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15: Cosaro – ‘Best I Ever Had’

Dominic Cosaro (Elder)

Dominic Cosaro was planning his retirement. Of course, before then, he had one final season to play through. Their final and biggest game took them to the farthest reaches, out into the hot, humid deserts. Dominic was only the coach, but he was well-known and renowned, so he definitely wanted to ‘go out with a bang’, so to speak.

Luckily for him, his team won the game and his legacy was forever cemented in sports history, both as a VIP and a coach.

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15: McMaster – ‘Even Flow’

Philip McMaster (Adult), Bianca McMaster (Adult), Dylan McMaster (Child), Molly McMaster (Child)

Dylan McMaster wasn’t the type to “buckle down” and do his homework. The only thing that kept his grades mediocre was the fact that his little sister, Molly, was more scholastically minded; she was always happy to prove how much more she knew by assisting him with his homework.

As a true slacker, Dylan was more than happy to feed her ego in an effort to keep their parents off his back.

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15: University – ‘Messages’

Julian Cosaro (Term 1), Gavin Klein (Term 1), Michelle Valdes (Term 1)

Julian Cosaro had been excited to head off to University–a whole new world of academia to uncover. He was majoring n Science along with Gavin Klein. The two were mild acquaintances from high school, though they didn’t travel in the same ‘social circles.’ Julian was surprised to see Michelle Valdes in attendance, as well.

“Are you saying that someone like me couldn’t get into university?” Michelle was brazen and forthright. She was only joking, but Julian was too nervous to notice. She was a transplant, having moved to Aperture with only two years left in high school. Her family was a bit… odd.

“W-What? No,” he began nervously, “that’s not what I meant at all–”

She waved him off and continued to her room, “calm down, boy wonder. I was kidding.”

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Round 15 ROS

  • Risky Pregnancy — Roll d20.  Sim loses pregnancy if modifier roll is equal to 20
  • Llama Flu — Sim catches the Llama Flu for d4 days.  Each day, roll d50.  If modifier roll is 50, sim dies.
  • Beer Goggles –  Woohoo with a stranger or a sim with low LTR/low attraction value.
  • You Know You Want a Piece of This — Make d4 new friends.
  • Unrelenting Seven-Year-Itch — Flirt with next opposite gender sim you see (who is not your spouse) d20 times.
  • The Mummy Returns — Contract Mummy’s Curse.

I’ve realized that I need to add more events to my ROS, but I’m at a loss as to what. Any suggestions? Maybe we can crowd out the death ones… though, as sad as it makes me… I’m kind of excited. I’ve never had a cursed sim before!

14: McMaster 2 – ‘Champagne Supernova’

Catherine McMaster (Young Adult), Juliet McMaster (Young Adult), Sam Monte (Young Adult)

Things had gotten complicated quickly for Catherine McMaster. She was pregnant with a random man’s baby. It wasn’t exactly the way she’d intended to start a family. Worse yet, she was still living with her sister and her fiance. It wasn’t an ideal situation by any means.

Even so, Juliet was understanding… supportive, even! It was a shock, to say the least. The twins had always been relatively close, but no one could deny their differences. Juliet insisted that Catherine stay. She wouldn’t hear anything about her moving out. She was adamant about helping her with the impending baby.

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14: Ashton – ‘She’s So High’

Lily Ashton (Young Adult), Mark McMaster (Young Adult)

Mark McMaster and Lily Ashton were finding that the act of actually getting married entailed a lot more work than either of them had realized. It had been a completely spontaneous thing, honestly. It was the right thing, but perhaps Mark could have gone about it in a better way and not in the wake of guilt brought on by his little affair.

Lily was clueless as to all of that, her brain far too occupied by all of the planning. She was in such a frenzy that she kept breaking everything. Mark teased her about it constantly. At least he was relatively handy.

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14: Martel – ‘Save the World’

Luis Martel (Adult), Sacha Martel (Adult), Aidan Martel (Child), Sandra Martel (Child), Zoey Martel (Baby)

Sacha and Luis Martel were quite happy with their life. They’d had an unexpected child enter the picture, but that had only been a small speed bump along the way. Sacha was a noteworthy model and actress while Luis was on his way to running the DNA lab at the police department. Everything seemed to be going extremely well for the strangely matched couple.

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14: Novak 2 – ‘But It’s Better If You Do’

Paula Novak (Adult), Stefan Novak (Adult), Gwendolyn Novak (Adult), Stella Novak (Child), Dana Novak (Baby)

Gwendolyn Novak hadn’t exactly planned either of her pregnancies. Honestly, if she could have avoided them completely, she would go back in time and make it so. Still, the two girls she did have seemed to be doing all right, despite Gwendolyn’s complete and utter lack of a natural, maternal instinct.

Baby Dana didn’t seem to notice her mother’s glaring deficiencies, happy just to be played with and fed regularly. They’d moved to a new apartment that better accommodated the large family.

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14: Klein – ‘Eyes on Fire’

Alex Klein (Adult), Rhys Klein (Young Adult), Bettina Ackerman (Young Adult), Gavin Klein (Teen)

Alex Klein welcomed his son and his son’s fiancee into his house. It was always understood that Rhys would return. Things were a bit tense still, with Rhys and Alex still not able to find any concise common ground. There was a familial bond, but Rhys was just so uptight at times.

Bettina was the opposite. Alex wasn’t even sure how it worked. She was a sweet girl, though. Passionate about her art and clearly quite in love with Rhys. Perhaps she could pull the stick out of his butt.

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14: Ryder – ‘Scream & Shout’

Jessica Ryder (Young Adult), Rebecca Jefferson (Young Adult)

Rebecca does most of the cooking since moving in. Jessica is more than capable of cooking, but she’s often just too busy to bother. Besides, Rebecca rather enjoys it. She claims it makes her feel ‘domestic.’

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