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1: Cosaro – ‘Heart-Shaped Box’

Dominic Cosaro (Young Adult)

Dominic Cosaro is a simple guy with a simple life.  He was recruited by Aperture City’s sports league directly out of college, so he packed up and moved away from his family.  He wasn’t sad to leave them behind, they were complicated and messy.  Life was a lot more simple with them miles and miles away.

Settling in hadn’t been difficult, either.  The sports team paid amazingly well, so he was able to get a townhouse just a few blocks from the stadium.  He was truly living his dream.

Dominic shares that townhouse with his loyal companion, Lola.  She’s a good dog, even if she’s a bit messy at times.  Dominic spends an hour brushing out her coat only for her to roll around in mud puddles seconds later.  It’s exhausting, but Dominic doesn’t give up.

It’s been about a year since Dominic moved here and so far, he’s loving it.  There’s plenty of new things to see and people to meet.

Especially women, there’s definitely a lot of women in Aperture City.  Dominic isn’t really a player, but he’s not really what you’d call a ‘stable man’, either.  His dad was almost as famous an actor as he was a womanizer and his mother moved through husbands like a tornado moves through a small, Midwestern town.  Stability and monogamy were not really reinforced during Dominic’s development.

When he’s not working out or walking Lola, you can find Dominic at a club enjoying himself.  (not nearly as much as that guy in the towel and monocle, though.  WTF?)

The only stable woman in Dominic’s life aside from Lola is his good friend, Kelly.  They met several months back in Aperture Valley.  He rarely ever ventured that far out of the city, but he’s glad that he did.  Kelly is the closest friend he’s made in Aperture.  He has some guy friends he pals around with and plenty of girls he can call for a good time, but Kelly is that foundation of stability that he never had growing up.

She’s a breath of fresh air, even if she has drama.  Her family kind of lost everything and she’s trying really hard to make it as an actress.

Dominic has only met Kelly’s older brother, Patrick.  It was uncomfortable.  Patrick McMaster is a Private Investigator and Dominic couldn’t help but feel like he was staring him down.  He did his best to make polite conversation and then return to his jogging.

He was glad Kelly wasn’t nearly as serious as her brother.

Many people made the mistake of assuming that Kelly and Dominic were ‘together’.  It didn’t keep Dominic from enjoying himself, though.  He just laughed them off.  What were they thinking?  Two people of opposing genders could be friends, couldn’t they?  Besides, Kelly wasn’t really the type of girl that Dominic dated.

He wasn’t about to tell the girls asking that, though.  He just smiled, turned on the charm, and did his best to show them exactly where his attention was focused.

It worked every time.  Even if Dominic wasn’t technically a player, he had the makings of one.  He had inherited his mother’s looks and his father’s smile.  There was little in this world Dominic could not obtain just by falling back on his genetics.

He tried not to be too self absorbed, but it was difficult when the world insisted on reinforcing it.

Even if he was a little self absorbed, at least he wasn’t as bad as his parents.  That was always a plus.

Dominic loved to throw parties because he got the chance to meet new people.  One such person was Asha Steel.  She wasn’t just beautiful, she was gorgeous.  She looked like a model with long legs and high cheekbones.  These were the types of girls that guys like Dominic dated.

He felt bad ignoring his guests, but he figured they’d understand.  This was not the kind of girl you treated casually.  By the time the party was wrapping up, she was already making comments that had Dominic wishing he could just kick everyone out.

Kelly was one of the last few to leave.  She could see where this was going.  Dominic made no effort to hide his advances towards other girls in front of Kelly because they were friends.  He didn’t really have any reason to hide.

Even so, Kelly couldn’t help but feel a little dejected.  She really did value their friendship and wasn’t entirely sure if she wanted anything else, but she didn’t like how easily he dismissed her.  Still, this was her fault.  She had invited Asha, they had met on set earlier.  Asha wasn’t an actress or a model by trade, but she did some light work when the director requested her.  They were family friends.

