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1: Belrose-Martel – ‘Would?’

Emanuel Belrose (Elder), Cherie Ashton (Adult), Luis Martel (Toddler)

Emanuel Belrose was not a family man by any means.  He had been married once, for a time, but that ended a long time ago.  He had only one child, a daughter who had ran off and married some performer type.  That had ended badly.  The union did beget a son, though… which was now thrown unceremoniously into Emanuel’s lap.

His ex-wife had died a few years back, so Emanuel was the only next of kin remaining.  His daughter’s death was unfortunate, but he preferred not to think about it.  He had tried to warn her away from that violent man, but she never listened.  Instead, she got herself killed and left behind her son for him to deal with.

Emanuel was a simple kind of man.  He loved the outdoors and he spent most of his time fishing.  He never really had a steady job; he just didn’t really feel the need to work for the man.  He much preferred to have his own schedule and the freedom to do what he wanted.  He made good money fishing and it was something he loved to do.

He had never had to really provide for anyone other than himself, though.  Toddlers proved to be very expensive.

Most of the expense went into the fact that Luis needed someone to take care of him.  Emanuel wasn’t really the nurturing type, so he couldn’t do it himself.  He put out an ad for a live-in nanny.  Several women answered it, but they didn’t pass Emanuel’s rigorous standards… they also had a difficult time getting on with the old, grumpy coot.

The only one that didn’t immediately annoy him was Cherie Ashton.  She had been late to the interview, but Emanuel didn’t care about punctuality.  When he made a snide comment, she just shot back with her own wit.  She was a winner.  He brought her into the house, where a strange smell permeated.

“W-what is that?” Cherie gagged, pinching her nose.

“Your problem now, I’d say.  Have fun.”

Cherie found poor Luis to be a very neglected toddler.  She felt sorry for him.  She didn’t have any experience with children at all, but she’d do her best.  She was fiery, too, so she wasn’t afraid to get in Emanuel’s face when she felt he was in the wrong.

“I know you don’t like kids, but he is your flesh and blood.  You could at least try to get to know him.”  Cherie chided, desperate to try give Luis some sort of familial backing.

“Hmph, all he does is cry.  What’s there to get to know other than that?”

Luis was a difficult toddler at first.  All the neglect had put him in a bit of a sour state.  Cherie did her best with him and tried to be patient.  Still, this job was a far cry from her former profession as a magician.  She was used to performing on stage for huge crowds, not changing diapers and arranging nap times.  She had stopped being a magician a few years back.  Her agent had been pretty blunt about her beauty fading with age and her audiences dwindling because of it–they weren’t there for the magic, but to see her in skimpy outfits performing it.

Cherie didn’t miss that life at all.  She’d spent most of her years letting her beauty get her everything, now she was really trying and making a difference.  She was determined to help Luis be the best he could be.  She really bonded with him, despite herself.

Emanuel was happy just to have someone around to make food and keep Luis quiet.  It had been a year since he’d hired her and everything had gone smoothly.  Despite her sketchy background, she didn’t try to steal anything.  In fact, she brought money in by painting on the side.

He did wish she had a bit more modesty, though.  He was older, but not that old and women running around in their underthings was not something he was accustomed to seeing.  He spent most of his time fishing, though, so he never said anything.  He just kind of hoped she’d get the hint and get dressed before coming out to make breakfast.

The only problem he really had with Cherie was her nagging him about Luis.  She really wanted him to try and spend time with the young boy, but Emanuel just had no interest.  It had gotten worse now that Luis was actually a walking, talking child.

“Why don’t you take him fishing with you?  He might like it.”

“Do you know what I like about fishing?  It’s quiet.  If I bring him along, it’ll be loud.”

Cherie sighed, defeated.  “He’s your heir, the only living blood relative you have left!  How can you be so indifferent?”

“Easily.  I’ll be back this evening.”

Emanuel turned and left, just like that.  He really, really had no interest in children.

If Luis Martel noticed, he didn’t show it.  The poor boy had grown up in this kind of environment.  He didn’t even know who his mother was, he just knew it wasn’t Cherie because she had told him so.  She found some pictures of his mother, but they really didn’t mean a whole lot to him.  Even if she said that she wasn’t his mother, Luis still considered her to be.

He did his best to avoid his grandpa Emanuel, though.  He was grumpy.

Despite Emanuel’s general grumpiness, Cherie managed to get along with him.  She had dealt with much tougher personalities than him.  She was tough.  Any comment he made, she came back with her own.  It was their thing–bantering–back and forth.  It wasn’t malicious so much as a friendly battle of wits.

If Emanuel crossed the line, Cherie wasn’t afraid to let him know.  She was aggressive and rough around the edges.  A life of being treated like a commodity will do that to a girl.

Cherie’s persistent nature even got him to stay in the same room with Luis.  Emanuel didn’t say anything, but that didn’t matter.  Cherie was just glad that he was near his grandson.  Even Luis’ loud declarations that he was king of the backyard didn’t rouse a grouse from Emanuel.  Cherie was quite pleased with herself.

In celebration of Emanuel not being such a crotchety old bastard, Cherie insisted they got out for a drink.  It had been a long time since she’d been out and even longer still since she’d had anything alcoholic.  They went to a nearby bar just outside of the farming area of Aperture Valley.  It was quaint and it suited their needs to just fine.

Emanuel seemed to be a regular, actually.  Cherie was beginning to understand why he spent so long fishing.

The bartender tried hitting on Cherie, but she laughed him off.  She just wanted her booze, thanks.

