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1: Novak – ‘Volcano Girls’ (FIXED)

Oskar Novak (Adult), Camilla Novak (Teen), Stefan Novak (Toddler), Paula Novak (Toddler)

Oskar Novak had always been successful in everything he did. He graduated top of his class in high school, with honors in college, and rocketed to the top of his career in law. He’d lived in Aperture for awhile now, acting as one of the lead legal representatives of Aperture Industries and its subsidiaries. It was a taxing job but nothing compared to what he dealt with at home.

Oskar was a single father, windowed by his late wife. The fatal car accident that took her life occurred when the twins were only a few months old. They never really got a chance to know their mother.

The twins weren’t even his biggest issue. He had the most trouble with his teenage daughter, Camilla. It had been two years since her mother’s death and things were just getting progressively worse with her. He had tried everything–therapy, counseling, tutoring, and even stone cold discipline and nothing seemed to work.

She was currently failing high school, something that was just completely unacceptable to Oskar.

The worst part of it was that Camilla actually was a really good kid. She had a good heart, she was just in a tough place. Losing your mom at her age wasn’t easy–she needed someone to help her navigate the ups and downs of being a teenage girl. Oskar was not cut out for that kind of emotional roller coaster.

Anytime he scolded her, she would apologize. She was sincere, but he also knew that she’d just run off and do it again. If only he could get her to pay attention and do well in school. He didn’t want her future to suffer just because of some stupid mistakes she made as a teenager.

Oskar did his best to watch her like a hawk, but it wasn’t always easy. His job was incredibly demanding and the twins took up most of his time when he was at home. Still, he made an effort.

Camilla was too lost in the fog of teenage hormones to understand her father’s tyrannical ways. She just grumbled and put on a good show for him until he looked away. She knew he would, he didn’t have time to spend lording over her every hour of the day.

Camilla probably would have had more luck in school if she even bothered to try instead of goofing off. She never went home after school, opting instead to enjoy the city. She spent an obscene amount of time daydreaming about being a famous singer when she really wasn’t that talented.

She also dipped her toes in the water of teenage rebellion. It didn’t always work out the way she had hoped.

“Sorry, kid. You’re underage.”

“Come on. Don’t you know who my daddy is?”

“The lawyer? Oh hell no, get out of here! I’m not going to jail!”

Camilla pouted and wandered off–that wasn’t the reaction she’d been going for.

The poor girl had every right to want to blow off some steam. She helped out a lot with the twins and assumed responsibilities most teenagers never had to. It was like being a teen mom by association. She didn’t mind helping, but she often wished she could be off doing the stuff her friends were.

She could see that her father was struggling, so she tried her best, even if it stressed her out.

Oskar had originally been placed over Aperture Industries’ business division, but he’d been relocated temporarily to their entertainment division for a special project. They were getting ready to launch a huge campaign and they wanted all their I’s dotted and their T’s crossed.

It was through this that Oskar formally met Kelly McMaster. She was the assistant to the director and therefore forced to do most of the footwork required. It was a tense introduction, given that Oskar had been a large part of the legal team over Aperture Industries repossessing most of her family’s assets.

“I hope you won’t let our prior dealings cause any issues here.” Oskar said politely, not entirely sure how to approach the subject. “It wasn’t personal, I was just doing my job.”

“‘Doing your job’? You left my entire family with nothing! The only reason I’m doing this is because I won’t let anything stand in the way of what I want… but that doesn’t mean I have to be nice to you. Remember that, Mr. Novak.”

She stamped off, making sure to close the door of his penthouse as loudly as possible. It had been nauseating to see all that wealth when her family was in dire straits.

Oskar sighed and watched her leave. That had not gone well at all. Still, something about her brassy attitude piqued his interest. She was quite cute.

Despite their history, Oskar and Kelly still had to work together. They went to a possible staging lot one day during work hours to see if it was appropriate, only for Kelly to start in on him before they even got inside.

“Remember, she hates the color sea foam. I’m not getting fired because you can’t remember colors.”

Oskar laughed her off. “Sea foam, really? What a trivial thing to demand.”

“Have you met many starlets? Trivial doesn’t begin to cover it…” She sighed, straightening her shoulders. “Well, we might as well get this over with.”

They toured the facilities and eventually ended up in the pool lounge area which looked out at Freeman Falls and its river. It really was a beautiful spot.

“The only issue I see is the pool. The insurance alone would skyrocket our financial costs and I’m not sure if they’d be willing to add on the necessary amount to cover it.”

“How can the pool be an issue, it’s a feature! It’s going to be hot and the pool is the perfect way to cool off. The ability to use it to cool off with counter the amount we spend in insurance, because people will be staying longer and–ideally–buying more stuff.”

Oskar blinked, taken back by her sudden burst of logic. “Are you sure you want to be an actress? You’ve got a level head on your shoulders, you should try going into the back-end instead of becoming another vapid starlet.”

“Hmph, I can be impulsive and dramatic… just watch!”

Kelly wasn’t sure why, but she jumped into the pool. Luckily, she had bathing suit underneath her clothes from where she had gotten a spray tan earlier (in hopes of getting another background role). She didn’t fully realize the gravity of the situation until she heard Oskar’s laughter from behind her.

“That’s not exactly what I’d call crazy and impulsive.”

“Jumping in the pool isn’t the crazy and impulsive part…” Kelly began, her voice breaking. “I can’t swim and I hate water. That’s the crazy part!”

“Now I just think you’re stupid.” Oskar called out to her before jumping in. He swam over to where she floundered, barely able to keep herself above the water. “Who jumps into water knowing they can’t swim?”

Kelly sniffed, reluctantly accepting his help getting to the side of the pool. She grabbed onto him like a vice and refused to let go until they reached the edge.

