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Hello Again…

I was tweeting back and forth with @SnarkySims about TS3 and I figured I should likely update this. I haven’t forgotten or abandoned it. Honestly, the one thing that keeps me from jumping back into blogging and playing right now is… the world. My save file for Aperture is now several gigs large. I’ve saved it from three giant crashes that, if I did not have backups, I would have lost everything. I’ve recovered/saved missing characters; they just vanished or ceased to exist, others have gone invisible, some even managed to spawn dopplegangers that just… hang out in one spot. Fun, fun.

Needless to say, keeping Aperture going is a labor of love and torment. It’s hard, you guys. I have a game-breaking issue crop up about every few households, if not more frequently. It’s only getting worse as sims reproduce and the game conjures of more needless junk data. I hate to say it, but they had the right of it to get rid of the open world… their handling of it is abysmal, as far as long-term stuff goes. It becomes this giant cluster, constantly junking itself up with needless crap, sigh.

I’ve spent many, many hours repairing my game. I’m honestly terrified to even boot it up. I fear for the sims I have in university right now! I’ve had it happen three times now where I couldn’t get them home, nor could I even get to the main world again. Gah!

For all my complaining, I really do love my world and its sims. You may say, “Mao, why not just clone them and start a new world?” Because to me, that’s not the same! I’m weird. I did storytelling and to me, this is different. This is organic and alive. I’m not really posing my sims so much as putting words to their actions and making their whims make sense. If I throw down some freshly cloned sims, they’re not the same sims! They’re blank slates. I know it’s stupid, but it is what it is. It isn’t an option. Even the idea of cloning sims and sending them to a University in a different world irks me. Then they don’t have the life experiences that the real sim version does. Bah.

I guess the short of it is this–I’m going to try and put my big girl pants on and just dive in again. I’m going to ride this train until it crashes and burns. I’ve been getting world errors for two generations now and I know it’s only going to get worse. I’ll keep putting out the fires while I can, but the days where I can devote endless amounts of hours to keep things going are gone. I barely get three hours to myself at night anymore and sleep? What is that? Someone please inform me what this majestic beast called sleep is, because I’d love to meet it!

Anyway, once I can pull my head out of Heroes of the Storm, I’m going to try and get back into it. I may have to reroll my old ROS as my notebook seems to have gone missing, haha.

Until then, thanks for hanging in there. Sorry for the rambling. And again, seriously, sleep. Hit me up. I miss you, bro.

ETA — This is why I don’t sleep. At least she’s cute, right? Right? Arrrgh…



So… the best laid plans, huh? Yeah. About that. I’ve got nothing, I’m sorry.

For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, I had my baby girl Evangeline Marie on November 12th. Why yes, that is my birthday. Let’s just not talk about it, okay? Ain’t nobody got time for a natural birth on their birthday… lemme just tell ya.

Anyway… here’s a picture. I think she’s pretty cute, but I’m a bit biased. She looks so much like her daddy (only without a beard, y’know.)

Unfortunately, as cute as she is… she’s a real little energy sucker… an everything sucker, actually. I’ve only just recently begun to get enough sleep to somewhat “function” and thanks to my husband forcing my laptop into my hands, game. I’m primarily doing Steam Streaming, as the little gremlin (as I like to call her… affectionately) can’t be in our cold den/basement yet. I wear her, but it’s mighty uncomfortable sitting in an upright chair that way. I haven’t tried streaming TS3… though the urge has been hitting me lately.

I’m breastfeeding and trying to prepare myself to return to work in March, though… so I make no promises. I make only one promise–I’m coming back to this. Eventually, I’ll find a groove–we’ll find our groove–and amidst the cute giggles, smiles, and milestones… I’ll get to re-embrace my hobbies.

Until then, thanks for hanging in there!


Things are going to be sloooow for awhile. Unfortunately, I underestimated the discomfort that comes along with the third trimester and haven’t really been able to sit at my desk to play anything. I sit at a desk all day at work and that pretty much kills me, so when I get home, that’s pretty much the last thing I want to do! I am not off work until I literally am in labor, so no ‘down time’ for me before the baby. We’re running around like mad trying to get everything ready!

I’m going to try and get a post or two out before I give birth, but that time is rapidly approaching. Apologies to everyone! I’m not stopping. I have no intentions of that. Once I get into a rhythm with the baby, I may be able to get some play time in during maternity leave, but who knows! Babies are so random.

Thanks for being understanding during this time. :)

Round 16 ROS

This one is late… sorry! Been busy around here. Another death, sigh. And a dumping! Not looking forward to either of these, by the way…

  • Upon a Falling Star… — Pursue biggest wish.
  • An Affair to Remember — Have an affair with the sim with highest LTR.  IF single, start up relationships with two highest LTRs and cheat on them with one another.
  • Dumping – Your sim dumps their significant other.
  • Hunger Games — Sim dies by starvation.
  • Breakfast Clubbin’ — Actively try to get detention for 3 days.


15: McMaster 2 – ‘It’s My Life’

Catherine McMaster (Young Adult), Juliet McMaster (Young Adult), Sam Monte (Young Adult), Alena McMaster (Toddler), Tobias McMaster (Baby)

The twins, Catherine and Juliet McMaster, had experienced many of life’s firsts together. Watching Juliet with her new baby boy, Catherine was happy for her sister… maybe even a little jealous. Sure, Sam was weird, but Juliet had what Catherine had always wanted–a stable family. They weren’t married yet, but that was happening soon enough. Little Tobias came into the world plenty loved and with a stable environment surrounding him.

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15: Ashton – ‘Here is Gone’

Lily Ashton (Young Adult), Mark McMaster (Young Adult)

Finding out that she was pregnant was quite a pleasant shock to Lily. She didn’t discover it until she was nearly into her second trimester. Telling Mark had been interesting–it came out of seemingly nowhere. After the initial surprise wore off, they were able to bask in the happiness of the occasion. They hadn’t actually discussed children, but neither one were against the idea of them, either.

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15: Martel – ‘Safe and Sound’

Luis Martel (Adult)Aidan Martel (Teen), Sandra Martel (Child), Zoey Martel (Toddler)

Aidan Martel had grown used to picking up his father’s slack when it came to taking care of the house and caring for his younger siblings. The loss of their mother had hit them all hard, but while the children had grieved openly, Luis had bottled it up in an effort to show strength and solidarity for the kids. Now it was coming back to bite him.

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15: Ryder 2 – ‘One Minute More’

Jack Ryder (Young Adult)

Jack Ryder was adjusting to life after college just fine. He was a fun-loving, but had an easy nature about him that just made things easy to deal with. Few things ruffled his feathers. He spent long hours painting and survived off pizza and food trucks.

It was through his love of pizza that he met Sophia.

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15: Spring Births – McMaster & Novak

The McMaster 2 Family

Juliet McMaster (Young Adult), Sam Monte (Young Adult)

Juliet McMaster went into labor early on a frosty spring morning. The rain was washing away the remnants of the blizzard that had swept through. Luckily for her, she was more than prepared, since this baby was well overdue and quite tired of waiting!

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15: Novak 2 – ‘Every Morning’

Paula Novak (Adult), Stefan Novak (Adult), Gwendolyn Novak (Adult), Stella Novak (Teen), Dana Novak (Child)

It seemed like just yesterday that Dana Novak was a cute little toddler. Paula enjoyed watching the girls grow. She’d never been keen on having kids of her own, but she certainly enjoyed being there for her nieces! Gwendolyn was doing better, but she still wasn’t going to win any mother of the year awards.

Paula was more than happy to pick up the slack.

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