After they procured their drinks, the two wandered upstairs for a friendly game of shuffleboard.  Emanuel had boasted about his ability and taunted Cherie that she would surely lose.  Unfortunately for Emanuel, Cherie was a magician by trade and therefore knew all the tricks.  She whooped him hard.

“I can’t believe this.” Emanuel groaned, clasping his hat in humiliation.

“I thought they taught all you old timers shuffleboard on those cruises you always go on!” Cherie laughed.  Emanuel was older, but not a whole lot.  She was no longer a young, spring chicken.

After a few more drinks, Cherie even convinced Emanuel to dance with her.  Dancing alone was depressing, especially for a social butterfly like Cherie.  She loved people and she loved having fun with them even more.  It was nice to see him loosen up a bit.

Unfortunately, they might have had a little too much to drink by the night’s end.  Emanuel had never really pursued anyone after his failed marriage.  He really just wasn’t the type.  He took life as it came along.  Cherie had spent her youth hopping through beds of famous singers, actors, and fellow magicians.  She hadn’t done that in quite sometime, so it was nice to be close to someone again.

Too bad their alcohol riddled minds hadn’t considered the potentially awkward situation they’d face in the morning.

Luis really didn’t know what to think when he went to bed and Cherie wasn’t there to tuck him in.  She slept beneath him and usually told him stories about her days as a magician to try and lull him to sleep.  He got under the covers and closed his eyes, picturing all the fantastic things she had told him.


Whew!  First of all, I am going to stab Nraas Story Progression.  I need my awesomemod, NOW!  Nraas keeps deleting all my ‘homeless’ people, which causes an issue when a sim meets someone cool and then they disappear into the ether.  Sigh.  The first blonde lady was a victim of such a crime.  I’ve delved through the memories and can’t find the option to turn ‘manage homeless’ off.  I think it’s quirky because I was using awesomemod to fix these issues.  Pescado needs to hurry up and update.  ;)

Cherie actually was a magician.  When Emanuel met her, he asked her about her career and that’s what she responded with.  I had her move in as soon as possible and just intended, really, for her to be the nanny to Luis.  After interacting with her, Emanuel rolled up the wish to kiss her, so well, I let things go as they will.  They’re not terribly compatible, but oh well.  Leads to a more volatile situation that way!

Cherie’s back story kind of wrote itself.  She kind of looks like one of those washed-out beauties past their prime.  I think all her stories of magic have peaked Luis’ interest, as he now thinks about it quite a bit!  Despite Cherie’s best efforts, he didn’t grow up well and got a randomly assigned negative trait… poor little guy!  He’s a snob.  Ha!

It’s sad but funny that Emanuel shoos poor Luis out of the room whenever they are both together.  I’ve never had a sim do that before!  Too funny.

13 comments to 1: Belrose-Martel – ‘Would?’

  • V

    PSST. Awesomemod is actually mostly updated–mirrors 2/3 have the most current version. It’s decently stable for the most part, and I’ve been using it since it was properly in testing. NRaas was making my game lag hardcore and I had to switch or stop playing the game. :/

    • Mao

      Thanks! I actually caught that before I left but these are pee-scheduled updates for while I an away. Still, a V comment.. yay!! ;)

      • V

        …Pee-scheduled, eh?

        LOL Like a comment from me is a big deal, right?

        • Mao

          Shush, woman! I am using my phone for this and it seems to think “pee scheduling ” is a thing LOL!

          It IS! You are like my perma-lurker. ;)

          • V

            Sure, sure–blame the innocent phone! You and your typo-y ways don’t fool me! >:D

            Yes, it is true. I love you from afar–AND IN CREEPY SILENCE. I’ve gotten better at it though. :P Plus I don’t check my feeds from LJ anymore. So you never know if I’m really reading. DUN DUN DUN

  • Ugh, yes, that’s the one thing I don’t like about Twallan’s story progression. I kind of like having townies wandering around, especially when a hood is in its infancy and the playable population isn’t too high yet. AM hasn’t worked for me since WA though, so it’s the only choice I have.

    I wondered if Emanuel and Cherie hooking up was autonomous or driven by wishes – now I know. They certainly are an odd couple but that just makes it more interesting. It could make things awkward for everybody if they regret this tomorrow morning though!

    • Mao

      Oh, I know! I thought there was an option to turn it off, bit I can’t remember where. Also, Twallan has overpopulated my world with pudding… which awesomemod put a stop to!

      I am not sure how Cherie and Emanuel will feel about this in the morning… but it will probably be awkward!

  • Monique

    I’m so happy that you’re back Mao! I’m already getting sucked in. I hope that this will turn into a meaningful romance for Cherie and Emanuel, although I do believe that Luis will definitely have a problem with it. Why do I envision the lovers seeking around and then getting busted? lol I can’t wait to see what your mind comes up with.

  • I think it’s funny that of all negative traits, Luis got snobbery. It might be hard to sell that to a real, rich kid snob. I’m glad he’s got Cherie to provide for him since Manuel is such a grump! I think this family would be a riot to play! I’m concerned Manuel might ruin Luis’ only stability by kissing on the nanny. Eek!

  • Layla Sims

    I can’t wait to see how Cherie and Emmanuel work out either, though I don’t really see them having an actual relationship. Maybe an occasional geriatric friends with benefits kind of a thing. LOL :-P

    • Mao

      HAHA! Geriatric ‘friends with benefits’! I laughed so hard. xD

      This feels like so long ago. I can’t wait until you catch up and see the madness happening now…

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