conservative naysayers.

Fall was in full swing when Gwendolyn’s due date began to approach.  She felt like a whale most days, her stomach ballooning to a size she didn’t think was possible.  Sacha had been relatively tiny throughout her pregnancy and Gwendolyn had foolishly hoped she’d do the same.  Sacha was only a few years younger, after all.  Unfortunately, Gwendolyn’s back ached and her ankles swelled.  She was not a graceful pregnant woman.

She babysat little Aidan while his parents were off at work.  It was the least she could do.  She’d quit her job because she couldn’t handle it anymore.  Being on her feet for hours at the grocery store just didn’t work with her overly pregnant body.

Paula had paid for all of her hospital bills and continued to offer for her to come live at the apartment.  It was bigger than the house she was currently in, but she just couldn’t do it.

Meanwhile, Luis had gotten a strange call at the station.  He’d been given a message to meet someone at the bistro and grocery just across the street after his shift.  He was still working swing shifts on patrol, so it wasn’t until later in the evening when he was able to meet the mystery person.

Luis waited outside.  There was no one else around, the rain having chased everyone indoors.  It had been an especially rainy fall–cold and wet almost every single day.

“Officer Martel?”  A feminine voice chimed.  He turned to see someone he vaguely recalled, but couldn’t quite place her.

“You’re the one who called me?  Who are you?”

She smiled and flashed her badge.  She shut it before he could see the name.  It was the real deal, though.  “My name isn’t important, Officer.  What is important is the offer that I have for you…”

“What the hell does the task force want with me?”  He hadn’t meant it to sound as harsh as it did, but he knew her type to be shady.  All agents had their own agendas.

“Hm, brusque.  I like you.  I’ll get right to the point–you live with Gwendolyn Mosley, correct?  I want information on her.  I need to know if she’s criminally involved with the Novak twins.”

Luis sputtered.  “W-what?!  Gwen isn’t a criminal!”

“How do you know?  She’s obviously close enough to them to get knocked up by Stefan.”  Lola’s voice was stiff and taciturn.  “And how would it look if an officer was knowingly aiding and abetting known criminals?”

“I’m doing no such thing!  I even arrested Paula!”

Lola smirked.  “Indeed.  I was the one who called you, Luis.  It was all a setup, done by the organization itself, through their intermediary.  I’ll be visiting him next.”  She paused a moment before her gaze settled back on Luis.  “How do I know you were not also involved?  The syndicate is known for getting its claws into everything and everyone…”

“I am not corrupt and you’d have a hell of a time proving otherwise!”  Luis snapped angrily, unable to restrain himself.  “You’re the one playing with criminals, why don’t you launch an investigation on yourself?”

“It’s my job to earn their trust in order to take them down.”  Lola gave a soft laugh and shook her head.  “Such a shame.  You’ve got a baby to think of now, don’t you?  Perhaps you should use that as motivation…”

Luis gripped his umbrella hard, the cheap metal straining under his death grip.  “You’re a fool if you think you can play nice with criminals and not turn into one of them!  I’m not helping you.  I don’t want any part of this.  I follow the letter of the law, miss.  I’ve got no interest in your dirty tricks.”

Lola watched him walk away and grinned.  He was a straight shooter.  That would be perfect.  Someone needed to keep a holier-than-thou head in the midst of all this corruption.

After his run-in with Lola, Luis felt it was his job to ensure that Gwendolyn was safely apart from anything that Paula and Stefan were involved in.  Her response was always the same–are you nuts?  He knew it was stupid to worry.  Gwendolyn did a lot of stupid things, but falling into crime wasn’t one of them.

“I just want to make sure you’re not in handcuffs for the wedding,” Luis joked.

“No, Luis.  I’m a good girl.  I just have exceptionally bad taste in men, that’s all.  If that’s a crime, half the women in the world need sent to jail…”

Gwendolyn had given birth to Stella only a month before and still, it felt like years.  She hadn’t slept a full night since the baby was born.  All Stella did was cry–she cried all the time, about everything.  It was frustrating.  All Gwendolyn wanted was one uninterrupted hour of sleep!

Compared to Sacha, Gwendolyn was not a good mother.  Sacha had taken to the role easily and even enjoyed taking little Aidan on strolls around the neighborhood.  The paparazzi usually swarmed her, but she smiled pleasantly and answered a few questions before hurrying back home.