“You were teasing me and I got upset.” She said, realizing how stupid it sounded as she said it aloud. She sighed, climbing out of the pool, her entire body shaking from adrenaline. “I guess I am stupid.”

“No, you’re just too willing to prove yourself. Why can’t you swim?”

“I never liked water so I never bothered learning.”

Once they reached the edge of the pool, Kelly wasted no time escaping.  Once Oskar joined her, she hugged him tightly, her body still shaking with adrenaline and fear.  She felt stupid and embarrassed and was hesitant to pull away and face him.

“Are you okay?”

“Y-Yes.” She said pulling back.  “I’m fine… sorry if I ruined your suit.”

Oskar tried not to look at the crumpled pile that was once his designer suit on the other side of the pool.  “Don’t worry about that, it can be laundered.  Do you need me to take you home?”

“No… I’m okay, really.  I should… probably go though.” She said, grabbing her clothes.  “We’ll, um, talk about the paperwork tomorrow…”

She sprinted off before he could say another word.

Oskar didn’t have much time to think about Kelly’s situation.  The twins seemed to have grown over night into capable children.  He had been concerned about them, at first, but was pleased to find out that they had aged well, despite his insufficient parenting skills.  They did have some odd quirks, however, like being practically inseparable.  It was odd for boy and girl siblings to spend all their time together, but Oskar just tacked it up to them being close.

He did worry about Camilla’s influence on her younger siblings, however.  Paula was impressionable and he wasn’t sure if he trusted Camilla to give her the right idea about being a young lady in the world.  Her grades were still terrible and her teachers were starting to throw threats around.  Something would have to be done, and soon.

Paula wasn’t much like Camilla, however.  She was quiet and mostly reserved outside of Stefan’s company.

Oskar had tried not to concern himself with the Kelly situation until he got a phone call from a coworker.  It was Asha Steel.  They weren’t exactly friends so much as acquaintances.  Her family was pretty ensconced in Aperture Industries’ business and so they had crossed paths several times.  This was a personal call.

‘So, I hear you’re trying to make something with the little intern.’

“What are you talking about, Asha?”

He heard her sigh. ‘Kelly, you idiot. The country bumpkin.  Look, I just wanted to let you know that she’s kind of stuck on Dominic Cosaro… and well, I’d be very interested in helping you win her over.’

“Are you serious?  I’m an adult, Asha.  I don’t have time for these games.  Don’t call again unless it’s something work-related, okay?  I’m just going to pretend we never had this conversation.”

He hung up and hoped that would be the last he’d hear of it.  Whatever Asha was plotting, he didn’t want anything to do with it.


Sorry about the post, guys.  I tried to publish the COMPLETE draft from my phone and lost service midway (stupid AT&T), so it ate the ending of my post.  Sigh.  So, I am on my pap’s ancient laptop here in PA.  Sorry about that.  I’m reposting it, so if you commented, those are lost.  Sorry.  :(

I lost a lot of my good dialogue in this rewrite, so I do apologize for that.  As far as gameplay notes, Oskar knew Kelly because the game tried to randomly assign him to the studio as a career.  He’s supposed to be a lawyer, so I switched him back to business.  Because EA didn’t give us very diverse careers, I treat business as a bevy of different things.  Oskar’s attraction scores with Kelly are fairly high (6 or 7), but Kelly’s towards him is only like a 5.

The pool scene was annoying because Kelly is hydrophobic, but jumped in on her own.  So, she started freaking out.  I staged the rest because what idiot who doesn’t like water tries to swim?  That was my explanation for her unexplained behavior!

 Camilla is also a mess.  She is doing terribly in school and refuses to improve.  I see boarding school in her future.  Oskar has already spun up the wish for it!

8 comments to 1: Novak – ‘Volcano Girls’ (FIXED)

  • And how dumb was I that I didn’t even notice the incomplete sentence in the first draft of this that went up!

    First round and you already have kind of a love triangle (or love square? I forget the name of the girl Dominic was dating) forming! I’m definitely getting a Boreal Springs vibe with this new hood, which is an awesome thing. :D

    • Mao

      Haha!! I didn’t even notice it either until someone commented on it. I hate that I lost comments, but I am still getting used to this WordPress app. My phone is actually faster then the laptop available to me.

      I really wasn’t expecting a love triangle right out of the gate!

  • Ohh! I didn’t see Oskar having a thing for her! And now I really wonder what Asha will have up her sleeve! Oskar has such baggage, I wonder how well Kelly could handle that or if she’d really even want to. The twins seem easy enough (which isn’t something you’d expect to say!) but Camilla is a handful. I hope her Dad can level with her in a way that she’ll start taking her education more seriously.

    • Mao

      I didn’t expect it, either! He definitely has baggage. As far as Kelly goes, I think he could help her out with her career… I am definitely interested in how this will pan out!

      The twins are cute. They spend a lot of time together. Camilla is a mess. I tried to help her but she is hopeless!

  • Carla beat me to it. I was also going to say that Asha’s plotting reminded me of the Boreal Springs Sims. This love square is interesting. I am not sure which pairs I like together the best. I did like Dom/Kelly, but Oskar/Kelly could be good too. Heck, I could even see an Oskar/Asha. Good stuff as always, Mao!

    • Mao

      Haha! It seems like I can’t escape the crazy no matter what game I play. ;) Hopefully you are happy with how the couples end up. I was surprised at how one couple ended up…

  • Layla Sims

    Oh, I’m hoping to like Oskar. Masterful. He might be very good for Kelly. It is so great to see where the actual gameplay will take you. :-)

    • Mao

      I love letting gameplay take the wheel and leaving me just to fill in the spaces with ‘story’. It’s fun. I feel like this is sort of a soap opera kind of deal, LOL!

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