Closing the door behind her, Kelly heard Asha say something about ‘taking the party elsewhere…’

Asha didn’t stay the entire night.  She’d been in plenty of situations like this and in fact, was actually kind of like a female Dominic.  She wasn’t looking for anything stable or permanent, she was only concerned with fun.

She left her number on the side table and slipped out into the early morning.

Dominic and Asha turned out to be a pretty good match.  They weren’t serious, but they went out a lot.  With Asha’s connections, Dominic got to see some of the higher end clubs and meet some pretty influential people.  It was kind of a whirlwind.

Despite not being serious, the two had kind of stopped casually dating outside of one another without realizing it.

Dominic had just returned from another date with Asha when his cell phone rang.  It was Kelly.  She sounded really distraught, so he told her to come on over as he unlocked the door and stepped inside.  She arrived not long after, sometime around two am.

“What happened to your hair?”  Dominic was too shocked to think of being tactful.

Kelly sucked in a sob and began, “they wanted me in the background, as an extra,” she paused to hold back another sob, “and they… did this!  And then they said I wasn’t good enough and got someone else.  Look at me!  I look like… like some sort of ranch prostitute!”

Dominic tried not to laugh, but he couldn’t help it.  “…It’s definitely different, I’ll give you that.  But you’re beautiful, Kelly… even as a ranch prostitute.  You’d get all the cowboys.”

She smacked him on the arm, hard.  “Stop laughing and cheer me up already!’

They sat outside and watched the sky.  They joked around for a little bit about cowboys and ranch prostitutes, but then they both fell silent and just enjoyed the sounds of the city.

“It’s so noisy here,” Kelly commented, closing her eyes.  “And it smells weird… but I kind of like it.”

“I love the city.  I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.”

“Yeah… it’s nice.”

“Feeling better?” Dominic asked after another bout of long silence.  The sky was turning pink as the sun threatened to rise, the moon receding behind the tall hills outside of the city.

“Yeah,” Kelly said after an extended pause.  “A lot.”

“The sunrise in the city has that effect.  Now you can say you were up all night in the city… most people will think you were partying, so don’t  correct them.”

She laughed.  “I think they’d know better!”

Kelly sat up and rubbed her eyes.  “Wow, I can’t believe how late it is!”

“I think you mean early,” Dominic corrected, following her lead.  He leaned on his legs, allowing his body to slump forward a little.  He had to work in a few hours, but he wasn’t about to tell her that.

“I bet my family is freaking out.  I’m surprised my cell hasn’t–” she checked her phone only to see that the volume was all the way down and there were twenty missed calls.  She sighed deeply.  “This is going to be fun to try and explain…”

“Ha!  Just tell them you were with me.”

“Oh, yes… ‘hi, family.  Sorry I didn’t call, but I was with my guy friend all night long.  It’s cool, right?’  No way, that would just add more fuel to the fire… my mom is already planning my non-existent wedding.

Dominic felt a cold chill run down his spine at the word ‘wedding’.  The lump that formed in his throat kept him from replying.

“Dominic?”  She was looking at him, concerned.  He’d lost track of how long he’d been silent, his mind in a nervous frenzy that wound through his muscles, causing them to tighten.

“Um… err… yeah?”

“You okay?  You look a little… pale.”

“I’m fine.  Are you going to be okay getting home?  I can call you a taxi.”

She leaned back, looking straight up at the pink sky, “no way.  The longer it takes me to get home, the better.  I’m not looking forward to this at all.”

Dominic said nothing.  They both just sat there.  They knew they had to go, but something kept them from moving.  It was probably just exhaustion.  Finally, Kelly moved to her feet.

“Thanks, by the way…”

“Anytime.”  He followed her with his eyes, his body still unwilling to move.  “Be safe going home.”

She laughed and waved him off.  He didn’t take his eyes off her until she disappeared down the street.  Finally, he stood up and another wave of panic hit him.  He hurried inside.  He needed to sleep.