Sometimes, she’d drag Gwendolyn out with her.  Gwendolyn never lasted that long.  She’d get tired or annoyed that she’d go back home, put Stella in her crib, and try to get some sleep.  It never worked.

She’d fallen into a deep, depressive funk by the time Paula barged in.  Sacha had called her, Gwendolyn knew.  Paula was dripping wet, but she didn’t seem to care.  She stomped over to Gwendolyn and gave her a hard smack.  Gwendolyn reeled and looked at her, eyes wide with surprise.

“Snap out of it,” Paula said sternly.  She’d been forced to make it on her own without Stefan and the syndicate’s influence on her was becoming obvious.  “You’re a mother now, act like it!  This isn’t about you anymore, it’s about Stella.”

Gwendolyn couldn’t stop the whine that left her mouth.  “Paula, what are you doing here?”

“Dragging you ass with me,” Paula snapped, grabbing onto Gwendolyn’s arm and pulling her into her room. “Pack your stuff, Gwen.  You and Stella are coming with me.”

Sacha didn’t have a choice.  She didn’t know what else to do.  Paula had been the only one able to get through to Gwendolyn.  She just hoped that she’d made the right choice.


 I forgot to edit the pictures, but by the end of their round, both Luis and Sacha had rolled up specific marriage wishes.  They’ll likely get hitched at some point next round.  With seasons present, I might start doing weddings ‘in between’ specific updates.  We’ll see.

After this, Gwendolyn will officially be part of the Novak 2 household with Paula, making it Novak 2/Mosley.  Stella has Gwendolyn’s last name for the time being. 

Sacha took to being a mother like a duck to water.  I was really shocked.  Gwendolyn, however, did not.  Stella cries constantly and Gwendolyn never gets any sleep.  She would wake up and just stand there while Stella cried.  Usually Sacha or Luis would step in and care for her.  Paula, when she visited, would do the same thing.  /facepalm 

Luis would never knowingly do something against his moral standings, so helping Lola is out of the question.  It doesn’t help that he now considers Gwendolyn a pretty close friend.

You may have noticed, but I’ve redecorated the house a bit, trying to make some room and improve things.  Sacha and Luis will likely move as soon as they’re able, though.  It’s a really small house.

Title is The Killers – ‘Somebody Told Me’.

4 comments to 10: Martel/Mosley – ‘Somebody Told Me’

  • Oh man, I would never have thought Paula would be a good roommate for Gwen now that she has a baby but maybe this will actually turn out well for her.

    Lola is totally barking up the wrong tree with Luis there! When she implied he was corrupt, I just knew he would snap. That would have got under his skin like nothing else. Interested to see how this all turns out. Lola doesn’t seem to worried that Luis isn’t interested in cooperating with her.

    • Mao

      I know! But I think Paula can snap her out of it. They should make a good baby raising team. ;) Paula is a bit more maternal than she lets on.

      Lola is just stirring up all kinds of trouble lately. I was waiting for the big reveal, so she could start the chaos! Lola is more interested in her own agenda right now and is just happy that she doesn’t have to worry that Luis is corrupt.

  • I can’t believe Lola! I would assume that her job is to keep tabs on the local police, and so she wouldn’t really think he was corrupt, and that just riled him right up! I wish he would have outright warned Gwen to stay clean, and that there were eyes on her. I think he could do that, and still be alright, not say who. I mean Paula knows about Lola, and could always give more information. I’d really hate to have Gwen do one thing to help out Paula, and get snapped up by the law.

    I think that Paula is the best place for Gwen to be though, ironic though how she wouldn’t go farther with Philip, and he really seemed to love her, and then she gets knocked up out of wedlock with a criminal…

    I really dislike Lola… just sayin.

    • Mao

      As an agent, she’s not a very nice person. She didn’t climb that quickly by being a good person, lol! Luis won’t outright warn Gwen, she’s going to make her own choices, but he will ensure that no one sticks any phony charges on her.

      Paula has given Gwen some of the details already, but not all of them, for her own safety.

      I know! I can’t get over how much Gwen’s life has changed just because of one decision. It’s all been her sim’s choice, aside from the baby ROS, but she would have gotten knocked up anyway–she kept doing Risky!

      Hahaha, Lola is not a nice lady. ;)

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