Dominic and Kelly have crazy high attraction scores… we’re talking maxed out.  I’ve never seen that before in my time of using Nraas’ mod!  Even so, they remain Best Friends.  They don’t do a whole lot of autonomous romantic interactions, but even when they do, it never kicks their relationship status over to Romantic Interest.  I’m kind of glad.  I like it this way, it makes the situation more complex than two people just, you know, hooking up and barely knowing one another!  Besides, Dominic does have Commitment Issues and Kelly… well, she’d be a commitment since they have significant chemistry.

I should note that they autonomously went to look at the stars, which is such a cute animation.

He also thinks Asha is bangin’ like a biscuit (though not as high a score as Kelly), even though their first… um, adventure resulted in an ‘unsatisfactory’ woohoo!  So funny.  They’ve gotten better over time, though.  I’m really curious to see how this pans out.  :P

Also, I love Aperture City’s scenery.  I’m so glad I decided to have a split between city and country.  It’s a whole new world in the city!

Bonus Picture:

These two really are in sync, lol!  This amuses me and I don’t know why.

12 comments to 1: Cosaro – ‘Heart-Shaped Box’

  • Probably because it’s hilarious, lol!

    It’s realistic that Dominic would be a bit hesitant about starting anything up with Kelly. And being such a close friend, Kelly would know what he was like and might even be a little unsure herself. And I say every hood needs a will-they-or-won’t-they kind of couple. ;)

    • Mao

      Haha! I’m glad you think so, too.

      You know, I agree. As much as I’d love Kelly just roll up ONE decisive wish, this is more of a ‘realistic’ way of going about things. I was best friends with my husband for nearly a decade before we started dating!

      • Yeah, I know several couples who started out the same way! One of my friends likes to shock people by telling them she moved in with her husband before they even went on their first date. They were very close friends for a few years beforehand, became roommates and then got together less than a year after that.

  • Patrick is a scary kind of dude, so I can see why Dominuc didn’t want to become buddy-buddy with him. I love that he’s got these commitment issues and sees other girls like Asha. Him and Kelly are cute but this party is just starting, so
    It’s fun to see everyone by themselves before pairing up immediately. I can see why Asha is appealing to with her connections, exciting to have a ticket into that world. Maybe Kelly will get there soon herself, hopefully. Loved their stargazing and conversation, it was sweet, til Kelky mentioned wedding, kind of killed it there I think.

    • Mao

      Patrick is srs bsns! He doesn’t trust Dominic at all. Dominic is VERY much a commitment-issue sim. He sees girls everywhere and never hesitates to chat them up. All his wishes go back to Asha, though. She is quite alluring. She’s one of my pre-made townies, I made her family a looong time ago for one of my other worlds. I don’t even remember her traits anymore!

      I am glad things are taking some time before everyone is paired off. I wanted to give myself enough time to fully ‘explore’ relationships, so I’m only loosely following my ‘four day’ limit and relying on relativity to flesh out certain events (clubbing!) It’s a lot of fun.

      Mentioning marriage to Dominic is like throwing a bucket of water on him, ha!

  • mmmcheezy225

    Aperture Valley looks great! :D MySimRealty makes such great worlds.

    Dominic is a cutie, but I find it hard to trust him. Not sure why, but I do.

    Kelly is gorgeous, even with the hair of a ranch prostitute!

    • Mao

      Thanks! I really love their stuff. I had to change and add some lots to suit my needs, but overall, it was a really good world for this!

      Not trusting Dominic is probably wise. Kelly makes me think of cute Disney creatures lol.

  • Layla Sims

    This was great also. I was hysterical laughing at the dude in the club with the towel, wondering if I was the only one noticing this. Kelly and Dominic sitting outside watching the stars was so sweet and poignant. I love that Sims can do things like that now. :-)

  • Aww, Dominic and Kelly seem so good together! I refuse to read ahead and spoil anything for myself… Lola is adorable and I admit, I may have gone off and bought Sims 3 Pets despite the fact that I can’t even play the base game until I upgrade my computer!

    • Mao

      That’s a good idea! I try not to show spoilers in opening images, but sometimes, it can’t be avoided. ;)

      LOL! I love Pets. Horses was the biggest draw for me. I looooove them!

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